Is Calamari Halal?

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Calamari is another name for squid; people eat it in many different ways worldwide. You might have tried it fried as rings or even as steaks.

But what if you follow Islamic rules about food? Is calamari okay to eat? Yes, most Islamic teachers say calamari is halal, which means it’s allowed.

So, if you follow Islamic teachings like the Sunni traditions, you can enjoy calamari. It’s a tasty treat that’s on the approved list.

Why Calamari Is Halal in Islam

Eating seafood like calamari, octopus, and squid is halal in Islam. It’s allowed because Allah and Prophet Muhammad said it’s fine.

Prophet Muhammad once talked about two kinds of dead animals and two kinds of blood that can be eaten. The dead animals include seafood like squid, lobster, crab, shrimp, and locusts, and the blood types include liver and spleen.

Even a verse in the Holy Quran (Surah al-Ma’idah: 96) tells us that food from the sea is okay to eat. It doesn’t matter what it’s called or who catches it, whether Muslim or not.

It’s okay to eat if it’s dead or alive. Once, a man asked the Prophet if they could use seawater for cleaning themselves when they were travelling, and the Prophet said that seawater is pure and the dead animals from the sea are acceptable to eat. (Abu Dawud, al-Tirmidhi, and al-Nassa’i.)

Islam’s basic rule is that everything is okay to eat unless it’s expressly forbidden. So, eating things like calamari or snail is okay because they’re not mentioned as being wrong in the Quran or Hadith.

Some well-known Islamic leaders agree that all types of fish are fine. An Imam from Jeddah also said that unless a specific food is mentioned as bad in the Quran, it’s safe to think of it as good.

There are clear guidelines for what is not allowed, such as food that needs to be prepared correctly.

A verse in the Quran also says that Allah has made the sea so that we can eat fresh and tender flesh from it. (Surah an- Nahl, 14)

However, we should always be careful not to eat anything harmful, like poisonous fish or plants that might make us sick.

Allah has made it simple for us to know what to eat, but we must always think about our health and the health of others.

Is Calamari Halal in Hanafi?

In the Hanafi school of thought, eating squid is a big no-no for some. Some scholars say it’s frowned upon, while others think it is okay.

Is Calamari Halal in Hanafi

Why? According to Hanafi rules, you can only eat fish from the water. Squid does not count as fish, so it is off the menu.

Other sea critters that are not fish are also on the not-so-favourite list. That includes things like prawns, lobsters, and crabs, along with clams, octopus, mussels, and, of course, squid.

So, if you are following the Hanafi ways, you might want to stick to plain old fish.

What is Calamari Made By?

Calamari comes from a sea creature called squid, part of the same family as octopuses and cuttlefish. It’s not a fish at all.

To make calamari, chefs clean the squid and cut it into shapes like rings or strips. Then, they cook it in ways like frying or grilling. The result? A delicious seafood treat!

Wrapping Up!

It is halal to eat things like calamari, crab, and shrimp. But some water animals, like crocodiles and frogs, can’t be eaten.

Some people argue about squid, but there is nothing really strong saying it is not okay. If a doctor tells you a sea animal is terrible for your health, eating is not fine.

This is because eating something harmful goes against what is taught in Islam, whether from the sea or the land.

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