Best Halal Burger in London

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The best halal burgers in London are waiting for you. This guide includes places all over London, not just the city centre.

You might remember the focus on Leicester Square, but now the list covers even London Bridge. For smash burgers halal, these places are the top choices.

If you are in East London or other parts of the city, these burger joints are worth a visit.

If you fancy a halal burger at home, many places deliver through Deliveroo, Uber Eats, and Eat. 

Best Halal Burger Spots in London

1. Burgeri Carnaby

Burgeri Carnaby is a famous place for halal burger restaurants in Central London. People love it because it’s right next to the lively Carnaby Street.


They started serving halal burgers in 2016, and in just a few years, it has become one of the top spots for halal burgers in London. This is a safe place to go if you are near Oxford Street and want a halal burger.

They serve all kinds of halal meats, including wagyu beef. Burgeri is not just popular in London; some think it’s one of the best in the world for halal burgers.

Colourful streets surround it, and everything about it is exciting.

2. Holy Smokes BBQ

Holy Smokes in East London is a special place for food lovers. They serve juicy smoked briskets that could become your new favourite dish.


This takeout restaurant is known for its American-style gourmet burgers and halal barbeque.

The portions are generous, and the prices are fair. Friendly staff quickly serve the food, and they care about quality.

One of the best dishes is the 12-hour smoked brisket bun with a touch of coffee BBQ sauce. It’s a highlight among halal restaurants in East London.

If you fancy something different, the 7-hour smoked ribs with red onions, crushed Doritos, and grilled cheese are tasty.

3. Gourmet Burger Kitchen

Are you on the hunt for halal burger places in London? Let’s have a chat about Gourmet Burger Kitchen (GBK).


It’s quite a famous name around London and other parts of the UK. However, GBK might not be your spot if you are after fully halal burgers. They only offer halal chicken burgers, but they are worth a try!

Fancy a visit to Cutty Sark, Greenwich, or Shepherd’s Bush? Why not pop into GBK for a bite? Some folks reckon GBK does not get enough praise. The restaurants have a cosy, classic vibe, but be aware only some of the meats are halal.

Worried about how your food is cooked? GBK makes sure their panko chicken is cooked on its own. They even deliver burgers right to your door. And do not pass on the milkshakes – they are the bee’s knees!

4. Siirgista Bros

Looking for a tasty halal burger in London? Siirgista Bros is the place to go. They make the best burgers you have ever tasted.


My Friend, Roy, lives in North Finchley and he is lucky to have them near him. But do not worry. They also deliver to Central London.

Every burger is made with love and care. The recipes are simple but impressive. The sauces are fresh and just right. They’ve got that if you like halal fried chicken or chicken burgers.

Want to try one of the best halal restaurants in Central London? Give Siirgista Bros a try. 

5. Honest Burgers

Looking for a great burger near London Bridge? You must try Honest Burgers. They have got meaty and vegan burgers to fit any taste.


The best part? Their vegan burgers might become your new favourite even if you love meat. I remember trying one in Soho.

I wanted a meaty burger but ended up loving the vegan one. Some burger places are fully or partly halal, but Honest Burgers stands out in the smashed burgers London scene. They have got something tasty for everyone and worth a visit. 

6. Cristina’s Steak

Are you looking for a tasty halal cheeseburger? Cristina’s Steak in East London is the place to go! It’s not in the city centre but it’s worth the journey. Families love this rustic restaurant in Barking.


London’s centre has some great burger places but remember the suburbs. Cristina’s and other top halal spots are there. All the meat at Cristina’s is halal; they can prove it if you ask.

But be aware they serve alcohol, so it’s not entirely halal. Yet, their Smashed Burger is a must-try. It is cheap, gooey, and delicious, like a real American burger.


Looking for the best halal burgers in London? You are in luck. These places have the yummiest burgers around. They are on London Bridge, Carnaby Street, and even Barking.

They work hard on their recipes; you can taste the love in every bite. Fancy a juicy steak or a tasty plant-based burger like the ones at Honest Burgers? They have got you covered.

They are only sometimes the cheapest, but they offer some of the most delicious food in London. Melting cheese, juicy steaks, and great plant-based options – yum!

So, write down these fantastic halal burger spots for the next time you want to enjoy the day. 

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