Halal Buffet in London

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Halal Buffet in London

Halal Buffets London offer a wide variety of delicious dishes that adhere to Islamic dietary laws.

From flavorful biryanis to juicy kebabs, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Step into a welcoming atmosphere filled with enticing aromas and pleasant music.

Whether you are a local food lover or a curious traveler, these buffets are a must-visit destinations.

Get ready to savor a diverse range of culinary delights at Halal Buffet in London.

Leading Halal Buffets in London

1. Royal Nawaab London

I recently visited Royal Nawaab, a halal buffet in London, and I must say that it offers a great variety of food options for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.


The atmosphere was excellent, and the waiting time was pleasant. One dish for me was the sticky toffee pudding with apple crumble bits. I highly recommend it for its incredible taste.

The price has gone up since my last visit, but it is still worth it considering the quality and variety of food.

The staff at Royal Nawaab is friendly, and the ambiance is pleasant. The restaurant offers an authentic taste with a variety of dishes, including Korean BBQ, Chinese, desi food, and curries. 

However, it’s important to note that there are mixed reviews about Royal Nawaab. Some customers have mentioned experiencing bad taste and smell in dishes, wasted food, and poor service.

Moreover, there have been complaints about the increasing prices and security guards being rude.

2. Feast and Mishti

The restaurant offers authentic Bangladeshi cuisine with a wide range of fresh cooked curries. The food was delicious and of top quality, and the sweet desserts were incredible. The prices were reasonable, and the service was quick and helpful.


The staff were welcoming and friendly, and the seating arrangement was clean and well-spaced. The interior had a pleasant atmosphere, which was buzzing with customers.

However, there were some downsides to my visit. The Iftar buffet, available at £15.99, left some customers disappointed.

The buffet area had more staff than customers, and at times, the staff seemed distracted and inattentive. I also had a cold and unsatisfactory experience with the paratha. 

There was a lack of utensils and dessert bowls, and pram placement was problematic.

It’s advisable to avoid ordering ilish, a type of fish, as it might not meet expectations.

3. Spice Village

The Pakistani food served here was incredibly delicious, with the flavor-packed butter chicken and fragrant pilau rice being a standout.


The prices were quite affordable, making it a great option for a satisfying meal. The manager provided excellent service throughout my visit, ensuring that everything ran smoothly.

Spice Village’s décor was gorgeous, and for a more secluded and romantic atmosphere that would be ideal for a date night or a big group celebration, I would suggest asking for tables in the rear.

The ambiance in the restaurant was amazing and humming with activity, which enhanced the entire effect.

The cuisine was of high quality, despite the somewhat tiny portion sizes.

The staff was very attentive, gracious, and always willing to help.

I was really moved by their warmth and friendliness, which immediately put me at ease.

Spice Village is unquestionably a restaurant worth taking into consideration if you’re looking for a halal buffet or halal afternoon tea in London.

4. Chaudhry’s

The service was outstanding, and there was a wide selection of delicious cuisine at the buffet.


The Chicken Tikka was one of the dishes, and it was well cooked and flavorful. I yearned for more of the Chicken Kebab and Fish Pakora because they were both so popular.

The service at Chaudhry’s was prompt and courteous, and the personnel was friendly and attentive.

I was very surprised when they went above and beyond to provide the kids with ice cream even though it wasn’t on the buffet.

At the restaurant, I also went to a birthday celebration, and I must tell you that it was a huge success.

I must, however, point out a few disadvantages. The restaurant had a mildly unpleasant damp odour when you first walked in.

The atmosphere was also impacted by the fact that the location appeared to be quite vacant on a weekend. It was disheartening to see several flies in the food as well.

5. Al-Qasr Ilford

I had the pleasure of visiting Al Qasr, a halal buffet restaurant in London, and I must say it was an enjoyable experience.


Located in the heart of the city, Al Qasr offers a diverse range of dishes, combining the best of Chinese and international cuisines.

The restaurant’s ambience was inviting, with a spacious and well-lit dining area. The staff members were friendly and attentive, ensuring that guests felt welcomed throughout their visit.

Now, let’s talk about the food.

Al Qasr lived up to its reputation as one of the best halal Chinese restaurants in London. The buffet spread was impressive, featuring a wide variety of dishes that catered to different tastes and preferences.

I did notice that some dishes lacked a bit of seasoning or depth of flavour. Additionally, the buffet area could get crowded during peak hours, making it a bit challenging to navigate and access certain dishes.

Al Qasr is a worthy contender for the title of the best halal Chinese restaurant in London

6. JRC Global Buffet

The staff here was friendly and helpful, even allowing us early entry with a booking. However, there were some delays at the bar due to limited staff.


The variety of food options available was impressive, ranging from delicious curries to flavorful noodles. The food was always hot, fresh, and well-maintained. I particularly enjoyed the juicy and tender chicken dishes.

The restaurant provided a nice and spacious environment, although the seating around the table was a bit tight. The pricing was reasonable, considering the wide selection of world food offered. In comparison to other locations, JRC Global Buffet had more food options to choose from.

The meals were tasty, and there were plentiful starters available. It’s important to note that drinks are not included in the buffet price. Overall, it was a nice experience with delicious food.

7. Aziziye

The restaurant had a beautiful layout with a choice of normal table seating or private booths for floor seating. The Turkish food served was of good quality and absolutely delicious. The venue itself was nice, with quiet and well-lit seating arrangements.


One thing that stood out to me was the friendly and excellent customer service. The staff were attentive and went out of their way to ensure a pleasant dining experience.

Another great aspect was the presence of a masjid within the building, allowing for convenient prayer.

As soon as we were seated, we were served free bread and refreshing cold water, which was a nice touch. The food was served at the right temperature and tasted great. The mixed platter and starters were particularly enjoyable.

Lastly, it is worth mentioning that the restaurant has become slightly pricey after updating its look. Despite this, the overall experience at Aziziye was delightful, with delicious food, a pleasant atmosphere, and attentive staff.

Wrapping Up!

A halal buffet in London is the ideal option if you’re searching for a pleasant culinary experience that satisfies the dietary requirements of the Muslim community.

These buffets offer a tempting selection that will satisfy even the most discriminating palette, with a wide variety of delectable meals cooked in compliance with halal standards.

So don’t pass up the chance to sample the delicious halal cuisine and discover what London’s thriving food industry has to offer.

Set out on a culinary adventure unlike any other by reserving your table right away.

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