Halal Restaurants in Birmingham

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You have found the ideal location if you are looking for Halal eateries in the heart of Birmingham. We recognise how crucial it is to identify dining options that suit your dietary requirements.

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For this reason, we have put together a thorough list of Halal eateries in the centre of Birmingham. Whether you live in Birmingham or are just visiting, this guide will help you find the best Halal food options.

These Halal eateries are prepared to tantalise your taste buds with anything from mouth watering classic dishes to intriguing fusion food.

Let’s on a unique Halal culinary tour while exploring Birmingham’s diverse food scene.

Best Halal Restaurants Near Me In Birmingham!

1. Alam – Famous for Its Authentic Pakistani Cuisine

Alam, situated on Coventry Road in Birmingham, offers a delightful dining experience.


The restaurant features a charming blend of traditional frontage and a contemporary interior. Its hidden garden, adorned with hanging flowers and vibrant umbrellas, provides a cute and cozy courtyard area with private booths.

The food at Alam is exceptional, boasting outstanding taste and quality, using great ingredients at reasonable prices.

The staff is friendly, attentive, and helpful, readily offering recommendations. Positive reviews highlight their delectable French toast, top-quality full breakfast, and hot, fresh dishes.

With a smart and clean ambiance, Alam stands out among the best halal restaurants in Birmingham.

However, some negative feedback mentioned subpar service, staff needing more knowledge, reliance on an online menu, occasional rat issues, and food that fails to stand out compared to other options in Birmingham.

2. Opheem – Celebrated For its Modern Indian Cuisine

Opheem is a halal restaurant in Birmingham that offers a creative and exquisitely presented 10-course tasting menu.


The chefs pay great attention to detail and explain each dish, enhancing the overall dining experience. The food is phenomenal, with exciting and unexpected flavours, showcasing the skill and balance of the culinary team.

The staff is attentive, efficient, and welcoming, making you feel special.

However, there is a long wait in the waiting area before dinner, and after finishing the meal, you are rushed back to the waiting area.

Coffee and tea are not included in the menu, which may disappoint some. Despite these minor flaws, Opheem is recommended for special occasions as it provides a mind-blowingly amazing culinary journey.

It’s worth the money for the perfection on each plate. For halal restaurants near Birmingham, try searching for halal food in Birmingham.

3. Vietnamese Street Kitchen – Must-Try for Vibrant Vietnamese Food

Vietnamese Street Kitchen in Birmingham’s Bullring is a halal restaurant worth visiting.


The cheerful and attentive staff provide excellent service, creating a welcoming atmosphere. The clean environment and lovely decor make dining enjoyable.

The steamed rolls are highly praised, and ordering multiple small plates is recommended for a better experience.

The food is delicious, with flavorful wings and consistent quality across dishes. Standout dishes include fried chicken dumplings, crispy fish bites, fried chicken bao, and summer rolls.

The beef pho and chicken dumplings are excellent, and the cocktails complement the flavours well. However, there have been some disappointments, like a tofu and mushroom noodle dish and misleading items on the lunch menu.

Nonetheless, it’s worth returning to for the amazing flavours, reasonable prices, and a taste of Vietnam.

4. Qavali – Known for its Traditional Indian Qawwali Music

Despite some mixed reviews, the Qavali restaurant in Birmingham left a splendid first impression.


The food and drinks were on point, with delicious, perfectly seasoned dishes and generous portions.

They even surprised us with a complimentary drink and baklava for our birthdays. The cocktails were tasty and came with a handy cocktail book.

The staff was attentive, the decor was stunning, and the food was exquisite for special occasions. Although a bit pricey, the cosy atmosphere was definitely worth it. The lovely staff made our birthday celebration special, and the decor was beautiful.

The starters, mocktails, and desserts were enjoyable, and the restaurant had a beautiful setting. However, it leaned more towards Indian/Afghan/Pakistani cuisine than Persian dishes, which was slightly disappointing.

There were also concerns about service, with a lack of interaction and management not responding to emails. Waiting times for drinks and food orders were sometimes too long.

If you are looking for halal restaurants in Ilford, several great options are available.

5. Marco Pierre White Steakhouse & Grill – A go-to For Its Pakistani Cuisine

I recently visited Marco Pierre White Steakhouse & Grill in Birmingham, and it was a mixed experience.


The restaurant offers the best view in town and serves signature steaks and wine. The ambiance is welcoming and inviting, with live music creating a romantic atmosphere. The singer was amazing, and the background music was perfect.

The restaurant’s design is wonderful, making you feel special.

The staff was friendly and interested, providing fast service with delicious fresh food. It’s suitable for business meetings, family celebrations, and afternoon tea.

Despite the busy restaurant, a friend recommended it, and there was no waiting at the quiet bar. The champagne afternoon tea had a lovely selection of sandwiches and amazing sweet treats.

The cheesecake was fluffy and light, and the clotted cream and jam scones were delightful. The location is superb, especially the window seats (extra charge).

The food was great and made for an enjoyable date night.For those looking for gluten-free, halal restaurants in Birmingham, it’s worth considering Marco Pierre White Steakhouse & Grill, but be aware of the drawbacks mentioned.

6. Eis Cafe – A Delight For its Delicious Gelato

Eis Cafe in Birmingham is the ultimate dessert paradise. Their gâteau is simply the best, and the homemade cakes are delicious.


The service is top-notch, and the interior is spotlessly clean. You will find a wide selection of mouthwatering desserts, cakes, and lattes.

The staff is friendly, attentive, and ready to cater to your needs. If you prefer a cosy atmosphere, head upstairs to their seating area. The interior is beautifully decorated, creating a delightful ambiance.

Prices are reasonable, and they offer a great variety of drinks, sweet treats, and savoury options.

For all dessert lovers, this place comes highly recommended.

Don’t miss their irresistible blondie white chocolate pizookie and the must-try white Nutella/Biscoff ice cream. Every dessert and cake is not only delicious but also beautifully presented.

7. Damascena – A Gem For Its Authentic Syrian Cuisine

Damascena in Birmingham’s city centre is a top choice for a satisfying non-fried Halal dine-in lunch. Their wraps, priced at £6-7, are generously portioned and will leave you feeling full.


The overall menu offers reasonably priced options, ensuring value for money. Service is swift, with minimal waiting time.

They serve freshly made, undiluted juices that burst with flavour. The café exudes an authentic Middle Eastern atmosphere, enhancing your dining experience.

The food is delicious, and the staff is friendly and welcoming. This is the place to be if you want to explore Middle Eastern cuisine.

Making a reservation is advisable as it gets busy due to its popularity. The customer service is excellent, with helpful and friendly staff.

The Turkish coffee and chicken wrap come highly recommended. However, it’s worth mentioning that the lady who greets and seat customers can be chaotic and unhelpful.

Additionally, the seating arrangement lacks privacy, and the noisy kitchen might disrupt your conversation.

8. Nando’s – Famous for its Flame-Grilled Peri-peri Chicken

Nando’s in Birmingham is a must-visit for all lovers of halal food. When you walk in, you are greeted warmly and shown to your seat by friendly staff. The service is top-notch; they are quick to understand your needs and even quicker to bring out your order.

Nandos Birmingham

The chicken is cooked as you like, and the sauce-to-chicken ratio is spot-on. Take advantage of their garlic bread and coleslaw; they are the perfect sides to complement your meal.

If you are around the Bullring area, choose this location over the one inside the Bullring for a better vibe.

Whether it is the Butterfly chicken for two or their peri-salted chips, you re in for a treat. It can get busy, but the slight wait is well worth it.

With halal options and refillable soft drinks, this Nando’s location in Birmingham maintains the chain’s reputation for quality and service.

Best Halal Breakfast Near Me in Birmingham!

1. Chaiiwala – A Popular Spot for Its Traditional Chai

Chaiiwala in Birmingham is your go-to spot for the best halal breakfast in town.


Everything is spot-on, from the perfectly brewed Karak chai to the mouth-watering desi breakfast of chana, omelet, and paratha.

Compared to other places, the parathas here are not dry, making for a satisfying meal. The ambiance is clean and organized, ideal for a leisurely meal with friends.

The exceptional staff, ready to guide you through the menu, sets this place apart.

If you are a fan of chai latte with a hint of cinnamon, you are in for a treat. For those who prefer their tea less sweet, they’ve got you covered, too.

If you are searching for top-notch Halal food in Birmingham city, Chaiiwala should be on your list. Stopping by for quality food that recharges your day is always a pleasure.

Who is The Owner of Chaiiwala?

In the UK, there’s a popular cafe chain called Chaiiwala. Muhummed Ibrahim and Sohali Ali started it. People love it because they serve real Indian chai tea and tasty street food. It feels like a small piece of India is in your town.

How Many Chaiiwala Stores Are There In The UK?

The South Asian fast-food place we all like is getting bigger! They are planning to hire 3,600 more people by 2023. And get this: they are opening their first shop in Canada next year!

They have 32 stores in the UK, and 800 people work there. But they have big plans. By the end of this year, they want to have 40 stores. 

2. Red Couch – A Cozy Place for Its Relaxed Atmosphere

If you are in Birmingham craving an excellent halal breakfast, Red Couch is the place to be. From the moment you step in, you are greeted warmly and shown to your seat.

Red Couch

Their service is top-notch; the staff, especially Taf, go out of their way to make you feel at home. What stands out is the quality and consistency of the food.

Whether it is your first visit or you have been coming for years, their full English breakfast is always freshly made and delicious. The whole menu is halal, and the food is brought to your table in record time—usually within 15 minutes.

With a clean, modern ambiance and friendly staff, Red Couch is a must-visit for a tasty and quick halal meal.

Where to Find Halal Steak Near Me in Birmingham!

1. MakHalal Ladypool Rd – A Standout For Bangladeshi Cuisine

I recently visited MakHalal on Ladypool Rd, known for serving the quality halal steak in Birmingham. The atmosphere was lively, and the place was spotless.

Mak Halal Birmingham

Staff members like Luqman and Abdul Malik made us feel like royalty, providing exceptional service.

I tried their double beef burger and found it cooked to perfection—juicy and flavorful. However, it’s worth mentioning that the restaurant seems to have some inconsistencies.

The grilled chicken burgers were overcooked on a previous visit and lacked taste. Additionally, the service can be hit or miss; sometimes, the food takes longer than expected to arrive.

Despite this, their HMC certification and diverse menu make it a place worth trying, especially if you are in the mood for halal steak.

2. Fargo’s – A Healthy Choice For its Fresh Juices

Fargo’s is a gem regarding the best halal food places in Birmingham. This restaurant nails it in every aspect, from the quality of the ingredients to the impeccable service.

Fargo's Restaurant

Chef Zak and the team always bring fresh and flavorful food. Whether you’re a steak lover or a fan of spicy burgers, Fargo’s has something for everyone.

Their steaks are a highlight, cooked just as you like them—yes, they know what medium-rare means!

Even if you are dining in a large group, the staff goes the extra mile to ensure everyone is well cared for. The reasonable prices make it a go-to spot for many.

So, if you are in Birmingham, Fargo’s is a must-visit for mouthwatering halal options.

Top Rated Halal Chinese Restaurants Near Me in Birmingham!

1. Zauq Buffet – A Great Option For Indian Buffet

Are you looking for a halal Chinese buffet in Birmingham that offers variety and quality? Zauq Buffet is your answer.

Zauq Buffet

This place is a hit, especially on weekends, so making a reservation is smart. The staff are quick to welcome you and guide you to your table, even easily accommodating large groups.

The atmosphere is relaxed, and the decor adds to the pleasant experience. The buffet options are plentiful, always fresh, and constantly refilled.

From noodles to mango cheesecake, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

The restaurant is also wheelchair-friendly and offers a good range of vegetarian options. The only minor hiccup might be the seating arrangement for large groups, but that is a small price to pay for an otherwise fantastic dining experience. 

Authentic Halal Family Restaurants Near Me in Birmingham!

1. Haute Dolci – Best For Delicious Italian Desserts

If you are searching for Birmingham halal food places that serve fantastic desserts, Haute Dolci is your go-to spot. Located in Star City, this restaurant offers more than just sweets; it is an experience.

Haute Dolci Birmingham

You are in for a treat, from the stylish decor to the prompt and friendly service.

Haute Dolci has something for everyone, whether you are a waffle enthusiast or someone checking off a dessert-only meal from their bucket list.

Their menu is loaded with favorites, and if you are stuck, the staff, like Neelam, are always there to offer great recommendations.

The quality is always top-notch, and the desserts are as Instagrammable as they are delicious. It is the perfect place to wrap up a family night in Birmingham.

Where Was The First Haute Dolci

Do you like desserts? Haute Dolci started in Cheshire, and now they have shops in five more cities. They are in Blackburn, Bolton, Manchester, Coventry, and Leicester.

So, you can enjoy their yummy treats no matter where you are in these cities. They are growing fast, so more people can have their delicious desserts. Isn’t that great?

Who is The Founder of Haute Dolci

Nizam Mohamed started two dessert places called Heavenly Desserts and Haute Dolci. Recently, he sold the name “Heavenly Desserts” to someone else. As part of this deal, he will change the terms of his two Heavenly Desserts locations to Haute Dolci. 

2. Mylahore – A Taste of Home For Pakistani Street Food

The vibe is busy yet welcoming, and the staff goes the extra mile to make you feel at home. From their wide-ranging Indian menu to quick service, they have got most things right.

MyLahore Restaurant Birmingham

Mylahore stands out among Birmingham’s halal food places, especially if you are planning a family outing.

I have visited multiple times, and the food quality has been consistently good.

Their Baked Parmesan with sweet chili chips is a must-try, and they accept both Visa debit and Apple Pay for convenience. Onsite parking is available, but it can get crowded on weekends.

However, it could be better. I have heard complaints about food poisoning and inconsistent take-out service, so areas need improvement. Overall, the experience is mostly positive and worth the occasional wait.

3. Royal Watan Kashmiri Restaurant – Famous For Afghan Cuisine

If you are searching for the best Birmingham halal food places, look no further than Royal Watan Kashmiri Restaurant.

Royal Watan Kashmiri

From the moment you walk in, you are embraced by a cozy atmosphere and friendly staff. The decor and seating are charming and ideal for family gatherings.

The food is a real treat, with dishes like Chicken Karahi and the special Lassawala unforgettable. Portions are generous, and the pricing is reasonable—two big pluses.

However, it is not all rosy. The place can get busy, so booking ahead might be a good idea. Also, some might find the dish sizes on the smaller side.

Despite these minor drawbacks, the overall experience is superb. The owner, Imran, adds a personal touch that makes you want to return.

Explore Halal Cafe Near Me in Birmingham!

1. Shiraz Restaurant – A Feast For Delicious Persian Cuisine

Shiraz Restaurant is more than just a place to eat; it feels like home. This family-run Persian spot is a gem for anyone looking for authentic, halal Iranian cuisine in Birmingham.

Shairaz Restaurant

The moment you walk in, you are welcomed by soft oriental music and super polite staff. The hostess, Honey, is exceptionally hospitable and always has great dish recommendations.

The food is freshly made and flavorful, from their lamb Koobedieh to the surprisingly good rice pudding.

The little extras, like complimentary sweets and treats like Fereni, set them apart. Though the cafe is small and often busy, the service always continues.

Book in advance, as this popular spot fills up fast. Shiraz Restaurant is the real deal when it comes to quality halal food.

Best Halal Pizza Places Near Me Birmingham!

1. La Vera – Best For Its Wood-Fired Pizzas

La Vera is the go-to spot for the best halal pizza in Birmingham. This restaurant is not just about pizza; its menu is a treasure trove of halal delights, from charcoal-grilled chicken to juicy lamb.

LA Vera Restaurant

The staff are super friendly and always ready to help you pick the perfect dish. Families will feel right at home with kid-friendly seating and a relaxed vibe.

La Vera offers indoor and outdoor seating options if you are a student looking for a break or someone who loves great food.

Take advantage of their freshly juiced drinks and complimentary Arabian tea.

The prices are reasonable, especially for a city-center location. Whether you are a meat lover or prefer vegetarian and gluten-free options, La Vera has something delicious for everyone.

Birthday Celebration Halal Restaurant in Birmingham

1. Tipu Sultan Majestic Dining – Known For Its Indian Cuisine

Tipu Sultan Majestic Dining is not just a restaurant; it is an experience. Perfect for birthday celebrations, this place offers more than just good food.


The stunning decor makes you feel like you have stepped into a majestic setting.

The food is always on point, from traditional Pakistani dishes like Grill and Paya to crowd-pleasers like butter chicken and Karahi Gosht. Not only is the menu diverse, but it also caters to different dietary needs, including vegan desserts.

What sets it apart is the attentive service, with staff even offering prayer facilities.

Tipu Sultan is worth every penny if you are looking for top-class, spicy, and delicious halal food in Birmingham. It is highly recommended for any celebration or casual dining.

Does Tipu Sultan Birmingham Serve Alcohol?

Are you going to Tipu Sultan in Birmingham? They do not serve alcohol; you cannot bring your own either. But do not worry! Their food is so good, you will not even miss the drinks. Enjoy your meal!

2. Akbar’s – One-Stop Shop For Indian Sweets

Akbar’s in Birmingham is a popular choice for birthday celebrations, and it is easy to see why.

Akbar Restaurant

This Indian restaurant is known for its inviting atmosphere, with beautiful lighting that sets the mood.

When you walk in, you choose how spicy you want your meal, catering to all taste buds. The family-sized naan is a showstopper: big, light, and fluffy.

The place gets busy, especially on Saturdays, so be prepared for a wait—but it is worth it. The staff are generally friendly and attentive, trying to enhance your dining experience.

However, booking in advance and arriving early is a good idea, as parking can be a challenge. Overall, Akbar’s offers a memorable dining experience, though there’s room for improvement in the service department.

Halal Breakfast Near Me in Birmingham City Centre!

1. Tim Hortons – A Caffeine Fix For its Canadian Coffee

Are you looking for a top-notch halal breakfast in Birmingham’s city center? Look no further than Tim Hortons. The fast service and quality ingredients make it a breakfast favourite.

It’s the perfect spot to start your day, from hot, freshly-made sandwiches to rich, warming coffee.

Donot miss their amazing doughnuts—especially the maple syrup with custard one- a game-changer! While it can get busy during weekends, the self-service option helps keep things moving.

The staff are friendly and make you feel right at home, although some feel customer engagement could improve.

Tim Hortons stands out in every way compared to other fast-food breakfast spots like McDonald’s. It is highly recommended for anyone needing a quick, delicious halal breakfast.

Authentic Halal Thai Restaurant Near Me in Birmingham!

1. Lulu Wild – Famous For Its Fresh Wraps

Lulu Wild is a must-visit for anyone craving Birmingham’s halal Thai and Chinese cuisine.

Lulu Wild Restaurant

The menu is flavoured, from delicious Bao buns and duck rolls to mouthwatering mains like Honey Pork and Satay Chicken.

The staff, particularly Ana and Yash, are attentive and friendly, ensuring you feel welcome.

The place offers great value for money with generous portions, so you are sure to leave satisfied.

While the service can slow down during busy times, it is a minor setback for an otherwise top-notch dining experience.

Do not miss their range of soft drinks and cocktails—the lychee cocktail is a hit! Lulu Wild never disappoints, whether it’s a special occasion or a casual meal.

2. SIAMAIS – A Taste of Thailand for Its Thai Cuisine

If you are searching for a top halal Thai restaurant in Birmingham, SIAMAIS should be on your list. From birthdays to casual dinners, this place sets the bar high.

Siamais Restaurant

The set menus offer great value for money; you will not leave hungry! Must-tries include the chicken and cashew nuts and the Thai green curry.

The service is a standout, with staff like Abbie, Gabriel, Jorge, and Marcella ensuring your memorable experience. Though there might be minor hiccups like heat lamps going off, the attentive staff usually make up for it.

Perfect for special occasions or even a one-off visit, SIAMAIS delivers a 10/10 dining experience that you will want to recommend to everyone you know.

3. Chaophraya – A Luxurious Experience For its Elegant Setting

If you are a fan of Thai cuisine, Chaophraya is a must-visit spot in Birmingham. The restaurant offers a well-priced lunch menu, but the quality and ambience truly stand out.

Chaophraya birmingham

Every dish is packed with authentic flavours yet tuned to British tastes, from the Thai tacos to the Thai green curry.

The service is top-notch, with special mention of their waiter, Pop, who adds a personal touch to the dining experience.

Whether you opt for their sharing starter or a classic like Pad Thai, you are in for a treat. The restaurant even caters to halal dietary needs with halal chicken and duck.

With its excellent service, inviting decor, and delicious menu, Chaophraya is an unbeatable Thai dining experience in Birmingham.

Find Halal Malaysian Restaurant Near Me in Birmingham!

1. Smokey Barrels –  Best For Its Smoked Meats

Smokey Barrels is not your typical Malaysian restaurant; it’s a unique blend of an American sports bar and top-notch Indian cuisine.

Smokey Barrels Restaurant

If you are in Birmingham and love watching sports while enjoying flavorful food, this is your go-to spot. You will feel right at home with big screens all around and a relaxed atmosphere. Don’t miss their naan bread—it’s some of the best you will ever have!

The staff, including Thomas, offer excellent service, making it worth multiple weekly visits.

Whether it is their barbecue wings, chicken wrap, or grilled mix, everything is cooked to perfection and reasonably priced.

With both indoor and outdoor seating and the convenience of online ordering via QR code, Smokey Barrels leaves nothing to be desired.

Coventry Road Halal Restaurants

1. Karchi King – Famous For Its Desi Karahi

Karahi King lives up to its name as the king of Coventry Road Halal Restaurants. This is the place to be if you are craving authentic and flavorful Karahi.

Karahi King

The Chicken Karahi and Seekh Kebab Starter are must-tries packed with taste and perfectly cooked. The staff, including Hadi and Khuram, ensure an unforgettable dining experience.

They even offer facilities for prayer and clean toilets on-site. The prices are reasonable, and the food is always fresh and warm—perfect for a great Iftar experience or a casual meal.

Whether it is your first visit or you are a regular, Karahi King never disappoints with excellent service and quality food.

2. Jilabi Indian Restaurant – Known For Its Indian Cuisine

Jilabi Indian Restaurant stands out among Coventry Road Halal Restaurants, and it is easy to see why it’s considered one of the best Indian restaurants in Birmingham.

jilabi indian restaurants

The food is consistently high-quality, from the mixed desi grill to the lamb biriyani and handi.

The staff go above and beyond to make your experience memorable, even offering complimentary desserts and drinks during special occasions.

What sets Jilabi apart is its attention to detail: the lamb in the curry is tender, and they even offer vegetarian options that are just as delicious.

Whether it is your first visit or a long-time customer, you will find the prices reasonable and the service unbeatable. Take advantage of their great buffet and the free cake at the end!

Wrapping Up!

Birmingham’s halal restaurant scene offers a diverse and vibrant culinary experience for locals and visitors alike.

With various establishments catering to various dietary preferences, halal restaurants in Birmingham combine delicious flavours with adherence to Islamic dietary guidelines.

So, if you are looking for a memorable and halal dining experience in Birmingham, you will be satisfied with the city’s impressive halal restaurant offerings.

Plan your visit now and embark on a culinary journey celebrating your dietary needs and love for great food.

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