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Are you looking for a tasty meal in Manchester? Sometimes, it can be a real puzzle, especially if you need halal meat! But do not worry, I have got your back. Let’s talk about the best steakhouses in town. And not just any steakhouses, but the ones with halal meat.

Ever wonder why halal meat matters? It is all about treating animals right during preparation. Plus, it tastes amazing. You will get all the flavour, trust me.

Are you planning a trip to Manchester? Consider a Vrbo holiday home or a hotel with a rooftop pool and bar. Sounds fun.

Now, let’s dive into the world of Manchester’s steakhouses—halal steakhouses, to be exact. I am here to guide you to the best meal ever. So, pack your bags, and let’s find that perfect steak.

Best Halal Steak in Manchester

1. Toro’s Steakhouse

Looking for a tasty place to eat in Manchester? You have got to check out Toro’s Steakhouse. It is not just any ordinary steakhouse.


Here, you can enjoy juicy halal steaks made fresh with natural ingredients. Hungry for more? They are also famous for some of the town’s best-slow-cooked beef ribs.

Toro’s is the spot whether you are craving a halal breakfast in Manchester or a hearty dinner. It’s like having a feast with a friend, with food that fills the belly and warms the heart. 

2. The Drop Bar Cafe

The Drop Bar Cafe is the spot! This small, friendly Caribbean steak house in Manchester is bursting with colour and good vibes, and yes, it is all Halal, even the goat meat!


No need to worry about pork on the menu. It is not there.

Have you ever been with a big group? Once, about 12 ladies were seated fine here. The music is incredible, and the decor is laid-back. The seating area at the front is separate from the main restaurant and bar, so you can choose where to sit.

Hungry? Remember, the portions are significant. Enjoy, and feel at home at this hidden gem in Manchester.

3. Eat Meat Halal Steakhouse

Looking for a top-notch place to grab a halal steak in Manchester? Look no further! The Eat Meat Halal Manchester Steakhouse is your spot.


People love the tasty steaks and ribs, but that is not all. You have got to try their lamb chops and prawns. 

What makes this place stand out? Generous portions and friendly service. People come back again and again. And keep me from starting in the cosy and inviting atmosphere. It is just perfect for a meal with friends or family.

Next time you are hungry in Manchester, you know where to go.

4. Rump N Ribs

Looking for a top-notch place to dine? Manchester’s steakhouse, Rump N Ribs, is the talk of the town! They only pick the finest ingredients from Scotland’s best farmers.


Now, imagine your steak going through a unique ageing process. That’s what makes it so tasty and tender!

Since opening its doors in 2013, people cannot get enough. Exclusive steaks? They have got them. And folks keep coming back for more. One big hit? The halal Aberdeen Angus beef. 

5. Sakura Japanese Restaurant

This place is a treat, especially for Muslims craving halal Japanese food, something rare indeed!


At Sakura, they offer an ‘all you can eat’ option. The price is fixed per person. It is simple and affordable.

But what is the fun twist here? You can order using a tablet, and robots that look like cats serve your food. Talk about a quirky Japanese touch!

Now, the small dishes mean you can try a lot of things. Don’t like something? No worries, there is no waste. Perfect if the kids want to try sushi, but you want to save money on something they might not eat.

For the less adventurous, you can also find fried noodles, chicken, and chips. The ambience? Pretty casual. While it might not be the place for date night or the best Japanese food in Manchester, it is a fun family or group spot.

6. Yaya’s

Looking for a fantastic spot for a halal brunch in Manchester? Head to Yaya’s, a local favourite! They are famous for their halal steaks, especially the chicken steak that regulars cannot stop discussing. Fancy some Italian or Mexican dishes? Yaya’s has those too.


And remember the incredible surroundings that add spice to every meal.

But what sets Yaya apart?

It’s the drink menu. People rave about the choices there. Friendly, tasty, and fun, Yaya’s makes every meal a special occasion.

Whether it is a family outing or a catch-up with friends, Yaya’s has something for everyone. So why not drop by? 


Manchester sure loves its Sunday Roast. It is not just about that traditional meal, though. Have you heard about the halal steakhouses in town?

They have got their delicious spin on things. Go to any of the six spots we have mentioned, and your taste buds will thank you. Good food that people love – these places have got it. 

And they have got the reviews to prove it. Want to chill after a satisfying meal?

Manchester’s best cocktail and jazz bars are waiting for you. It is a culinary adventure right at your doorstep, and it’s all there for you to explore and enjoy.

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