Halal Breakfast In Birmingham

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Halal food hunt in Birmingham– One of the UK’s most vibrant and multicultural cities, it may not be that difficult (especially with us around).


Well, when it comes to Birmingham, This city has many Muslim-friendly and Halal breakfast spots which, rest assured, we have collected a list of almost all of them for you. You are welcome.

10 Best Places To Have Halal Brunch Near Me In Birmingham

1. Chaiiwala– Famous For Its Karak Chai And Best Halal Breakfast

The renowned Chaiiwala Cafe franchise in Birmingham has many branches which are well-known for their excellent street cuisine and authentic Indian/Pakistani tea. 


From their famous Karak Chaii to my favourite Crispy Aloo Pakoras, the good news is everything they sell is halal. They offer a wide selection of delectable desi brunch items ideal for saying your desi halal cuisine desires.

They offer hot and cold drinks, roti, delicious desserts and numerous mouth-watering street foods, the best of which are masala chips and shawarma wraps. Their all-day breakfast options include Desi Breakfast and Halal English Breakfast.

Based on personal experience, this tea shop may need help delivering food online sometimes despite its high ratings and delicious food menu, but I would still give it a 10.

2. Comptoir Libanais– Known for its exquisite Lebanese Cuisine

Never tried Comptoir Libanais? You are missing out on BIG TIME if you are hunting for halal breakfast spots.


At Comptoir Libanais, you can eat delicious Halal cuisine from Lebanon while enjoying the authentic Lebanese atmosphere and decor. The accommodating staff is also a solid 10.

Do they eat vegan food? Well, yes. Options include fattoush salads, hummus, baba ghanuj, warm zaatar & garlic flatbread, vermicelli rice, aubergine tagine, and more.

Remember that while not all the food on their menu is halal, you will still leave with a belly full of your favourite halal treats. Yes, don’t worry. They have a variety of options for you.

Make a reservation in advance because popular restaurants like these could be busy, and you might have to wait. But walk-ins are always welcomed, though.

3. Damascena

Damascena is one of Birmingham City Centre’s top restaurants, offering a Halal menu. It is best renowned for its exquisite, freshly made, authentic food with a touch of the Middle East.


I must include this because the staff can be occupied with high volumes of people, and there might be a few service errors.

Still, overall, the cafe is appreciated for its fast and lovely staff, delicious food, and calm and serene atmosphere, making it an excellent place for a friend’s get-together or if you want to study for a couple of hours.

What sets Damascena apart is that it has a 100 per cent Halal menu, making it the best breakfast location for Muslims. Moreover, they offer Free Wi-Fi, a plus point for people like me.

If you are a pet parent, I recommend not taking your dog to this cafe due to its pet-unfriendly environment.

4. Taste Of Pakistan– UK’s Famous Truck-Art-Themed Restaurant

This is a “TOP NOTCH” location for enjoying the best desi Nashta deals with the most fair prices. Though this place is ten itself, the vivid colours showing various patterns of Pakistan’s renowned traditional truck art make it a 100!


What is it best known for? It’s special Desi Ghee Mithai. 

Try it, and it will make you beg for more. What else? They have yummy starters, including samosas, samosa chaat, seekh kabab, etc. and delicious Pakistani Dishes that include aloo-keema, chicken karahi, chicken biryani,  lamb karahi and the famous aloo-palak. Who would say No to these??

As a breakfast restaurant, their opening hours are 9:00 to 12:00 AM from Monday to Friday and 6:00 to 12:00 AM on weekends.

Unfortunately, this restaurant has no parking lot, which is a hassle. You’ll need to pay if you wish to park in the front. 

5. Eis Cafe

Lighten up your taste buds with Eis Cafe. This is a great place for dessert lovers to have a superb breakfast. Its Cute interior design, friendly staff, plenty of seating, affordable prices, and freshly made food items always satisfy the customers.


Eis Cafe is Halal and is also very vegan-friendly. It serves vegan ice creams, sundaes, and classic and animal-free custards. They also wish to push their menu to 80% vegan.

People are usually not very satisfied with the service, but that’s understandable considering the significant number of customers. The perfect time to visit this cafe is Late afternoon. Because it usually gets busy in the evenings.

Their best options include Locoshakes and chocolate concrete cake.

6. Charlie’s Kitchen

Located in Birmingham City Center with a lovely parking right in front of it, Charlie’s Kitchen is the spot you certainly do not want to miss when it comes to having a Halal Breakfast.


This ideal place is known for its super-friendly staff and customer service. The food is, of course, very yummy with a desi touch. Though only some of their food is Halal, and the prices vary, you can find good options within your range.

Walk-ins are seated almost immediately; overall, it is the most satisfying corner for food lovers–the aroma/atmosphere inside the cafe is just unique. DON’T FORGET TO TRY THEIR PIZZA BURGER IF YOU PAY A VISIT.

Their opening hours are usually from 9 AM to 10 PM.

Moreover, despite all the plus points, some people did complain about the unhygienic environment of restrooms, requiring some serious freshening up, BUT THAT’S NOT A CONSTANT DON’T WORRY.

7. Apna Lahore Birmingham

If you are a Muslim and looking for Halal Brunch Places in Birmingham, look no further than Apna Lahore, especially if you have Pakistani or Indian roots, because I know those taste buds can only indeed come alive when they savour the essence of your motherland.


This is an All-In-One desi restaurant where everything is Halal, and you can enjoy the best Lahori breakfast all week. JACKPOT!

Make sure you try their “Halwa Puri”, though.

They also do Halal Chinese Takeaway, by the way. Also, the prices are very fair, totally worth a try. Free parking is usually difficult to find, but paying to park in the front is possible. Note that their opening hours are from 6 AM to 3 PM. 

However, where many customers appreciate and love the food, many complain about their poor hygiene. But there’s nothing wrong with discovering the place yourself.

Do they allow pets? Well, yes, they do—good riddance for pet parents.

8. Red Couch

Red Couch is another ideal spot for a cheap Halal breakfast in Birmingham. 


 This place is the ultimate solution for picky eaters like me, looking for a spectacular dining experience, serving everything from magnificent steaks to unique vegetarian delicacies.

This restaurant is very much appreciated for its all-Halal menu, well-mannered staff and quick service. Usually from Monday to Saturday, their opening hours are 9 AM to 5 PM and Sunday 10 AM to 5 PM. 

Remember that the prices are a bit steep, so be prepared. And Yes, do pay a visit if you want to treat yourself to a delicious Halal breakfast.

9. Bader Restaurant– Known For Authentic Middle Eastern Cuisine

Badar Restaurant offers customers classic Lebanese and Arabic cuisine situated on Birmingham’s Coventry Road. From juicy sekh tikka to mouthwatering shawarma wraps— everything is simply WOW.


All the food items on their menu are Halal, and they have the best breakfast deals you can enjoy with your family and friends. 

Their opening hours are the same throughout the week, i.e. 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM. 

The staff is typically very busy. Therefore, there may be a few snags with their service. The best part is that guests may park for free, so those travelling by car don’t have to worry. 

Let’s see if pets are allowed or not. There are no specific restrictions on bringing pets, so yes, pets are technically allowed, but it’s always best to call ahead and confirm. We don’t want to risk it, do we?

10. Chaska & Chaii

With Chaska & Chaii Cafe, every visit is a delightful taste experience, from solid karak chai to delicious desi foods that exemplify pleasure and would make you want to visit again.


What’s our point? Since you are searching for restaurants offering Halal breakfasts, this might serve you. Their entire menu is Halal.

The public reviews are positive, and people appreciate its customer service and food quality. You can book your reservations here. They also do free delivery.

Unfortunately, a Car parking facility is currently not available. I recommend every Muslim residing in Birmingham to pay a visit and enjoy.

Halal Breakfast In Birmingham FAQs

What is included in Halal breakfast?

A Halal breakfast includes eggs, Halal Certified Meats (HCM), Vegetables, Bread, Halal sausages, legumes, and tea or coffee.

Is it difficult to find Halal Breakfast In Birmingham?

No. not really. Birmingham is a culturally diverse city with people living from all over the world. You can easily find halal-friendly restaurants, cafes etc. that offer halal breakfast.


Birmingham offers many options for those searching for a delicious Halal breakfast. From traditional English breakfasts with a Halal twist to exotic Middle Eastern and South Asian flavours, the city’s diverse culinary landscape ensures you will never run out of options.

So the next time you find yourself in Birmingham craving a morning meal that aligns with your Halal requirements, rest assured—you are in the right place.

We hope this guide has helped you navigate the Halal breakfast scene in Birmingham. We would love to hear from you:

What is your go-to spot for a Halal breakfast in Birmingham? Share your recommendations in the comments below!

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