Is Squid Halal or Haram?

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Ever wondered if you can enjoy a tasty plate of squid if you are Muslim? You are in luck because you have found the right place to discover the answer! From the beginning of Islam, making sure food is halal, or allowed, has been important for Muslims. So, is squid halal?

Yes, squid is allowed in a halal diet. It’s all about how they are caught. Catching a squid in the sea happens super fast, so the squid doesn’t suffer or feel pain. 

Enjoy that seafood if you follow Sunni traditions like Shafi, Maliki, or Hanbali. It’s all good to go!

What is Squid Food?

It’s something people enjoy eating everywhere. You can make it into almost anything. Feeling like a quick nibble? 


Fry it up. Or maybe you want something hearty? A thick soup, perhaps. In places like Asia, folks might eat it just as it is or toss it on the grill.

Head to Europe; it is cooked with yummy garlic and olives.

Now, in Latin America, crispy fried squid is something you will see people munching on the street corners. No matter how you whip it up, squid can turn any meal into a celebration. 

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Why Squid Is Halal in Islam?

Squid and other sea creatures like lobster, crab, shrimp, and octopus are allowed to eat in the Muslim faith. This includes two special kinds of dead sea animals and two kinds of blood: liver and spleen.

A verse in the Holy Quran says that seafood is okay to eat. It is a gift for people to enjoy. (Surah al-Ma’idah: 96)

No matter what it’s called or who catches it, even if it is dead or alive, it is okay to eat. It doesn’t matter if the person is Muslim or not.

Once, a man asked the Prophet if using seawater for cleaning himself was alright when they did not have enough drinking water. The Prophet said that seawater is pure, and eating the animals in it is okay. So, eating squid is fine because it’s allowed by Allah and the Prophet. (Abu Dawud; al-Tirmidhi; al-Nassa’i.)

Is Squid halal For Shia?

Shia religious teachers say it is fine to eat squid. They do not find any rules against it in their holy books. But they also say it should only be eaten if there is anything else.


Think of it like this: if you are stuck and cannot find anything else, then you can have squid. It’s something you would only sometimes have, just when you need to.

So, squid is not the first thing to reach for, but if you must, it’s there.


Eating squid in Islam has different rules. The Hanafi way says it is not allowed because squid does not have scales. But the Shafi’i, Maliki, and Hanbali ways say it is okay.

Choosing to eat squid is up to you. It should match what you believe and know about Islamic food rules.

You should also talk to local religious teachers to understand what is right in your area. Also, consider where the food comes from and how it is made. If it is caught and made the right way, eating is okay.

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