Halal Restaurants in Kings Cross

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I love Halal food but need help knowing where to start in Kings Cross. This guide is for you!

Kings Cross is no longer for more than just catching trains. It has become a center for delicious Halal Food! 

Explore a variety of restaurants, from aromatic mezze at Arabica to fiery peri-peri chicken at Coqfighter. Whether you crave Sri Lankan curries at Hoppers or Bombay street food at Dishoom, your taste buds will thank you. 

So, get ready for a delicious journey in the heart of London!

Best Halal Restaurants Near Me in Kings Cross

Halal restaurants in Kings Cross serve a wide variety of cuisines, from traditional curries to modern mezze. Near the station, you will find a variety of budget-friendly restaurants.

Read the following lists and discover the best option that suits you. 

1. Arabica Kings Cross- Best for Hummus KX

Arabica is a great restaurant close to Coal Drop’s Yard, at 7 Lewis Cubitt Walk, London N1C 4DT. 


They serve Middle-Eastern-inspired mezze, cocktails & brunch presented in a relaxed, stylish setting. 

All their meats are halal, much like the offerings at Halal Italian Restaurants in London, and the prices are good, costing 20 to 30 euros a dinner. As expected from a Middle Eastern restaurant, sharing is caring, so you can expect small plates of delicious food.

Their food is wonderful, and the staff is very friendly. Thank you to Mel and the team for taking such good care of me.

I had Hummus KX with sweet peppers, red chili, garlic, parsley, and roasted spiced chickpeas, and at last, the Turkish coffee was perfect with that little cube of Turkish delight.

They have chicken and lamb, no beef or seafood. Vegetarian options are available.

Outdoor seating is available, which is fully heated. High chairs are for kids, and special dishes for vegans are also available. Wheelchairs are also accessible. 

2. Dishoom Kings Cross- Best for Chicken Ruby

Dishoom Kings Cross, located in Granary Square at 5 Stable St, London N1C 4AB, is a buzzy destination for Indian street food in Bombay-style digs with vintage decor & upscale touches.


All of their lamb and chicken are halal and sourced from halal-certified suppliers. They have copies of the certificates (HFA). Please note that they also have alcohol, sausages, and bacon on our menu. 

However, all non-Halal items are cooked on a separate grill or in a specific pan. All utensils are washed thoroughly after being used for these products. These items are also stored in a separate part of the refrigeration area.

Many of the chefs strictly only eat Halal, so they are very conscientious about making sure all of this is observed.

To enjoy their amazing dishes, I recommend booking on any day of the week, especially if you’re looking for halal food in Shoreditch, as the wait times can be similar. Because, on Thursday evening, I waited for about an hour.

There is parking on the streets East of York Way around Copenhagen Street, although this is subject to local Parking Restrictions with some limited Pay and Display spaces. There is also an NCP car park in St Pancras Station.

They also have a slightly smaller takeaway menu, which is available Monday through Friday until 5 pm.

Service hours are 8 am to 11 pm from Monday to Wednesday, 8 am to 12 am on Thursday and Friday,  9 am to 12 am on Saturday, and 9 am to 11 pm on Sunday. Prices too are reasonable, costing 40 to 50 euros a dinner. 

3. Hoppers King’s Cross- Best for Masala Dosa 

Hoppers serves Sri Lankan & South Indian cuisines and exotic cocktails against a hip, vibrant backdrop. 


Their menu includes Devilled Paneer, Lamb Kothu Roti, Dosas, Black Pork Kari, Basmati rice, Seeni Sambol, Bone marrow roti, Muton rolls, Egg hopper, Lamb kohu roti, butter Garlic squid, bLack pork, Lamb shank biryani, Arrack and many more. 

But please avoid the set menu. It is misleading because it is badly written and confusing. For example, it says that the Dosa + hopper + rice part is  £45 per person. So, you assume that means you will both get that. 

No, you share that. And surprise, you are only allowed 2 of those three things, not three. When we complained that we were not happy with the food, the manager, Selwyn’s attitude was terrible.

Remember! Hoppers are not entirely halal, but the owner claims that lamb and chicken dishes are halal. Plenty of vegetarian dishes are also available. Prices are reasonable, ranging between 20 to 40 euros a dinner. 

It is located in Pancras Square at Unit 3, 4 Pancras Sq, London N1C 4AG, and has stunning outdoor seating with Wi-Fi. 

4. Crystal Kebab- Best for Donor Kebab

Crystal Kebab is the best kebab place in London, offering a taste of Halal Food in Oxford Street style. Their mixed doner kebabs, lamb shish, and adana kofte are a must-try. The garlic and chili sauce are the best.


It is a halal restaurant offering both takeaway and dine-in services. They have a space for about 20 people in the dining room behind the deli, which is a small amount of space but well worth it for a great meal.

Prices are reasonable, costing 10 to 20 euros. They accept both cash and card payments but are very rude towards those who pay with a card, pretending that the machine is not working. They also do not accept reservations.  

Wheelchairs are also accessible as there are no stairs in the restaurant. Hours of service are 10 am to 3 am from Sunday to Thursday and 10 am to 5 am on Friday and Saturday. 

5. Coqfighter Kings Cross- Best for Chicken Burgers 

Coqfighter, located at 3 Caledonian Rd, London N1 9DX, serves mind-melting fried chicken. Forget the cheap, greasy fried chicken of your childhood. This is fried chicken for grown-ups: big flavors, premium ingredients, fresh produce, and everything made in-house.


Their chicken and chicken-based dishes are halal, and they only accept cards for payment. Prices are good, costing 10 to 20 euros per person. However, they add a 12.5% service charge to the bill.

The staff is super friendly. Roa served me. I had the May Special, original, loaded fries, laksa chicken wings, and cheesy corn. Portions were small compared to the amount I paid. 

Plenty of vegetarian options are also available. They offer their services from 12 to 10 pm from  Monday to Saturday and 12 to 9 pm on Sunday.


Kings Cross has lots of great halal food! 

Want a coffee? Try Arabica Kings Cross. Feeling like Indian food? Dishoom Kings Cross has yummy curries and a special naan bread. Are you in the mood for something Sri Lankan? Hoppers King’s Cross has tasty pancakes. 

You can also get delicious kebabs at Crystal Kebab or try French-style rotisserie chicken at Coqfighter Kings Cross. 

No matter what you are craving, there is a delicious halal option waiting for you in Kings Cross!

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