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Halal Restaurants In Liverpool Street London

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Liverpool Street in London buzzes with energy, especially regarding its halal dining locations. This spot is a melting pot of flavors that caters to the eclectic taste buds of locals and tourists, reflecting the city’s various cultural combinations.

You will find a range of halal restaurants on Liverpool Street, serving dishes as unique as they are delicious.

Here, food lovers can enjoy everything from authentic Middle Eastern and South Asian dishes to creative European and fusion creations, all of which adhere to halal standards.

These spots do not just focus on offering top-notch meals; they are also about creating a friendly vibe that matches the dynamic spirit of Liverpool Street.

With such a wide collection of dining options, everyone will find something that meets their desire, no matter the occasion. 

Best Halal Restaurants Near Me In Liverpool Street London

The following are the top halal restaurants near Liverpool Street:

1. Fora Restaurant- Best For Turkish Food

Fora Restaurant near Liverpool Street in London is known for its authentic Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine, much like the offerings you would find at a halal restaurant near Kings Cross.


The restaurant offers a wide range of dishes that reflect the heritage of Ottoman cuisine, combining Central Asian, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, and Balkan flavors.

The menu includes various mezes, chargrilled meats, and seafood dishes, with popular items like Adana Kofte, lamb cutlets, and chicken gulch.

The cost at Fora Restaurant is reasonable, with most main dishes priced between £12 and £15, making it a good option for casual and special dining experiences.

The restaurant features a luxurious interior design inspired by Ottoman traditions, adding to its unique dining atmosphere.

Customer reviews highlight the friendly and attentive service, although occasional complaints about slow service have occurred during busy times.

Despite this, the overall dining experience is positively received, with customers appreciating the rich atmosphere and delicious food.

2. Baraka Restaurant London

Baraka Restaurant in London is famous for its authentic Anatolian cuisine, featuring dishes cooked in a stone oven or over an open flame Mangal.


Located at 1 Finsbury Avenue, Broadgate, the restaurant combines traditional Turkish recipes with modern twists, providing a unique dining experience. I remember my first visit, where I was instantly fascinated by the smell of freshly prepared dishes.

The restaurant is beautifully designed with sea blue and terracotta tones. It has an elevated bar and an open kitchen where guests can watch the chefs at work, crafting dishes that rival those found when searching for halal food Reading. Watching the chefs skillfully prepare each dish added more authenticity to the dining experience.

Their outdoor terrace, decorated with olive trees and herbs, offers a charming atmosphere similar to Turkey​. On a sunny afternoon, enjoying a meal on the terrace felt like a mini escape to the Mediterranean.

Baraka’s mixed menu offers all-day dining options from breakfast to dinner. Signature dishes include mezze plates, 24-hour marinated chicken, lamb shish, and house-made baklava. The average cost ranges from £30 to £49 per person. One of my favorites is the lamb shish, perfectly marinated and grilled.

The restaurant highlights using local produce and spices sourced along the Silk Route, ensuring high-quality, fresh ingredients. 

Regarding amenities, Baraka serves halal food and accepts cash payments, making it accessible to many diners.

3. Comptoir Libanais Liverpool Street – Best For Mixed Grills

Comptoir Libanais at Liverpool Street in London is a rich and welcoming Lebanese restaurant known for its colorful décor and diverse menu. Founded by Tony Kitous, the restaurant aims to popularize Middle Eastern cuisine.


The interior features brightly painted chairs, patterned tiles, and quirky glass lampshades, creating a lively and inviting atmosphere, similar to halal Milton Keynes restaurants. The restaurant is famous for its mezze platters, mixed grills, and unique dishes like the Sea Bass Sayadiyah. Comptoir Libanais serves halal food. All the meat comes from approved halal suppliers, though the restaurant also holds an alcohol license.

The menu includes gluten-free options for those with gluten sensitivities, ensuring a wide range of choices for different dietary needs​.

Prices at Comptoir Libanais are mid-range, with many reviewers noting the freshness and flavor of the dishes. However, some customers have mentioned that portions can be small relative to the price.

Despite minor issues, the restaurant’s vibrant atmosphere and flavorful food make it a worthwhile visit for anyone interested in Lebanese cuisine.

4. Cinnamon Kitchen

Cinnamon Kitchen in Liverpool Street, London, is renowned for its innovative modern Indian cuisine, blending traditional Indian flavours with contemporary techniques.


Having dined there several times, I can testify to the exceptional quality and creativity of the dishes. Founded by chef Vivek Singh, the restaurant is known for its stylish atmosphere, and its location has improved in the historic Devonshire Square.

The restaurant presents various dishes, including a popular menu showcasing the best Indian cuisine with a modern twist​.

Cinnamon Kitchen serves halal food, guaranteeing that diners with specific dietary needs can enjoy their meal without concern. Additionally, the restaurant offers gluten-free options for various dietary preferences and restrictions​.

On one occasion, I brought a friend with celiac disease, and they were delighted by the extensive gluten-free menu options.

The nearest tube station is Liverpool Street, making it easily accessible for locals and visitors.

Cinnamon Kitchen’s pricing is mid- to high-range, with main courses typically costing between £16 and £24. During one visit, there was a delay with our order, but the staff’s polite service and the delicious meal more than made up for it. 

5. Patty&Bun – Liverpool Street –  Best For Burgers

Patty & Bun is one of the halal places to eat in Liverpool Street. It is famous for its gourmet burgers, featuring handmade patties from British-bred, grass-fed Aberdeen Angus beef.


The restaurant presents a lively and casual dining atmosphere, appealing to office workers and tourists. Notable burgers include the “Ari Gold” and “Smokey Robinson,” both honored for their flavorful patties and unique toppings​​.

Patty & Bun does not explicitly advertise as a halal restaurant, so it’s best to check with the staff for specific dietary requirements.

The restaurant provides takeaway options, allowing customers to enjoy their meals on the go, similar to options at halal restaurants near Knightsbridge. This service is especially convenient for those working in the busy Liverpool Street area. 

Prices at Patty & Bun are reasonable, with meals typically costing under £30 for two people. The dining experience remains enjoyable, thanks to the friendly staff and lively atmosphere.


Liverpool Street in London has different halal restaurants made to diverse tastes and preferences.

From vibrant Lebanese dishes at Comptoir Libanais to modern Indian cuisine at Cinnamon Kitchen, there is something for everyone. Patty & Bun also offers mouthwatering burgers with halal meat options upon request.

These restaurants provide a range of dining experiences, including gluten-free options and takeaway services, confirming all dietary needs are met.

Whether you are looking for a quick bite or a more leisurely meal, the halal dining scene in Liverpool Street has you covered.

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