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Halal Restaurants in Aberdeen

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You are in luck! Because there are several Aberdeen halal restaurants that you can enjoy to the fullest. They offer a variety of authentic flavours and delicate dining experiences.

From traditional Indian curries to mouth-watering Middle Eastern delights, you will get to satisfy your taste buds and desire more in Aberdeen.

So, let’s get started with this culinary adventure and keep reading to explore the best Aberdeen halal food restaurants.

Best Halal Restaurant Near Me In Aberdeen

1. Lahore Karahi- Pakistani Restaurant

Dine here at Lahore Karahi with your friends and family to enjoy the authentic taste of meals, that you might find at halal restaurants in Leeds.


Lahore Karahi is famous for its curries and platters, which are served in significant quantities and of excellent quality on the plate. You must try their Chicken biryani and satisfy your appetite with the wide variety of karahi.

It’s the perfect spot for those looking for halal cuisine. All of their food is halal. Each meal is freshly prepared with halal ingredients.

Yes, their menu provides a vegan option! Feel free to visit this restaurant, which caters to vegetarian and vegan options.

2. Nargile Restaurant- Turkish Restaurant

Famous for the Middle Eastern menu and ambience, everyone enjoys their delicious food by sitting in a romantic and casual atmosphere, much like the halal restaurants in Leicester Square.


Their menu includes a great selection of starters followed by main course dishes. Try their baklava, Iskender and hummus. I am sure you won’t stop by asking for more.

They provide a delectable array of dishes that adhere to halal standards. Enjoy your halal food by selecting it from the menu.

Yes, they offer gluten-free options. You can have their bread, buns, dessert and sushi. All are gluten-free.

3. Rishi’s India Aroma Aberdeen- Indian Restaurant

An absolute gem! When it comes to Indian cuisine. They traditionally offer a variety of flavourful dishes.


For lunch and dinner, grab their delicious tandoori chicken, butter chicken, and dosa. You can sit there in a friendly environment or have your food in the comfort of your own home.

Yes, They offer halal food options.

Remember, bookings are required at this Aberdeen halal food restaurant to ensure you have a spot reserved.

4. Muzo’s Turkish Kitchen-  Famous for Cocktails

Have you heard of Muzo’s Turkish Kitchen? They offer a wide range of flavourful dishes with the best cocktails, like some of the halal restaurants in Soho, London.


Spice your plates in generous portions with some lamb kebabs and a mixed grill platter. Enjoy their excellent quality Turkish cuisine with their top-notch service.

You’ll find a variety of delicious halal options. From halal kebabs to yummy Turkish mezes, various dishes meet halal dietary requirements.

Yes, they do offer takeaway options. Enjoy your food in the comfort of your home!

5. German Doner Kebab- Kebab Shop

Here is the world’s largest kebab food chain restaurant. Indulge in its food taste to relish your yummy bites—a must-try for its kebabs.


Satisfy your cravings with their yummy doner burger and spring rolls. Add their crispy fries and refreshing salads to your plate to make it a flavorful meal.

You can satisfy your halal cravings here, as it offers halal options.

You can use the delivery services to get your food to your doorsteps. They deliver to make it convenient for everybody to enjoy their delicious food.

6. Light Of Bengal Aberdeen- Indian Restaurant 

It’s a hidden gem for Indian cuisine, identical to the Indian Halal fine dining experiences in London. They offer a variety of curries and sizzling tandoori options for everyone. It’s a perfect spot for friends and family to enjoy the cosy atmosphere.


Their unique dishes like lamb tikka, onion bhaji, biryani and curries will elevate your taste buds. It would help if you tried their rice pulao for a better taste.

They make sure to cater for everyone. They provide halal food. Their meat is halal.

You can order online for takeaway as they do provide takeaway services. How convenient is that!

7. Pepe’s- Famous For Flamed Grilled Chicken

Are you craving for grilled chicken? Go to Pepe’s fast food restaurant to enjoy their famous grilled peri peri chicken in its casual atmosphere.


With excellent dining, they serve delectable wings, chicken nachos, peri-peri fries, and a much more varied variety of flavorful dishes.

It’s the only restaurant that says, “Halal only”. It’s halal-certified, too.

Pepe’s not only served chicken but also vegetarian options and various other dishes like salads, wraps, and fries.

8. Siam Cottage- Famous For Thai Dishes

Let’s visit the famous Thai restaurant and indulge in the delicious tastes to satisfy our cravings for classic Thai dishes.


A family-run family-run business provides delicious dishes with friendly staff and excellent services. The green chicken curry and drunken noodles are worth checking out.

Have a great taste of authentic Halal Thai cuisine. They offer halal dishes on beautifully decorated plates.

They have an extensive menu offering gluten-free dishes like noodles, rice and curries. Moreover, their main courses also provide gluten-free options.

Halal Takeaway Near Me in Aberdeen

1. Zulus Peri Peri Aberdeen- Famous For Peri Peri chicken Dishes

Are you in search of a takeaway restaurant? Zulu’s peri peri has excellent dishes that satisfy your every taste craving.


It’s worth checking out their Pizza Platter and Chicken platter. Order their grilled box and Peri peri chicken to elevate your taste buds.

All the food is halal!

Make your booking beforehand to avoid problems and ensure your food order is correct.

Halal Steak Near Me in Aberdeen

1. Cartoons Grill House And Desserts- SteakHouse

I crave steaks a lot. Do you do the same? Enjoy this famous spot with its speciality in delicious steaks with a blend of refreshing drinks.


They offer a variety of grilled dishes and mouth-watering desserts. Try their grilled platter, kebabs, steaks and yummy homemade waffles.

The best and most authentic halal food is offered here. So, satisfy your halal cravings.

Yes, they provide delivery services so you can enjoy their food in the comfort of your home.

Halal Buffet Near Me in Aberdeen

1. COSMO Buffet Restaurant Aberdeen- Famous For Its Wide Variety Of Cuisines

Enjoy Buffets with your friends and families right here at this spot. It’s one of the best-styled restaurants that takes your buds worldwide.


Have a perfect dining experience with mouth-tempting dishes such as chicken tikka masala and lamb kebabs, and never forget to try their all-you-can-eat buffet.

Unfortunately, their food is not halal-certified. Ask the manager about halal options if you want to dine in for halal food.

And yes, they accept Credit cards, Debit cards, Master cards and NFC mobile payments.

Halal Chinese Near Me in Aberdeen

1. Chopstix- Aberdeen Union Square

Satisfy your noodle cravings by visiting this beautifully decorated Chinese noodle bar. Whether you’re ready for stir-fried noodles, rice boxes, or tasty sides, Chopstix Noodle Bar covers you. 


This hidden gem offers affordable Chinese food of unique taste. Check out their beef teriyaki, spring rolls, and barbecue.

All their meat and chicken is halal. Enjoy their chicken noodles and beef dishes to the fullest.

Luckily, they provide delivery services to make it more convenient for its customers.


To sum it up, whether you are a local or a visitor, the halal food restaurants in Aberdeen offer various delicious food options to satisfy your cravings.

So head out to these delightful spots with your friends and families and enjoy the different cuisines with marvellous tastes. The Lahore Karahi offers tasty vegan and vegetarian options, while Rishi’s Indian Aroma is famous for its flavorful Tabdoor Chicken and Butter Chicken.

Moreover, it would help if you made a go to the restaurant mentioned above in my article to make your culinary adventure more exciting.

Enjoy exploring the Aberdeen halal spot!

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