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Halal Restaurants in Ealing

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A wide variety of Halal restaurants that suit a variety of tastes and palates are found on Ealing Broadway. Top Halal restaurants in the area include Molana Persian Restaurant, which serves flavorful Persian food. 

I recently visited Molana and was impressed by their tender lamb kebabs, which reminded me of my grandmother’s traditional recipes. Abu Zaad Ealing is another well-liked option. 

During my visit to Abu Zaad, I tried their falafel and found it to be one of the best I have ever had – crispy on the outside and perfectly seasoned on the inside. Shah’s halal food, Ealing Broadway, is renowned for its delicious dishes such as grilled meats, curries, and kebabs.

Best Halal Restaurants Near Me in Ealing Broadway

1. Ealing Mangal- Renowned for Turkish Cuisine 

Step into the warm embrace of Ealing Mangal and savor the authentic flavors of Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine.


Their menu is a culinary journey, offering a wide range of options from sizzling grilled meats and kebabs to satisfying vegetarian selections and delectable classic Turkish sweets.

Located in the heart of London, their inviting dining venue is the perfect place to experience the richness and depth of traditional Turkish cuisine, similar to the offerings at halal restaurants in O2, all served with a smile by our welcoming team, making you feel right at home.

Ealing Mangal holds an HMC (Halal Monitoring Committee) certification.

This shows that every meat dish offered at the restaurant complies with Islamic dietary principles and is halal. This certification guarantees that the food is prepared following Islamic law and the finest standards of excellence.

2. Slemani Restaurant Ealing

Slemani Restaurant Ealing, a beloved establishment in the heart of Ealing, offers a diverse menu of authentic Kurdish cuisine. The restaurant is known for its warm and inviting ambiance, friendly service, and delectable dishes crafted from the freshest, high-quality ingredients. 


In addition to a variety of vegetarian and vegan options, guests can indulge in a range of traditional Kurdish delights, including hearty soups, succulent kebabs, and freshly baked flatbreads. 

In Ealing, the Slemani Restaurant is indeed halal. They provide clients with a diversity of Halal cuisines to choose from.

Customers can park at Slemani Restaurant Ealing. This was particularly convenient during my visit, as the easily accessible parking lot allowed me to avoid the hassle of finding street parking and enjoy my meal without any stress.

It is easier for customers to enter the restaurant without being concerned about locating a parking space on the road because the restaurant offers an easily accessible parking lot for meals.

3. Abu Zaad Ealing- Middle Eastern Restaurant 

Located in Ealing, London, Abu Zaad Ealing is a well-known Middle Eastern restaurant, similar to halal food places in East London.


Abu Zaad Ealing is famous for its genuine and yummy Lebanese and Syrian food. It serves a variety of foods, including falafel, grilled meats, and baklava.

Abu Zaad Ealing is halal situated in Ealing, London. They make a range of Middle Eastern cuisine in compliance with Islamic dietary rules.

To ensure a seamless and enjoyable dining experience, it is strongly recommended to make a reservation in advance at Abu Zaad Ealing, especially on weekends or during busy dinner times. 

This way, you can secure your spot and avoid any potential wait times, allowing you to savor the Middle Eastern culinary delights fully.

4. Steak on the Green Steakhouse

Popular dining spot Steak on the Greenhouse Steakhouse is well-known for its appealing steaks that are well-cooked. The restaurant is the ideal location for a meal with family and friends because of its warm and welcoming setting. 


They have a wide range of different menu items to suit any taste besides their delicious steaks. For those who enjoy steak, Steak on the Greenhouse Steakhouse is an absolute because of its excellent cocktail (drinks) selection and professional service.

Yes, the Greenhouse Steakhouse serves halal steak. The restaurant also has features to serve clients with mobility requirements and is wheelchair accessible. Calling ahead to confirm is, nevertheless, always preferable.

5. Shah halal food Ealing Broadway

Popular restaurant Shah Halal Food is situated on Ealing Broadway. They have a large selection of halal foods, such as grilled meats, curries, and kebabs.


The Ealing Broadway station is close to Shah Halal Food Ealing Broadway. With convenient access to many areas of the town as well as outside it, this station is an important hub for transportation in West London.

Shah Halal Food is a practical restaurant choice for residents as well as visitors to the region because of its close accessibility to Ealing Broadway Station.

For those with a vegan palate, Shah Halal Food Ealing Broadway offers a delectable menu.

From refreshing salads to satisfying falafel wraps and flavorful veggie curries, their vegan-friendly options are sure to please even the most discerning taste buds.  

According to a recent review on TripAdvisor, one customer stated, ‘The vegan options at Shah Halal Food were a delightful surprise. The falafel wrap was one of the best I’ve had in London.’

6. Molana Persian Restaurant – Real Persian Food

The tasty and gratifying Molana Persian restaurant is a must-visit location in Ealing, whether you are in the mood for an abundant lunch or want to try a new dish. A well-liked eating spot in Ealing, the Molana Persian restaurant is famous for its real Persian food. 


The restaurant serves a wide variety of traditional cuisine made with fresh ingredients and flavorful spices, including Sabzi-o-Panir, Zaitoon, Turshi (mixed picked), similar to what you might find when searching for halal food in Shoreditch

The restaurant’s warm interior makes it a pleasant place for visitors to experience the depths of flavor found in Persian food.

At the Molana Persian Restaurant in Ealing, you can enjoy your meal with complete peace of mind. They strictly adhere to Islamic food regulations, ensuring that all their offerings are halal. This commitment to authenticity is a testament to their dedication to providing a true Persian dining experience. 

11:30 pm.  Make sure to arrive before they close at 11:30 pm in order to pick up your purchase.

Halal Chinese Near Me in Ealing

1. Maxim Chinese Restaurant Ealing

The well-liked Maxim Chinese Restaurant in Ealing has a reputation for its genuine Chinese food and pleasant decor. 


From dim sum to Peking duck, the restaurant serves a broad variety of classic meals that trained chefs all skillfully make. 

For those in Ealing who are yearning for a taste of China, Maxim Chinese Restaurant is a should-visit because of its great food. 

In Ealing, the Maxim Chinese restaurant serves halal chicken. The dining establishment makes certain that all of its meat—including chicken—is obtained and then cooked in compliance with Islamic food choices. 

Toddlers might not be best served at Maxim Chinese Restaurant because the menu might need to be designed with their tastes in mind. 

2. China Garden Ealing

In the center of Ealing, London, is the well-known Chinese cuisine China Garden Ealing. 


The restaurant, which is well-known for its tasty and original Chinese food, serves a variety of meals, including well-known classics like crispy aromatic duck, dim sim, fork dishes, fried rice dishes, beef with black bean sauce, and sweet and sour chicken, Salt & Pepper, Prawns & Squid, comparable to halal food places in Canary Wharf

The restaurant is ideal for special events as well as informal dining. For anyone in the region desiring real Chinese food, China Garden Ealing is a must-visit, with a welcoming staff and top-notch service.


Halal Restaurants at Ealing is a great option for anyone searching for tasty halal food in a warm and inviting atmosphere. There is something to suit all tastes on the varied menu, which features both traditional and modern foods.

Whether you live here or are just visiting, make sure to stop by and savor the delicious dishes at these renowned restaurants.

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