Halal Brunch in Manchester

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Are you hunting for a halal brunch in Manchester? Something to snap and share online? Or an excellent old halal fry-up? No worries, you are covered!

Manchester’s packed with cafes. Is brunch nice halal? Check. Breakfast? Check. Lunch? Yep, that too. Some cafes go all-halal, while others offer just a few halal picks.

Now, let’s talk favourites. My pals and I have found the best halal spots. You will stumble upon them in Manchester city centre, perfect for brunch on a shopping spree. Want more? Explore Didsbury, Hale, Wilmslow, Chorlton, and even further.

Best Halal Brunch in Manchester

1. Caramello of Didsbury

Looking for the perfect place for halal brunch in London? Well, the answer might be in Manchester at Caramello!


This little cafe in Didsbury is a smash hit with the locals. Fancy some pancakes or French toast? They have got it. A halal fry-up with sausages and bacon? They have got that too!

Caramello does not take reservations, so be ready to stand in line on weekends. Trust me; it is worth the wait. But if you can swing by on a weekday, you will find it more open.

Whether it is a sweet treat or a hearty meal, Caramello’s halal options will make your brunch delightful and memorable.  

2. Tutku Cafe

Looking for a place where everyone in the family can find something to eat? Tutku Cafe is your go-to spot for halal brunch places near you.


From Halal fry-ups to Turkish breakfasts, there is a bite for every appetite.

Are you craving something bigger? Dive into fish and chips, burgers, pasta, and more. How about a salad? They have got those too.

And let’s remember the little ones. The kids’ menu at Tutku Cafe is packed with flavours they will love. Whether it is a hearty meal or a light snack, visiting Tutku Cafe is a family treat everyone can enjoy. Come on in, and enjoy the feast

3. Chai Latte

Chai Latte, tucked away in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, offers a laid-back vibe, unlike other halal breakfast spots.


They pride themselves as the “Pioneers of the halal full English breakfast.” Ready to serve you at 8 am, their hearty meal is a steal at £7.50.

What do you get? Two sausages, a fried egg, three slices of turkey bacon, hash browns, baked beans, mushrooms, tomato, and toast. Oh, and a freshly ground coffee or tea to wash it down.

Have you ever visited a halal breakfast Manchester spot with friends? I once joined eight pals at Chai Latte, and we all adored it!

From good vegetarian options to even a place to pray, it is more than just food—it’s an experience. Try it out, and you will see what I mean!

4. Evelyn’s

You must check out Evelyn’s in Manchester if you’re craving a tasty halal breakfast. People there? Super nice. They treat you right.


Want some good eats? Dive into the fried chicken sando or the pistachio hummus with mini bread. It’s warm and perfect.

And make sure to take advantage of their refreshing lavender lemonade. It makes you feel all fancy and stuff. But those fluffy pancakes? Tasty but a bit too soft for my liking.

Here is a tip for you: This place is buzzing, especially on weekends. So, ring them up and book a table, or you might miss out.

So, if you are in town, Evelyn’s is a must-try. It is friendly, delicious, and just plain fun. 

5. Chaiiwala

Looking for a breakfast spot that feels like a morning hug in a mug? Head to Chaiiwala in the heart of halal food in Manchester city centre. It is a tea lover’s paradise and a haven for those craving a classic Indian breakfast.


Buzzing with energy in the evenings, this place has got the charm.

Have you ever tried a Karachi Bun? How about chicken sausages or desi Kebab? One bite and you will be hooked!

It is not just the food that’ll make you return but the heartfelt service. Quick, friendly, and affordable – they don’t let you down.

And the Bombay chai vibes with a desi style? You will feel like you’ve found a second home. So go on, try Chaiiwala, and experience a delightful corner of your city that genuinely understands what makes your taste buds dance. 

6. La Vie Cafe

Are you looking for a splendid spot for halal brunch in Manchester? Head over to La Vie Cafe at the end of Deansgate Road. Nestled near Selfridges and the Arndale Shopping Centre, it’s the desi breakfast Manchester hotspot!


Inside, the cafe is a treat for the eyes. With flowers and gold touches, it is pretty like the dessert joints on Wilmslow Road. Perfect for a girl’s brunch – I chose it for that!

Want to sit outside? They have that too.

Fully halal and open every day, it is the place for pancakes, waffles, cakes, and pastries. Are you craving something savory? Try the croissants, toasts, or a classic fry-up.

7. Cafe Istanbul

Let’s stroll into Café Istanbul, right in the heart of Manchester. It’s a place that has been around for nearly 40 years. Yep, the city’s oldest Turkish and Mediterranean spot.


Want some tasty food? They have got it all. Fresh ingredients sing the dishes, from hot and cold starters to the main courses you expect. Even the vegetarians in the crowd have delicious choices.

Every day they prepare Halal meat and fish. You can even catch them making traditional Turkish pizzas and bread if you are up early. They cook them on a coal fire grill.

It is like a taste of Turkey in your neighbourhood. Give it a try! Isn’t it time for something fresh and authentic?

Wrapping up!

Are you looking for a fantastic halal breakfast in Manchester? You are in luck! This city loves its food and has plenty of places serving yummy halal breakfast dishes.

Ever crave something different? From the simple to the exotic, Manchester’s eateries have you covered. They care about quality, too. Using top-notch halal ingredients, they whip up authentic flavors to tickle all taste buds.

So why wait? Start your day with a feast, try something new, and enjoy the vibrant food scene in Manchester. You will not be disappointed!

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