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Halal Food Oxford Street

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Halal Food Oxford Street

Heading to London can be an exciting adventure, especially with the promise of tasty food. Oxford Street is the go-to spot for outstanding halal dining. There are many places to choose from, all offering a world of flavours.

You will discover great restaurants in Oxford Circus, Regent Street, or the heart of Oxford Street.

You can enjoy fancy Japanese food at Novikov or some of the finest Indian dishes at Benares. For students or digital adventurers visiting London for the first time, searching for halal food is unnecessary.

The restaurants in Oxford Street have everything from breakfast to romantic dinners. 

Best Halal Food in Oxford Street

1. Cocochan

Cocochan is an excellent place in Mayfair for those who love halal sushi in London.

Cocochan Restaurant

It is not just a Japanese restaurant. It mixes different Asian flavours, including Chinese spices. Although it is not fully halal, you will find excellent halal sushi, sauce dishes, noodles, and tasty treats there.

People keep coming back to Cocochan for more. If you are planning a special evening out near Oxford Street, this restaurant’s posh and romantic atmosphere makes it a perfect choice.

Cocochan is more than a place to eat; you can enjoy a unique taste experience right in the heart of Mayfair.

2. Benares

Benares is a well-known Michelin-star restaurant that offers some of the best halal dishes in London, making it one of the favourite places to eat on Oxford Street.


If you are in Central London and want halal food in Mayfair, Benares is the place to go.

The menu is filled with creamy, tangy, and sweet delights. People searching for the finest halal Indian food often choose Benares, where they can dress up and feel great.

The chicken and lamb dishes are halal, but the duck and venison aren’t, and they do serve alcohol. Despite that, Benares excels in providing fancy yet traditional Indian street food with rich sauces and creams to enjoy with roti or naan.

3. Ruya Mayfair

Ruya Mayfair is one of the top halal restaurants in Mayfair and offers some of the tastiest Turkish food in London.

Ruya Mayfair

You can find it on Upper Grosvenor Street, near the restaurants in London Oxford Street. It serves unique Turkish dishes you might have never tried before.

People who know Turkish food can recognize that Ruya Mayfair takes classic home-cooked recipes and adds a touch of luxury.

The menu includes traditional items like eggs with sucuk, fresh fish, and grilled meats, but with a fancy twist.

The atmosphere at Ruya Mayfair makes the experience even more special. There is something for everyone, including vegetarian dishes like aubergine chips and high-end meat dishes like Wagyu beef kebap.

4. Burgeri

You are new to London and want to see the sights, but you also need good halal food. Oxford Circus is the place to be.

Burgeri Restaurant

There is a great spot called Burgeri not far from Oxford Street. They make some of the best halal burgers in London, with fluffy buns and tasty sauces.

If you fancy something sweeter, head to Crome in Mayfair, right off Bond Street. They’re known for their French Toast and delicious pastries.

This is one of the halal restaurants in the London Oxford Street area that has the best food in town. All the meats at Crome Mayfair are halal, and they do not use any alcohol or pork in the restaurant.

5. China Tang

The Dorchester Hotel in London is home to China Tang, a fancy restaurant.

China Tang Oxford Street London

They have a special menu for halal afternoon tea in London, making it one of the most elegant halal spots on Oxford Street. Their menu is filled with unique halal Chinese dishes.

Their crispy skin chicken is delightful, and the classic Peking duck is the standout dish.

If you are looking for an unforgettable Chinese culinary experience, China Tang at The Dorchester offers high-end dining with a halal option.

6. Patara

Patara is a sought-after name for halal Thai food in London. With branches all over the city, the Mayfair location near Oxford Street stands out. People love it because of the stunning decor and the elegant dining experience.

Patara London Oxford Street

At Patara, you can enjoy classic Thai dishes made halal, like fish cakes, green chicken curry, and basil beef. All the meat is halal, except for the duck. 

If you’re spending a day shopping near Oxford Circus, you can easily drop by the Mayfair restaurant for a lovely meal. It’s just a few minutes away from Oxford Street London restaurants and shops.

Halal Food Oxford Street FAQs

Can I find halal food on Oxford Street in London?

Yes, Oxford Street in London offers various halal dining options. Many restaurants cater specifically to halal dietary needs. Check with individual establishments to confirm their halal offerings.

Are there fine dining options for halal food near Oxford Street?

Yes. You can find several upscale restaurants serving halal dishes near Oxford Street. Whether you want traditional or contemporary cuisine, there’s something to satisfy your taste buds.

How can I ensure that the food I’m ordering is halal?

It’s wise to check for halal certification at the restaurant or ask the staff directly. Many establishments around Street display their halal credentials prominently or will willingly provide the information.

Are there any halal food delivery services near Oxford Street?

Yes, many restaurants near Oxford Street that offer halal food also provide delivery services. You can enjoy the delicious halal cuisine in the comfort of your home or hotel by placing an order online or via phone.

Wrapping Up!

Finding halal food in Oxford Street is manageable, thanks to the diverse culinary landscape that caters to varied tastes and preferences.

Oxford Street’s halal options provide something for everyone, from sumptuous street food to elegant fine dining.

Whether a resident or a visitor exploring the bustling shopping district, you can indulge in authentic and flavourful halal cuisine that satisfies your palate.

Remember to look for halal certification or ask the staff to ensure a genuine dining experience.

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