Romantic Halal Restaurants in London

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Looking for a special place to eat on your next date? Want something tasty and cosy? London’s got some great spots for halal fine dining. London has lots of romantic restaurants that serve yummy halal food.

You will not just find the usual Indian or Middle Eastern food. If you want Indian food, there’s a list for that too. But if you want something different, there are lots of other halal romantic restaurants to try.

A good date needs good food. So check out these places and have a great time. Make your date night in London something to remember with halal fine dining.

Best Romantic Halal Restaurants in London

1. Chai Ki

Are you looking for a great halal Indian restaurant in London with a view? Forget the Thames River, and think of Canary Wharf. Imagine eating at a romantic spot, staring at Canary Wharf’s tall buildings. It’s pretty cool.


Chai Ki is one of the top places for this in London. It’s like having dinner at The Shard, but even better.

When you are there, the city lights might make you think you are in Manhattan. Dreaming of tasty masala and biryani? Then Chai Ki is your spot. It’s one of the best halal Indian restaurants to enjoy London’s view.

2. The Great Chase

The Great Chase is a top spot for Halal rosé and cocktails.


They also serve tasty European dishes. You can enjoy a 3-course menu during the week or a special weekend roast.

It is a perfect place for a date or a fun meal with friends. If you are searching for late-night restaurants in London, do not miss this one. It’s sure to make your night special.

3. Tarshish

Want to have a special anniversary dinner in London? Try Tarshish. It’s hidden away, but it’s got one of the best views in town.


Even though it’s up North, you will feel like you are in the city’s heart. Near Turnpike Lane station, this place offers top Turkish and Mediterranean dishes. And yes, it is halal too!

The prices? A bit higher, but that is expected for quality food with a view. If you are a fan of fine dining and love tasty grilled meats, make Tarshish your next stop. It is not just a meal, it’s an experience!

4. Ariana

If you plan a perfect date in London, look no further than the Ariana restaurant in Mile End.


It’s a charming spot where deep talks are a breeze. Hungry for something unique? Their menu boasts exciting Persian and Afghan dishes like mantou, kubedeh, and Qabuli Palouw.

If you want a halal steak in London, Ariana might be your go-to.

It is the ideal place to enjoy a meal without running into anyone you know. What more could you want a great meal, ccosyvibes, and the chance to connect with someone special?

5. Radio Rooftop

Looking for a London restaurant with a fantastic view? Check out Radio Rooftop. It’s often overlooked, but it shouldn’t be.


Their chicken is halal, and the owner guarantees it. When you book a table, you can even ask about other meats like lamb or beef.

Radio Rooftop is unique. It is not like those restaurants in the Shard.

This place offers some of the best views in London. Trust me, you have never seen a city like this. From this high-up spot, you can watch the sunset behind famous places like St Paul’s, Big Ben, The Shard, and the London Eye.

Radio Rooftop offers a relaxed but classy dining experience. Whether you prefer meat or want vegetarian or vegan dishes, there is something for everyone. 

Wrapping Up!

London’s best halal restaurants with great views are hidden gems. Finding them is not easy, but they are worth the search.

These places offer top-notch halal food, whether you want oysters or fancy burgers. You can enjoy them while looking at London’s scenery.

I found restaurants near the river where you can immediately go for halal meat. Who likes waiting a week or two for food at a fancy place? No one! If you ever want an excellent halal breakfast in London or a special dinner in Mayfair, now you know where to go. Enjoying a wonderful halal meal in London is more than possible.

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