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Halal Restaurants Central London

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London is known for its vibrant food scene, offering a diverse range of cuisines from around the world. For those seeking delicious halal options, Central London is a haven of culinary delights.

Whether you are a local or a visitor, exploring the halal restaurants in this bustling part of the city is a must.

From Bengali cuisine to Turkish delights, there is something to satisfy every palate. Let’s dive into the top 7 halal restaurants in Central London.

7 Best Halal Restaurants in Central London

1. Standard Balti House

Located in the vibrant Brick Lane, Standard Balti House stands out as one of the best halal restaurants in central london.

The Standard Balti House

As you step into the restaurant, you will be greeted by a busy atmosphere, filled with many people enjoying their meals.

The warm and friendly staff create a welcoming environment, providing top-tier hospitality. Ahmed and two other waiters, in particular, have been commended for their excellent service.

They catered to a group of 45 with utmost professionalism and a sense of humour, making the visit enjoyable for everyone.

Standard Balti House is truly a hidden gem, offering delicious food and a memorable dining experience.

Word on the street is that this eatery is halal-friendly, according to some foodies, but it is still up in the air since it has not been officially confirmed yet.

2. TAS Restaurant Fetter Lane

TAS Restaurant Fetter Lane, located near the iconic Maughan Library, offers the best quality Turkish food compared to other locations of the chain.

TAS Restaurant Fetter Lane

As you enter the restaurant, you will notice a plaque dedicated to the Moravians, who had a chapel on the spot in the 1750s.

They have got you covered with their Halal-certified menu.

Although the chapel was destroyed in World War II, the area remains significant, being the seat of justice for the UK, with numerous legal chambers and offices nearby.

TAS Restaurant Fetter Lane provides a calm atmosphere, complemented by traditional Turkish music playing in the background.

The waiters are attentive and recognize regular customers, offering assistance with food selection. 

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3. Wassouf Lounge

Situated in a great location in central London, Wassouf Lounge is a delightful Lebanese restaurant that tantalises the taste buds with its flavoursome dishes. It offers halal food.

Wassouf Lounge

The menu offers a variety of tasty Lebanese cuisine, and the restaurant is particularly known for its amazing shisha options.

The staff at Wassouf Lounge is friendly and helpful, ensuring a warm and welcoming experience for all visitors.

The service is quick, and the shisha menu boasts reasonable prices and various flavours.

The outdoor seating area with heating is perfect for enjoying shisha on cold nights. Wassouf Lounge is the perfect spot to relax and savour delicious Lebanese food, accompanied by great hospitality.

4. Ramo Ramen

Ramo Ramen is a top-notch Halal ramen spot in London that you have got to check out. For a unique culinary fusion of Japanese and Filipino flavours, Ramo Ramen is a must-visit halal restaurant in Central London.

Ramo Ramen

The experience at Ramo Ramen is marked by friendly and attentive service from the staff. They are knowledgeable and provide excellent recommendations from the menu, ensuring you make the most of your dining experience.

The food at Ramo Ramen is both tasty and diverse, offering a good selection of dishes that blend Japanese and Filipino influences. The ramen, in particular, stands out with its thick and dense broth, creating a delightful combination of flavours.

The interiors of the restaurant are cool and inviting, providing a cosy atmosphere for diners.

While some have praised the deliciousness of the oxtail ramen, it is important to note that it can be quite heavy.

Additionally, there have been instances where the description of certain dishes, such as the katsu curry chicken, has been misleading in terms of spiciness or packaging during takeaways.

Nevertheless, Ramo Ramen has exceeded expectations for many, especially considering its location.

5. Haz, Premier Place

Haz, Premier Place, offers a relaxed Turkish dining experience and dishes up some delicious halal eats in a beautiful setting. Haz, Premier Place, offers a relaxed Turkish dining experience in a beautiful setting.

Haz, Premier Place

The restaurant prides itself on its well-cooked and presented food, showcasing the best of Turkish cuisine. From the lovely hummus and tabouli to the flavorful lamb tagine, the menu offers a wide range of options to suit different preferences.

The staff at Haz, Premier Place, is amazing, providing a friendly and attentive service.

The restaurant is even open on Sunday evenings, making it a great choice for a relaxed Turkish meal.

Many customers have rated Haz, Premier Place, as a 5-star experience, appreciating the yummy and healthy food, great atmosphere, and excellent value for money.

It is worth noting, however, that a few diners have reported experiencing diarrhoea after their visit, suspecting undercooked chicken.

As with any dining experience, it’s important to prioritise food safety and hygiene.

6. Rasa Sayang Restaurant –  Best For Chicken Meals

Have you heard of Rasa Sayang? It is a restaurant in Chinatown, serving unique Singaporean & Malaysian flavours. They are one of the pioneers in halal food in central London. The name means ‘loving feeling,’ trust me, their dishes are a love letter to your taste buds!

Rasa Sayang Restaurant

Chicken satay in London can be a gamble, but Rasa Sayang’s version is something to try out! We have made it our go-to starter because it is just that good. The chicken is juicy, perfectly marinated, and has that irresistible chargrilled finish.

Finding Halal Hainanese Chicken Rice in London is like looking for a needle in a haystack. So, when I saw it on Rasa Sayang’s menu, I was over the moon! It’s not exactly like the ones back in Malaysia & Singapore, but it is a close contender for the best in town.

Halal Indian Restaurant Central London

1. Masala Zone – Famous for Its Delhi-Style Chaat

Ever been to a restaurant that just blows your mind? Well, Masala Zone is one of those places. After an upgrade, this place is getting recognition with its shiny golden lights, vibrant colors, and cozy chairs.

Masala Zone

But the real stars here are the staff and chefs. They are welcoming, passionate about their craft, and they even recognize regulars.

The halal menu at Masala Zone is all about sharing, split between starters and mains, but trust me, everything is share-worthy. They have put a modern spin on classic Indian dishes, so there is plenty to discover until you are stuffed.

Kick things off with the masala papad topped with a fresh Indian salad and coconut. And you cannot miss the signature Chicken 65, spiced up with ginger and red chilli, along with a top-notch Delhi samosa chaat.

Imagine eating samosas, drizzled with yogurt and sweet chutney.

And if you are on the hunt for halal Indian restaurant in London, Masala Zone is the place to be.

Halal Turkish Restaurant Central London

1. Ev Restaurant

Located under the railway arches, a little walk from Southwark station lies a Turkish place that’s a feast for the foodies. Halal places to eat in central London are not much better than this! This spot wins for mezze and grills as part of the renowned Tas group.

EV Restaurant

Expect generous portions that leave you stuffed, all served with a smile by the ever-cheerful waitstaff.

A meal here will set you back between £30 and £49.

Craving a night in? Get your fix through Deliveroo, Eat, or Uber Eats. They have covered you whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Step inside EV, and a spacious restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating greets you. The decor is a classy mix of large chandeliers, art-adorned walls, and wooden furniture.

The menu has various choices, from soups to salads, hot and cold mezes, fish, and pasta. They even offer set menus starting at just £9.15 per person.

We went for the EV Meze vegetarian set menu, which included a delightful assortment of hot and cold mezes served with freshly baked bread. Not to forget, all their meat is halal.

Fancy Halal Restaurants Central London

1. Ishtar

Ishtar, located in the heart of Marylebone, serves halal food. Imagine juicy lamb served in five styles – cubed, braised, minced, grilled, or poached, all paired with your choice of rice, potatoes, salad, or flatbread, and all for around £17.

Not a fan of lamb? Do not worry. Change it for chicken or veggies, and you will have the taste of the main courses.


Those who book a table expect traditional Turkish meals but are not into it. They have salmon with cream cheese (as a starter) and seafood risotto.

If you are feeling adventurous, give the risotto a go and let us know your thoughts. The website confirms our suspicion: live entertainment with a guitarist and belly dancer performing weekly.

Also, you can rent out the downstairs for parties. We missed the live shows, but knowing about them gave the place a chill vibe. Doors open at 12 pm, and they have welcomed guests since September 2004.

Halal Restaurants Central London FAQs

Are these halal restaurants suitable for large groups or events?

Yes, many of these halal food centres in Central London have spacious seating arrangements and hospitable staff that can accommodate large groups, making them ideal for group gatherings or events.

Do these halal restaurants offer vegetarian or vegan options?

Absolutely! Several of the featured halal restaurants in Central London offer a variety of vegetarian and vegan dishes to cater to different dietary preferences, ensuring that everyone can enjoy a satisfying meal.


Central London is a treasure trove of halal culinary experiences, with each restaurant offering its unique flavours and ambience.

From the bustling streets of Brick Lane to the cultural hubs near museums and libraries, these halal restaurants cater to diverse tastes and preferences.

So, whether you are a food enthusiast or simply looking for a delightful meal, make sure to explore these top-notch halal breakfasts in London and savour the flavours that this vibrant city has to offer.

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