Halal Restaurants in Covent Garden

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If you are craving Asian flavours, Mediterranean delights, or something else, Covent Garden Halal Restaurants has got your back.

These halal restaurants will satisfy your taste buds as they offer a variety of authentic flavours and delicate dining experiences.

Keep reading to explore some of Covent Garden’s top places to eat halal food to make your culinary adventure more exciting.

Best Halal Restaurants Near Me in Covent Garden 

1. Nando’s Covent Garden- Famous For Flamed Grilled Chicken

Experience the traditional Portuguese hospitality at Nando’s Covent Garden. Relish their food with their famous starters. Chicken lovers! It is an excellent option for you to satisfy your taste buds.


Try their crunchy chicken wings, juicy grilled chicken, and peri Peri chicken; it is worth checking out their chicken burgers and generously plated delicious platters.

Yes, it’s a halal restaurant selling halal and authentic food options.

Their menu has vegetarian options, and plain salad is the most recommended.

Finish your meals by paying through your AMEX card for delivery and collection orders. They also take other payment cards.

2. Le Bab Covent Garden- Middle Eastern Restaurant

Make a trip to this top halal restaurant in Covent Garden. They offer a fusion of mixed dishes such as mezze, kebabs, and cocktails.


Le Bab is the perfect place with stylish decor to enjoy a delicious meal with friends or family. Try their mouth-watering lamb kebabs and tasty mutton curry.

They sell delicious halal food options. If you are a Muslim, you are in luck to enjoy their tastes.

This restaurant does not have a parking lot. However, there are parking spots along the streets in the surrounding area. 

3. Steak And Company- Covent Garden

Attention steak lovers! If you genuinely want to see how your steak is prepared with excellent taste, go to this restaurant and watch your steak being cooked before you.


Enjoy their mac and cheese, sirloin steak, and salads in their inviting and convivial atmosphere. Once you try its food, you will crave more.

All their meat is halal. You can enjoy their halal steak with halal salad and juices.

Yes, it is a family-friendly halal food Covent Garden restaurant. They provide a warm and inviting atmosphere for families. So enjoy a great meal together with your family.

4. Dishoom Covent Garden- Indian Restaurant

Are you craving Indian food in Bombay-style digs? Step into Dishoom Covent Garden restaurant to enjoy its vintage decor and tasty dishes.


Have delectable bites of Chicken ruby and biryani. Black daal and garlic naan are the most recommended dishes for everyone. Make sure to try their okra fries.

They offer halal lamb and chicken. This means you can enjoy their all-day menu, which is all halal.

It is a walk-in cafe, so you do not need to book a table. They will welcome you anytime; you will not need to reserve beforehand. There are large queues in front of the restaurant, but you will get seated in no time.

You can take away your orders as they provide takeaway services to everyone.

5. Shake Shack Covent Garden- Fast Food Restaurant

Grab your classic fast food from Shake Shack restaurant. It is a popular spot for burger lovers. They offer a variety of delicious burgers, including their classic Shack burger and the tempting Smoke Shack. 


Their menu offers tasty dishes like chicken sandwiches, cheeseburgers and fries, and classic hand-spun shakes. It would be best if you tried their chilli cheese.

Shake Shack offers halal chicken dishes. You can try their halal and vegan options.

Yes, you can pay in cash for your meals. They accept Credit cards, Debit cards, Master Cards, and NFC mobile payments, too.

You do not need to book a table in advance as they do not accept reservations. Make a go and grab your food directly.

6. Busaba Covent Garden- Thai Restaurant

Busaba in Covent Garden, much like other halal Thai restaurants in London, offers delicious Thai cuisine in a cozy atmosphere with dark wood interiors.


You can enjoy a variety of flavorful dishes, such as pad Thai, spring rolls, prawn crackers, and chicken laksa. Calamari is a must-try.

Yes, they serve halal chicken dishes. Their meat is not halal. However, they offer other words that are all halal.

Dine in and enjoy their vegan and vegetarian options!

7. Curry On Naan Stop Seven Dials Market- Indian Restaurant

Suppose you want to taste the natural flavours of Mumbai. Dine in this restaurant to experience authentic street foods. You can visit with your friends and family to have a wonderful time.


Their most recommended dishes are Pav bhaji, Chicken 65, and Pani Puri. Remember to try their thali and samosa chaat with chutney.

Yes, they serve halal food options.

They provide delivery services so you can enjoy your food wherever you want.

8. Buns And Buns- Bar And Grill

If you want a bar at a restaurant, come to this restaurant to enjoy both food and bar simultaneously. It’s a great food spot to satisfy your cravings.


Have delectable bites of their Bao bun, Fried Chicken, and Tom Yum soup. Do try their salads and spring rolls for a mixed taste of vegetables.

Luckily, buns and buns offer halal food. Their chicken and steak are both halal.

Yes, it is dog-friendly. You can bring your furry friend along.

Halal Brunch Near Me in Covent Garden

1. Chestnut Bakery Covent Garden- Famous For Their Bakery

At Chestnut Bakery in Covent Garden, much like the sought-after destinations for halal brunch in Manchester, you will find an array of sweet tastes and creamy desserts. 


It’s famous for its almond croissant and sticky bun. Try their cinnamon rolls and Danish pastry. These sweet treats will satisfy your cravings.

Yes, they offer halal sweets and bakery items.

You can enjoy your breakfast from 8:30 am daily at this halal food covent garden bakery.

2. Christopher’s- steakhouse and grill

It’s an American restaurant and martini bar in the heart of Covent Garden that will satisfy your taste buds with famous all-day dining and brunch items but also aligns with the best of London halal steak offerings.


Its chocolate brioche french toast is to die for. Try chicken wings and chocolate brownies in its elegant decor and dynamic atmosphere. Must pop into its martini bar for a wide selection of cocktails.

Yes, they serve halal beef and lamb. And listen! If you want halal chicken options, they will pre-order them for you. 

It’s great to hear they have a large section for kids’ food on the menu, such as kids’ nachos, quesadillas, and much more. Take your kids with you and have a great dining experience.


In short, there are a lot of halal food places to eat in Covent Garden. By offering a variety of cuisines, they will satisfy your cravings for every taste you want.

You will find delicious halal Indian cuisine at Dishoom and Thai cuisine at Busaba. Moreover, the mouthwatering dishes of

Le Bab and Nando’s will make you crave more.

If you are with your friends and families, tour these lively restaurants to enjoy meals and dining experiences.

Enjoy your culinary adventure in Covent Garden.

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