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Welcome to the world of culinary delights in London! Are you looking for extraordinary dining experiences catering to your Halal preferences?

Look no further! This guide will explore the top Michelin-starred restaurants in London that proudly offer Halal options.

Indulge in exquisite flavours and impeccable service while adhering to your dietary requirements.

Discover the finest Halal Michelin-starred restaurants in London and embark on a gastronomic journey.

Let’s delve into a blend of gourmet excellence and cultural sensitivity in the heart of this vibrant city.

Exquisite Halal Michelin Star Restaurants in London

1. Tamarind of Mayfair

Topping the list of the finest halal Michelin-star restaurants in London is Tamarind of Mayfair.


Its prestigious position is no coincidence, as Tamarind has successfully transformed Indian cuisine into an exquisite halal fine dining experience.

The restaurant proudly offers halal options for lamb and chicken, with no other meats featured on its menu.

In a city abundant with exceptional halal Indian eateries, Tamarind stands out by staying true to the authentic and exotic flavours that define Indian cuisine.

Each dish is meticulously crafted, showcasing a harmonious blend of delicate and powerful flavours that tantalise the taste buds with every bite.

With so many remarkable halal Indian restaurants in Central London, selecting the ideal venue for a romantic date can be daunting.

2. Benares Mayfair

Benares Mayfair is undoubtedly one of London’s finest halal posh restaurants, securing its well-deserved spot at the pinnacle.


As I have previously highlighted in The London Local, Benares has been recognized as one of the premier halal Indian restaurants in the city.

Recently awarded its first Michelin star, Benares has rightfully earned its place on this guide to halal Michelin-star restaurants.

At Benares Mayfair, both chicken and lamb dishes are prepared in adherence to halal standards. However, it would be a disservice to confine your culinary experience solely to these options when visiting this esteemed establishment.

Benares distinguishes itself from Tamarind, another prominent halal Indian restaurant, by its unique approach to showcasing the flavours and spices of Indian cuisine.

The notion that all Indian restaurants in London are alike is far from accurate, particularly when considering the refined creativity in establishments like Benares or Tamarind.

With India’s rich culinary diversity and London’s vibrant food scene, each dish holds its distinct character, ensuring that no two culinary encounters will ever be identical, regardless of the origin.

3. Quilon Westminster

Quilon Westminster is a remarkable halal Indian restaurant in London known for its sleek ambience and culinary excellence.


This distinguished establishment was awarded its first Michelin Star in 2008, a recognition it has maintained ever since.

What sets Quilon apart is its emphasis on shared dining experiences, allowing patrons to revel in the joy of communal feasting, which is often discouraged in fine dining establishments.

The menu at Quilon is a testament to the chef’s creativity, primarily focusing on seafood and poultry dishes. Beyond the exceptional quality of its halal cuisine, what truly sets Quilon apart is its artistic presentation.

When dining at a halal Michelin star restaurant, one expects to be awe-inspired by the chefs’ skills. However, it goes beyond technical expertise; it’s about paying for a culinary artist who can transform a meal into a work of art.

4. Gymkhana Mayfair

Regarding halal Michelin-star restaurants in London, splurging hundreds of pounds may not be necessary, especially at Gymkhana in Mayfair.


Despite its affordability, this renowned establishment offers an exceptional dining experience. For just £35, patrons can indulge in a tempting lunch menu showcasing unparalleled tandoor meats.

Prepare your taste buds for a delectable journey as Gymkhana presents melt-in-your-mouth, juicy, and flavoursome dishes. This restaurant stands out as one of the finest halal dining destinations in the capital.

I previously featured Gymkhana in my guide to the top halal restaurants in Mayfair, alongside Benares.

As part of the esteemed JKS group, which also encompasses renowned establishments like Bao, Brigadiers, and Berenjak, Gymkhana has firmly established itself as an iconic name within London’s culinary scene.

5. Kai London

Kai London is a remarkable addition to the realm of halal Michelin-star restaurants in London, and I previously featured it in my guide to upscale halal dining in Mayfair.


It is the sole halal Chinese restaurant in the UK to have received this prestigious recognition.

London’s Chinese and halal Japanese cuisine scenes are renowned for their authenticity, and Kai exemplifies this with its authentic Nanyang Chinese cuisine, which has been delighting Londoners since 1978.

The flavours Kai offers are honest and delectable, surpassing many of the top halal food establishments in the city.

It’s important to note that while Kai Mayfair offers a diverse selection of seafood and vegetarian dishes, not all meats served there are halal.

Only chicken and lamb are prepared according to halal guidelines. Nonetheless, this limitation doesn’t detract from the abundance of culinary delights available at Kai.

The elegant and pristine ambience of the restaurant, complemented by vibrant, colourful plates, adds to the overall dining experience.

6. Celeste Belgravia

Belgravia is renowned for hosting some of the finest halal restaurants in London, along with neighbouring areas like Mayfair, Knightsbridge, and Chelsea.


Among these culinary gems is Celeste, a dining establishment within The Lanesborough. Stepping into Celeste feels like entering a regal castle from the 17th or 18th century, and the gastronomic experience lives up to the grandeur.

To savour the halal offerings at Celeste in Belgravia, placing a pre-order for halal meat at least 72 hours in advance is advisable.

The restaurant ensures that halal products are available in its main kitchen and takes meticulous care to cook them separately from other meats, alleviating any concerns about cross-contamination.

However, it’s worth noting that Celeste does not offer any halal options during game season, so it’s best to plan your visit accordingly.

Celeste at The Lanesborough promises an exquisite and opulent dining experience for those seeking halal cuisine in London’s upscale Belgravia district.

7. Hide Piccadilly

Located in the vibrant Piccadilly area of Central London, Hide Piccadilly is a halal Michelin-starred restaurant that exudes elegance and sophistication.


As an avid lover of Central London, I have explored numerous halal dining options, but Hide Piccadilly stands out as one of the finest.

This posh restaurant encompasses three distinct areas, with HIDE serving as its centrepiece and the heart of the establishment.

While I prioritize the culinary experience over the ambience, I must confess that Hide Piccadilly effortlessly combines exquisite decor with its delectable halal offerings.

Stepping into Hide Piccadilly, you immediately sense the unmistakable air of refinement that sets it apart from other halal restaurants in London.

Hide Piccadilly is undoubtedly a must-visit if you are seeking a remarkable halal dining experience in London.

It seamlessly combines the allure of the Piccadilly area with the culinary excellence of a Michelin-starred restaurant, making it a top choice for discerning diners.

Wrapping Up!

London offers a diverse culinary landscape that caters to various dietary preferences and cultural needs. Halal Michelin-star restaurants in London have gained significant recognition, combining exquisite cuisine with adherence to strict halal guidelines.

These establishments provide an exceptional dining experience, showcasing the city’s commitment to inclusivity and gastronomic excellence.

Plan your next dining adventure and savour the finest halal dishes prepared with meticulous attention to quality and authenticity.

Discover the epitome of culinary brilliance as these exceptional establishments redefine the boundaries of fine dining while adhering to halal practices.

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