Best Halal Fish and Chips Places in London

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What’s the secret to the best fish and chips in London, England? It could be the crunchy batter around the soft fish or the big chips with some salt and vinegar. Some people even love a side of curry sauce.

It’s all of these things together!

You might think London, far from the sea, wouldn’t have great fish & chips. But that is not true! You can still enjoy this classic dish in the city.

It might not be famous for it, but if you look in the right places, you’ll find some fantastic options. There are even places with halal fish & chips.

So next time you are in London, why try some? It is a tasty part of British culture waiting for you to discover.

Top Halal Fish And Chips in London – Best Spots

1. Poppies Fish and Chips

Poppies Fish and Chips in Soho is a favourite spot; you will soon see why. They cook their tasty treats in the finest groundnut oil, which is why they are in London’s top 10!


When you walk through the door, it is like travelling back to the 1940s.

The whole place is decked out with black-and-white photos, small soldier statues, and cool tunes from a jukebox. The waitresses, called ‘Popettes,’ really add to the fun.

Now, let’s talk about food. Whether you choose Cod or Haddock, you will get a crispy, delicious meal. The chunky chips are just as good, and mushy peas complement the feast.

They have grilled fish, starters, and desserts. Poppies only use responsibly sourced fish so that you can enjoy your meal without worry. 

2. Every Fish Bar

Every Fish Bar is a rare treasure in town, one of the few black-owned chippie spots. Want to know a secret? It is among the best places for fish & chips!


Just recently, Fry Magazine put it on the list of the top 50 spots for fish & chips in the UK.  People around the neighbourhood do not just go there for fish & chips; they also love the other Afro-Caribbean treats.

And guess what? Everything here is halal if you are looking for a halal brunch London spot. Now that is something to shout about.

3. The Sea Shell of Lisson Grove

Looking for something more than your usual fish and chips spot? Enter The Sea Shell of Lisson Grove. This London restaurant is one of the best places for fish and chips in central London, and it’s more than just a regular chippie.


It’s a hit with local food lovers and even celebrities!

Here, you will find fish fried to perfection in pure groundnut oil with a light and crisp batter. You can also have a matzo meal or panko instead.

The fish is fresh and chunky, but the chips might need work. They offer as many as you like, but you might want to pass on them and try something else, like fish pie, soup, or cakes.

4. The Golden Chippy

If you ever find yourself near London and your stomach rumbling, The Golden Chippy is the place to go. It is a local favourite, and people say they have got the best fish & chips around.


And guess what? You can even request a special non-alcoholic batter and separate cooking from non-halal items.

They twist their fish & chips, adding a splash of the Mediterranean with a tasty salad on the side. Sounds delicious, right? Give it a try, and you will see why the locals love it.

5. Eddie’s Fish Bar

Fancy some fish and chips in London, UK? Head to Eddie’s Fish Bar near King’s Cross station. It’s not posh, but the food is top-notch. Everything’s halal so that you can enjoy any dish on the menu!


Fancy something other than fish and chips? They have got kebabs, pies, and even Arabic treats like hummus and falafel. The prices are friendly too.

A tasty plate of fish and chips will only cost you GBP7.

Good food does not have to be pricey at Eddie’s. It’s a delicious feast that won’t break the bank. Come on in and enjoy a meal that feels like home.

6. Sea Shell of Lisson Grove

The Sea Shell of Lisson Grove is not your everyday fish and chips London shop. It is fancier even famous folks like to drop in for a bite.


But what is their secret? They cook fish in non-alcoholic batter and sizzle it in pure groundnut oil. Don’t like the traditional crunch? Choose a panko or Matzo meal coating instead.

And get this – the fish & chips come with endless chips! How is that for a tasty twist on a classic dish? It is more than a meal; it is a celebrity-approved experience.


London’s packed with places that serve this tasty dish, and they are all ready to welcome you.

Whether you live here or are just visiting, you can enjoy a mouth-watering meal that is halal, too. London’s halal fish and chips await you from cosy cafes to bustling takeaways.

So why wait? Grab a fork and dive in! It’s a delicious way to explore the city’s food. It’s not just a meal; it’s a tasty adventure.

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