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London is the place to be for chocolate lovers and fans of sweet treats, even if you are vegan. There, the brownie brick road leads to lots of tasty options.

You will find more than just plain vanilla in London. The city offers rich chocolate cake, ice cream with chunks of cookie dough, and fudge. And it is all vegan-friendly!

London is known for being one of the best cities for vegans. You will find many vegan bakeries and ice cream shops. These places have more than just food; they offer many different treats.

Next time you want something sweet in London, try these vegan spots. You want to take advantage of these tasty treats. They are suitable for vegans and everyone else who loves good food.

Vegan Dessert Places London

1. The Peach and Chilli Pan Fry at Persepolis 

There is a Persian restaurant inside a Persian grocery store by the river. They make delicious vegetarian food. You can also ask for vegan sundaes.


The desserts are extraordinary but remember to try eggless cakes in London too. Every day, the menu changes with the seasons. You might find pears cooked in saffron or a type of Iranian rice pudding that doesn’t have milk in it.

There might be a dish with peaches, barberries, and chilli, served with vegan ice cream. The choice of desserts is constantly changing, making everything fresh and tasty.

2. Tendril Kitchen

Chef Rishim Sachdeva has a particular cooking style. He mostly makes vegan dishes. These dishes show that food without animal products can be fancy and delicious. Sometimes, it is even better!


At Tendril’s, where he cooks, they make great desserts. One favourite is a chocolate mixture that’s rich and creamy.

Another is a sticky dessert that tastes wonderful. But you should skip the extra sauce. It is not because the sauce is terrible, but because everything tastes better without it.

We often do not say this about sweets, but you can share. Why? The portions at tendrils are so big you will feel stuffed. If you try to eat it all, you might need help leaving the restaurant. The servings are that generous.

3. Crosstown Doughnuts, Marylebone

Crosstown’s famous sourdough doughnuts are known to all. Who has yet to hear of their delightful vegan treats? Located in Marylebone, you’ll find a shop filled only with vegan delights.

Crosstown Doughnuts, Marylebone

But not just the regular flavours call to your taste buds. They have brought back the Pistachio Scroll. Imagine a black and white vegan dough filled with smooth pistachio cream.

Dip it in pistachio glaze, sprinkle it with crunchy nibs, and you have a treat you can’t resist. If you are in central London and love pistachios, this is a must-try!

And if you are looking for halal restaurants in central London, take advantage of the vegan selections at Crosstown. Even an 8th grader would be captivated by these flavors.

Vegan Bakery London

1. Vida Bakery

Vida is our top pick for bakeries in London! My brother’s kids wish they could celebrate their birthdays every weekend, thanks to the fantastic cakes they have had for the past couple of years. Finding a gluten-free and vegan treat is a tall order, but Vida’s rainbow cakes are out of this world. It is a haven for those with coeliac disease!

Vida Bakery

I was over the moon to discover it was just around the corner from where we stayed. The selection of cakes is vast. It was busy on a Saturday afternoon, so I grabbed a slice. It was divine. I cannot wait to try the Victoria sponge next time.

The packaging was top-notch, and it arrived in untouched condition. Gluten-free cakes can be a hit or miss, but this was moist, delicious, and a real treat!

I ordered a rainbow cake for my niece’s 8th birthday on the 30th of December, and it did not disappoint. I ordered through Instagram and picked up the cake on the 29th. It was my first visit, and I was a bit anxious since I have had underwhelming vegan cakes before, but this was sheer perfection.

2. Cookies and Scream

Ever tried a vegan, halal gluten-free cake and felt like tossing it in the bin? No chance of that at this bakery. Imagine Halloween meeting a retro vibe, and you have Cocomelt London there. It is a haven for the vegan and gluten-free crowd.

Cookies & Scream

They cook up some tasty lip-smacking treats that the shelves might be empty if you show up late. It is a real struggle to choose from their offerings.

But whatever you do, take advantage of the rich chocolate sponge cake with cream and jam. Trust me. It is the tastiest vegan and gluten-free cake you’ll ever taste! Hurry, go early, and let your taste buds dance.

Vegan Cake Shop London

1. Eat’s Healthy – Vegan, Gluten-free Cake

Custom-made raw vegan cake that is just what you need. The flavour and appearance are top-notch. Excellent communication and fast delivery. A big thanks to the Eat’s Healthy Team!

The cake is a game-changer. Super friendly service, lightning-fast delivery, and the cake is awesome.

Eat healthy

The price tag for the cheesecake is a bit steep because it is vegan.

I had a slice of the mango cake, which was heavenly – so smooth, light, and just the right amount of sweetness…not overly sugary like many cakes. Can I have another slice, please?

Using fresh ingredients brings out an explosion of flavours that I love. The fact that it is a guilt-free treat made it even better.

Vegan Pastries London

1. Cream Dream Vegan Pastry Cafe

In the busy heart of Covent Garden, a delightful vegan pastry haven called Cream Dream has emerged, bringing sweetness to the area. This cosy cafe, managed by a group of skilled Ukrainian refugees, offers more than just a spot for tea and pastries.

Cream Dream

With an outstanding selection of Ukrainian treats, Cream Dream has quickly become a spot for the best vegan dessert in London.

From the savoury tangerine pastry to the kind of coffee caramel cake, Cream Dream presents a feast for the senses.

The cafe’s atmosphere is not just picture-perfect; it’s a peaceful retreat from London’s fast pace, offering a memorable tea experience without the huge price tag of traditional Afternoon Tea.

Vegan Dessert Covent Garden

1. Udderlicious Covent Garden

Come by this excellent spot in Covent Garden for epic ice cream flavors that will knock your socks off! With two other locations in Islington and Wembley, they are serving delights like banana caramel and chocolate peanut butter, similar to the offerings at halal restaurants in London Leicester Square. And guess what?

They have got a sweet selection of vegan desserts in London too! Keep an eye out for their flavour of the month, which could be anything from bourbon carrot cake to chocolate orange and mint chocolate chip.

Udderlicious Covent Garden

When we first checked out Udderlicious, we were blown away by the unique ice cream flavours and the crazy variety of toppings. It was like being a kid in a candy store!

Get ready for a taste sensation with their warm Nutella that hardens on top of the ice cream and honeycomb, which adds a perfect crunch to the smooth and creamy goodness.

2. Floozie, Covent Garden

Cocomelt London, get ready for a treat! Floozie has swung its doors open in Covent Garden, and people love it. Why? It is all vegan! That means their yummy cookies have no animal products, but they are so tasty, that you would never know.


With five flavours to choose from and a special one that changes with the seasons, there’s something for everyone.

Fancy a cookie and hot chocolate? They have got that too, and yes, it is all plant-based. Perfect for sipping on a chilly day. Need help getting to the shop? Do not fret; Floozie will deliver their goodies right to your doorstep. 

Wrapping Up

London’s got some fantastic vegan bakeries. Do you want a tiny vegan cupcake or a big, yummy vegan brownie? You will find them all in these cool places. Just search my other posts if you crave vegan doughnuts or cookies.

These bakeries use awesome stuff to make their cakes. Some even make gluten-free treats. Making tasty vegan cakes is a tricky job. They need to be just as moist and sweet as non-vegan cakes.

Guess what? Vegan food in London is taking off. More tasty vegan cakes than ever before! Do not wait, grab some cakes, cupcakes, and vegan brownies from these top-notch bakeries.

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