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Manchester’s Bolton is home to a sizable Muslim population. Because of this, the city is home to a wide range of Halal restaurants that satisfy the dietary requirements of people who adhere to Islamic law.

Muslims in Bolton have frequently had trouble locating halal restaurants in the community. I recall a time when my friends and I struggled to find a place that catered to our dietary needs, but thankfully, the situation has improved significantly.

For those wanting halal meals, several restaurants in Bolton accommodate the dietary requirements of Muslim customers, serving everything from Middle Eastern cuisine to traditional Pakistani cuisine. 

One of my personal favorites is a small Pakistani eatery that serves the most amazing biryani, reminiscent of the flavors I grew up with.

Delicious alternatives for every taste are available in Bolton’s Halal restaurants, whether you are looking for an intimate dinner or a fast lunch.

Top Halal Restaurants in Bolton Manchester

1. Darbar Restaurant- Vegetarian Menu

A great Persian restaurant! Traditional Middle Eastern food is served at Manchester’s Darbar Restaurant in a welcoming setting. The menu offers a variety of classic meals that allow customers to enjoy the rich flavors and spices of the region, including falafel, hummus, baklava, and kebabs. 


Renowned for its largely vegetarian menu that houses people who choose a meatless diet. With unique vegetarian options in addition to classic Indian curries and biryanis, the restaurant makes sure that no customer has to sacrifice flavor or quality to have a great meal, much like the offerings at Halal Restaurants in Liverpool Street London.

For vegetarians in Manchester seeking a unique eating experience, Darbar is a well-liked option.

The restaurant serves halal food, meeting the dietary requirements of Muslims.

The Darbar restaurant provides clients with a number of essential services. Families with little ones can use the restaurant’s high chairs in addition to its complimentary off-street parking.

The Darbar restaurant is famous for its generous serving sizes, which guarantee that patrons go home feeling pleased and full. Customers can always rely on getting a substantial and satisfying lunch at Darbar.

Along with this, Taking a bus is an easy way to get to the Darbar restaurant. For those who would rather take public transportation, the restaurant is easily accessible due to its proximity to a bus station. Board the bus, and you’ll soon be savoring tasty food at Darbar.

2. The Deccan Bangladeshi Restaurant- Fulfill all Requirements

A preferred eating spot in Bolton, Manchester, Deccan Bangladeshi Restaurant is well-known for serving real Bangladeshi food. Situated in the heart of Bolton, the restaurant offers a taste of Bangladesh with its extensive cuisine that includes tasty curries, juicy kebabs, and biryanis.


The Deccan has something for everyone, whether you’re in the mood for classic Indian fare or want to try something different from the Bangladeshi menu.

For diners with dietary requirements, Manchester provides an extensive selection of mouthwatering gluten-free choices.  I spoke with the chef at The Deccan, who explained their meticulous process of preparing gluten-free meals to avoid cross-contamination.

There’s plenty for everybody to take in with no need to be concerned about gluten, from tandoori delicacies to classic dishes.

The Deccan Bangladeshi Restaurant in Bolton, Manchester, is happy to provide its guests with a stress-free dining experience by taking credit cards as a simple form of payment.

The Deccan Bangladeshi Restaurant, situated in Bolton, Manchester, takes pride in being wheelchair accessible. The restaurant is designed to assist people with mobility issues by including wide doorways, ramps, and big dining areas.

Your meal will come on time thanks to the Deccan Bangladeshi Restaurant’s reputation for quick delivery service in Bolton, Manchester. Also, the generous servings ensure that you receive value for your money with every order.

3. Babylon kebab-Middle Eastern Food

Popular Bolton kebab restaurant Babylon Kebab is well-known for its mouthwatering and genuine Middle Eastern food, much like the cuisine you’d find at Halal Restaurants Ealing. The menu includes a wide selection of kebabs, wraps, and grilled dishes.


On top of these, Babylon kebab is halal when eaten alongside a variety of dishes, including lamb kebab, tikka, pizza meal, Babylon platter, mixed kebab, and chilly kebab.

At 11 a.m., Babylon Kebab welcomes people to join them in and savor their mouthwatering kebabs along with other menu items.

Deliveries begin at 11:35, so everyone can conveniently savor a taste of Babylon Kebab no matter where they are.

Savor the delicious sensation of witnessing as their talented cooks prepare succulent, fresh meats in front of you on the grill.

4. Lahori Taste-Wonderful Asian Meals

Popular Bolton, Manchester restaurant Lahori Taste serves traditional Lahori food. Lahori Taste is a halal restaurant with a great selection of wonderful Asian meals. Their menu features dishes that are sure to please everyone, including spicy biryanis and tasty curries.


Lahori Taste’s original and delicious dishes are sure to satisfy your taste buds, whether you are seeking traditional Pakistani food or want to try something different.

Lahori Taste restaurant’s airy bread and flavorful, freshly-picked toppings provide a distinctive dining experience.

For vegetarians seeking out flavorful and genuine Pakistani food, it is a must-visit. Their palak paneer, a creamy spinach dish, stands out as one of the best I’ve had, reminding me of home-cooked meals back in Lahore. 

The hamburger, which they suggest, is a tasty and filling choice that will satisfy even the pickiest palates. 

The chef shared with me that they use a secret blend of spices in their patties, making it uniquely delicious. 

Free street parking is another convenient feature the restaurant provides, allowing patrons to enjoy their food without worrying about getting a place to park. 

For vegetarians looking for an unforgettable dining experience, Lahori Taste is an outstanding choice because of its delicious menu and friendly setting. Compared to other vegetarian-friendly restaurants in the area, Lahori Taste’s authentic Pakistani flavors truly set it apart.

5. Turkish Kitchen- Affordable

With meals starting at just £6, the Turkish Kitchen in Bolton, Manchester, provides a large selection of mouthwatering and traditional Turkish foods at reasonable costs.


There is plenty for all ages to enjoy, including hearty stews, fresh salads, and traditional mezes and kebabs. This Turkish restaurant offers excellent quality food at affordable prices, making it a perfect choice for a delicious lunch. The portions are ample.

Provides a large choice of tasty Turkish and Mediterranean meals. Fresh salads, seafood, and classic kebabs and mezes are all available to fulfill any craving.

Bolton Manchester’s Turkish restaurant serves a broad range of exquisite dishes, such as classic mezze, tasty best kebabs, tender chicken shish, and creamy hummus.

They also provide food that has been passed down through the centuries, like the well-known Firin Sutlac, a delicious rice pudding delicacy made from a family recipe.

Bolton’s Turkish food honors its heritage and preserves the essence of Turkish spices.

They are the ideal location for any occasion because they also provide a wide selection of drinks to go with your meal.

The Turkish Kitchen in Bolton, Manchester, not only takes credit cards, Mastercards, and standard cards, but it also provides wheelchair access for people with mobility issues.

6. Achari Bolton-Indian Food

In Bolton, a well-known Indian restaurant called Achari Bolton is recognized for its genuine and aromatic Achari meals. The dining venue provides an extensive selection of conventional Indian food that is guaranteed to satisfy any desire.


Unlike other eateries, Achari Bolton goes above and beyond to ensure that its guests are satisfied. In addition to providing a complimentary takeaway in the event of an error, they also extend a complimentary starter as a token of appreciation to guarantee their patron’s contentment and satisfaction.

Even at their busiest moments, Achari Bolton cordially invites you to eat with them without making a reservation.

Achari Bolton is a restaurant that is concerned with reducing food waste and making sure that its customers can continue to taste their tasty meals after they have left.

For this reason, they offer trays so that diners can take whatever remains home. In addition to reducing food waste, this considerate action enables customers to re-enjoy their favorite dishes.

7. EastZeast Manchester-Diverse Options

EastZeast offers a wide variety of cuisine to suit every taste, including sizzling grilled meats, spicy Asian food items, traditional Indian flavors, and lighter, healthier picks.


EastZeast has a varied menu to suit a range of dietary requirements. The Manchester restaurant EastZeast serves a variety of cuisines, including grill, Indian, Asian, and Balti,  from east to west.

Due to the restaurant’s halal certification, all meat served is guaranteed to be prepared in accordance with Islamic dietary regulations.

For people with dietary limitations or gluten sensitivity, they also provide gluten-free choices.

EastZeast further offers a selection of plant-based cuisine for vegans to choose from.

EastZeast, an award-winning and recognized eating destination, now provides free delivery services. I recently took advantage of this service and was delighted by the prompt delivery and the food’s restaurant-quality taste. Relish the same salivating, traditional Indian food in the comfort of your own home.

The free valet parking offered by Manchester’s East East restaurant is one of its best features. With this extra convenience, customers can show up at the restaurant without having to worry about parking in the crowded city center.


The Bolton, Manchester, halal restaurants have a tasty and varied menu of halal cuisine to meet the dietary requirements of the Muslim community.

It offers every customer a distinctive eating experience with its friendly and inviting setting, devoted staff members, and excellent ingredients. 

These halal restaurants will definitely meet the needs of Muslims abroad and have them going back for more, whether they are looking for modern fusion treats or traditional Middle Eastern cuisine.

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