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Discover the delightful world of halal Indian restaurants in London! If you’re searching for places that serve delicious Indian food while following halal guidelines, you are in for a treat.

London is known for its diverse food scene, and halal Indian restaurants bring an extra touch of authenticity and cultural richness.

In this guide, we will explore the top halal Indian restaurants in London, where you can savour mouth watering flavours and fragrant spices and create unforgettable dining memories.

Get ready to experience the best of Indian cuisine with the assurance that it aligns with your halal preferences.

Let’s dive into the captivating world of halal Indian food in the heart of London!

Best Halal Indian Restaurants in London

1. Hankies

Hankies, the best halal Indian restaurant in London, offers a cozy atmosphere and excellent fresh food. The great staff ensures a pleasant experience, and the reasonable prices make it even better.


With indoor seating only, it’s conveniently located near the vibrant Soho and Leicester Square areas.

The unique Indian Tapas concept is ideal for a small tasty lunch or for trying everything on the menu.

The dishes, such as the exquisite lamb chops, kheer dessert, well-flavoured wings, and perfect roomalis, are tasty and well-priced, leaving you wanting more. However, there are some negatives:

  • Starters need better quality and flavour.
  • Prawns are oily.
  • The food can be stale and bland.

It’s also important to note that the restaurant is closed on Mondays and has incorrect hours listed on Google and their website. It’s advisable to call before booking due to the derelict appearance of the place.

2. Masala Zone

Masala Zone, an Indian halal restaurant in central London, offers a beautiful dining experience with great vibes and nice Indian notes.


The tasty food comes in reasonable portion sizes and caters to different spice preferences, making it suitable for those who can’t handle spiciness.

The ambiance is welcoming, with low lighting and unique decor.

The mains at the Covent Garden branch are particularly delicious, but the starters may be a bit sweet for savoury enthusiasts. It’s recommended for special occasions, as the food is indulgent, flavorful, and heavy.

Although the seats are narrow, it provides a great dining experience overall.

However, it may not meet the expectations of Indians seeking authentic Indian flavours, although non-Indians may still enjoy it.

The prices are high for small portions, and the restaurant has a fast turnover of customers. One drawback is the lack of accessibility for wheelchair users, despite claiming to be accessible.

3. Dishoom

Dishoom at Kings Cross is a great halal Indian restaurant in London. I had a fantastic lunch there. Although I waited 15 minutes to be seated at the bar, the service provided by Kyle was excellent. He was knowledgeable and attentive.


The food was amazing and presented beautifully. They offer various veggie, chicken, lamb, and prawn dishes with delicious sauces or grilled options.

The flavors in the food were deep and rich, with a touch of bright citrus and herbs. I highly recommend trying their gunpowder potatoes and okra fries.

However, it can get quite busy, so reservations are only accepted for groups of 6 or more.

Dishoom offers authentic Indian cuisine with great flavors. For the best halal restaurants in London, Dishoom is worth considering.

4. Benares Mayfair

Benares Mayfair, a halal Indian restaurant in London, offers many experiences. Singh, the manager, deserves applause for his excellent service and warm hospitality.


However, despite the high-quality food and service, the dated ’80s style decor might only be someone’s cup of tea.

The extensive wine list caters to diverse tastes. The friendly and attentive staff surprised a birthday celebrant with a cake, adding a personal touch.

While Benares Mayfair is not a halal buffet in London, it is known for its exquisite and sublime à la carte offerings.

Some customers found it pricey for the average food quality and left feeling hungry.

In contrast, others were disappointed with the ambiance, food presentation, taste, and service, failing to meet expectations for a special dinner with visiting friends.

5. Zaika Kensington

I recently tried the tasting menu at Zaika Kensington, and it was the best meal I’ve had in a long time.


The dishes were perfectly cooked, with fresh spices and sensational flavour combinations. I recommend this place to my friends as it has become my favourite Indian restaurant ever. I enjoyed every dish and can’t wait to return with my family.

I must mention the stellar service provided by Murad, who went above and beyond. This was my second time dining here, and the quality and value for money were superb.

The dishes were well-balanced, well-cooked, and truly unforgettable. My favourite dishes were the lamb sheek kebabs and the chocolate ras malai.

I will return shortly. The food at Zaika Kensington is on another level, and the mushroom starter was an absolute 10/10.

They serve excellent dishes and are a fantastic halal Indian takeaway option near me.

6. Fatt Pundit

Fatt Pundit is a charming, fancy halal Indian restaurant in London. The staff is friendly and upbeat, particularly waiter Lucito, who was exceptionally hospitable.


I appreciated the lack of rushing and the 10-minute reminder for the next table. The menu is exciting, featuring small plates that fuse Asian flavors.

I highly recommend the crackling spinach and cauliflower dishes, but be cautious of the high spice levels, especially in the duck dish. It’s best to order everything off the menu for a sensational experience.

However, the small space makes it difficult to get a table, and there is a 1.5-hour dining limit. I tried 7 dishes, all fantastic, with the food continuously coming.

Unfortunately, I have a mixed review regarding the food quality; the rice was lukewarm and seemed old, and some fried dishes had a sweet sauce, which could have been better.

Furthermore, the price of £35 per person is considered outrageous. Fatt Pundit might not be the best option if you are looking for a halal breakfast in London.

7. Delhi Brasserie Soho

Delhi Brasserie in Soho is a halal fine-dining Indian restaurant in London that offers a consistent and satisfying experience.


With a wide and varied menu, their fabulous food will surely satisfy your taste buds. The warm and welcoming atmosphere and beautiful decor create a pleasant dining environment. The staff is attentive and professional, ensuring excellent service.

Located in the heart of Soho, it’s the perfect spot to enjoy a delicious meal. The local adaptation of curries adds uniqueness, and the food quality and spicy flavors impressed me.

I particularly enjoyed their Goan curry with salmon and the butter chicken with appetizer sauces.

The waiters, especially Dell, were fantastic and kind, offering a complimentary drink. They recommended the king prawn Masala with plain rice, which was delightful. However, I found the food overpriced and of low quality, with small portions.

The curries could have been more tasty, which was disappointing. On the positive side, they accommodated a special request for two people, despite limited dining options late at night.

Wrapping Up!

When it comes to finding Halal Indian restaurants in London, there is a wide range of options that cater to Muslim diners’ needs.

With a rich culinary heritage and a diverse menu of delicious dishes, these restaurants offer a delightful dining experience for locals and tourists alike. 

So, suppose you are looking for a memorable dining experience that combines authentic flavors, warm hospitality, and Halal-certified ingredients.

In that case, London’s Halal Indian restaurants are sure to leave you satisfied and return for more.

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