Halal Sunday Roast London

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Ever stuck for something to do on a Sunday in London? Head to a Sunday roast pub! It’s a proper British meal that is all about roast meat, Yorkshire pudding, roast vegetables, and lashings of gravy.

Although you will usually find it in pubs, some restaurants in town also serve a tasty halal Sunday roast.

Imagine tucking into that feast with family or friends! So, why make your Sunday special with a classic roast? It could be just the thing to round off the weekend.

Halal Sunday Roast London

1. Steak on the Green – Best For Steaks

In West London, craving a steak? Try Steak on the Green in Ealing. They do not just serve ordinary steaks; they offer a special halal steak menu.


That is right, halal steak in London is not just a dream! How about a halal Sunday Roast?

You can pick from aged ribeye roast beef or roasted free-range chicken. But wait, it comes with seasonal veggies, roasted potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, and gravy.

Whether you are a meat lover or want something tasty, this spot has a unique touch for everyone. Try it; your taste buds will thank you.

2. Guanabana – Best Caribbean Taste

Looking for the best Sunday roast in North London with a zesty Caribbean flare? Head over to Guanabana’s Island Roast, serving every Sunday after 12 pm. It’s no ordinary meal! You get to pick between spicy jerk chicken or a juicy rib-eye roast. 


Along with your choice of meat, you get classic Yorkshire pudding, crispy roast potatoes, sweet honey-glazed carrots, steamed cabbage, fried plantain, and that mouth-watering jerk gravy.

It is like a taste of the islands in your hometown! Who knew the best Sunday roast in North London could be this tropical?

3. Cristina’s Steak, Barking

Are you looking for a tasty Sunday meal in East London? Let Cristina’s Steak be your destination.


They are famous for their yummy roast. Here is what is on the menu: prime beef, succulent lamb, juicy chicken, and yes, even a veg patty for our vegetarian friends.

What makes it unique? The meal is served with a massive Yorkshire pudding, homemade gravy, and veggies with fantastic flavour.

And guess what? This feast is ready for you every Sunday from 12 to 3 p.m. So why wait? Grab your fork and dig in! It is more than food; it is an experience, a taste of home, all waiting for you at Cristina’s.

4. The Great Chase

Head to The Great Chase! They serve halal Sunday roasts that people love. You can pick from tasty Roast Beef, yummy Chicken Breast, or mouth-watering Lamb Shank.


And do not forget the sides! You get squash, mashed carrot & swede, roast potatoes, broccoli, roasted carrots, parsnips, cauliflower, Yorkshire pudding, and gravy. It is all cooked right and ready to enjoy on the weekend.

It is like a big, happy feast for your plate, and you are invited! So, why not treat yourself?

5. Rabbithole Café

Looking for a tasty halal meal in London that will not cost a fortune? Head over to Rabbithole Café.


It is your friendly neighbourhood spot to enjoy a no-fuss Sunday roast. They serve roast chicken or lamb, and you get all the tasty bits on the side.

It is all about halal fine dining in London without a fancy price tag. So if you fancy a delicious meal that is easy on the pocket, the Rabbithole Café is the place to be. 

Halal Sunday Roast London FAQs

What is a Sunday roast called in England?

In England, the Sunday roast is simply known as “Sunday roast” or “Sunday dinner.” It’s a cherished tradition, featuring roasted meat, potatoes, and vegetables.

What fast food in the UK is halal?

Many fast food chains in the UK offer halal options. Popular places like KFC, Subway, and Nando’s have specific branches that serve halal-certified food.

What country invented Sunday roast?

The Sunday roast is a British tradition. Its origins go back to medieval England, and it has become a symbol of British culture and cuisine.

Wrapping Up!

Are you looking for a tasty halal Sunday roast in London? You are in luck! More and more places are cooking up this British classic in a halal-friendly way.

It is all the flavours you love, made to fit your needs.

So why not give it a try? Whether you live in London or visit, a halal Sunday roast plate awaits you. Come and enjoy this mouth-watering meal; it’s a taste of tradition everyone can enjoy.

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