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Besides being famous for street wall art and graffiti, Shoreditch offers a diverse culture, making it an optimal place for Muslims to reside.

Getting that nostalgic wave of delicious cuisine from your back home can be saddening until you live in a place like Shoreditch.

Many halal dining spots in Shoreditch would make you and your loved ones return. Fortunately, you do not need to search. We have collected a list of the best-rated halal restaurants all over the district of Shoreditch.

Let’s get them.

Best Halal Restaurants Near Me In Shoreditch

Shoreditch offers many vibrant flavors of halal cuisine, be it classical Indian or Mediterranean, satisfying your cravings just the right way. 

1. The Munch–Best Turkish Cuisine

Located in the heart of Shoreditch, The Much is a family-run Turkish kitchen offering the best of classical Turkish cuisine prepared right before you, much like some of the Kings Cross halal restaurants


Their distinct approach to making delicious Turkish kebabs makes them stand out.

Is The Munch halal? Yes, except for the wines; everything on their menu is halal. 

We had a blast munching on the tasty Turkish delights at this spot! The lamb doner kebab was a hit, both wrapped up and plated. The plate looked like a rainbow with all those colors, and the flavors were spot on.

Our kids went crazy for the fries that came with the wrap. The staff was super friendly and made us feel right at home. 

Some customers complain about customer service on busy days. 

The average price per person is £10-20. On weekends, they can be extra busy, so making reservations in advance is best. 

The restaurant’s opening times are 11 am-2 am Sunday-Thursday and 11 am-4 am Friday-Saturday. 

2. Peninsula Shoreditch– Indian & Malaysian Cuisine 

Peninsula Shoreditch, located in Boxpark, is among the top halal restaurants in the area and is best known for its reasonable prices and combined authentic Indian, Malaysian, Chinese, and Srilankan flavors.


The restaurant promises only to provide quality food made from quality products. The excellent news for halal food enthusiasts is that everything on their menu is halal.

They offer outdoor seating, free  WiFi takeaway, and dine-ins. They also serve completely vegan food.

On-contact delivery is not available. They deliver through Uber Eats, Eat, and Deliveroo. The average price per person is £1-15. 

The opening times are Sunday-Thursday 12-9.30 pm and Friday-Saturday 12-10 pm.

3. Fennec & Parsley–Halal Middle Eastern Cafe

Satisfy your halal food cravings in the most relaxed way possible at Fennec & Parsley. Located in Hoxton, this mini cafe serves delicious Middle Eastern fare and rejuvenating coffee drinks, making it a must-visit halal cafe in London.


From juicy Shish Tawook and Kofta Lamb dishes to mouthwatering Hummus Shawarma, never skip out on this one.

A delightful spot in Hoxton, Mari, the super-friendly server, truly makes your visit worthwhile! From the food to the service and ambiance, everything is top-notch. I’d recommend checking it out.

Do they serve vegan dishes? Absolutely. Are gluten-free options available? Yes. And do they also serve breakfasts?

Yes, breakfasts are served here, which is usually why the place is crowded on weekdays.

The opening times on Monday-Wednesday are 10:30 am to 8:45 pm and  10:30 am to 9:45 pm. Thursday-Sunday.

The average price per person is  £1-10, which is reasonable.

4. Dishoom Shoreditch–Best lamb Chops

Are you an Indian Muslim living in Shoreditch? Trust me when I say this place is absolutely for you.


This authentic Indian restaurant does not only cater to your classical halal food desires but also lets you get the best of your experience in Delhi’s street-like decor and inviting setup.

All of their food is halal. The standard time for table reservations is 2 hours, but they provide 15 minutes of allotted time if needed.

Going by car? Parking can be a problem as no on-site parking is available. However, plenty of space is available to park your vehicle 300 yards down the road.

Typical wait times last up to 30 minutes. On-contact delivery is available.

5. Sohaila–Lebanon Cuisine

This establishment doubles as a wine bar in addition to a restaurant. Only the latter is for you if you are seeking halal food, although the kitchen menu is the same for both the restaurant and the bar.


The “restaurant” times are from 12 to 3 pm, Wednesday to Sunday.

Sohaila is run by Fat Macy’s and offers a trainee training program to help its employees find permanent housing. For more details, click here.

Is this dining spot entirely halal? No. They have multiple halal options, but the entire menu does not have them.

Are vegan options available? Yes, they serve vegan dishes. For no-shows, staff adds £10 per head to the bill.

Reservation durations:

  • For tables of 1 person: 1 hour, 30 minutes. 
  • For tables of 2 to 4 people 2 hours.
  • For tables of 5 to 6 people, 2 hours, 15 mins. 
  • For tables 7+, 2 hrs 30 mins.

6. Coqfighter Shoreditch–Known For Chicken Fares

This small, partially halal restaurant in Boxpark is an ideal spot for halal chicken enthusiasts. Expect to pay anywhere around £20 per head.


Coqfighter serves chicken burgers, fries, chicken wings, chicken sandwiches, and beers.

For allergies, check out their ingredients here. They have gluten-free and vegan options available.

7. Smoking Goat Shoreditch– Thai Dining Spot

Are you craving Thai halal food? If yes, this place should be your top pick. Smoking Goat perfectly mimics the street-style Thai canteens, much like the offerings at O2 restaurants halal


The atmosphere of this drinking-food establishment is filled with the grilling and smoky aroma of juicy meat and onions. 

Do not forget to try their Thai milk tea if you plan to visit.

They keep an acceptable amount of free space, so walk-ins are usually welcomed, but you can always make a reservation ahead.

Outdoor seating is available, and live on-site performances are performed, too. There is no separate menu for kids, but you are good to go if your toddler can stand the spices.

Disclaimer: If you can’t stand spices, this place is not for you.

8. Casa Do Frango Shoreditch–Delicious Portuguese-Style Piri Piri Chicken

Classical Portuguese sides and wines are served with delicious piri piri chicken—this place is a Portuguese heaven on Shoreditch. 


Remember that they do not operate a fully halal kitchen, but their chicken is halal. 

This place is costly compared to the others on our list. The price per head is £20-40. 

Is vegan food available? Yes, they have plenty of vegan and vegetarian options available.

Except Sunday, they are open all weekend. Delivery and takeaway services are available. They also have free WiFi access.


In conclusion, there are many good, fully or partially halal dining gems in Shoreditch. We have provided you with a list of only the top-rated among them.

In verdict, halal restaurants in Shoreditch include:

  • The Munch (all halal except wines)
  • Peninsula Shoreditch (all halal)
  • Fennec & Parsley (all halal)
  • Dishoom Shoreditch (all halal)
  • Sohaila (partially halal)
  • Coqfighter Shoreditch (all halal except beers)
  • Smoking Goat Shoreditch (partially halal)
  • Casa Do Frango Shoreditch (partially halal)
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