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Birmingham is famous for its wide range of halal Chinese restaurants and dishes.

If you are with your friends or family, you can sit there in their modern, trendy and cosy atmosphere and enjoy everything from rice to noodles and from dumplings to Peking ducks.

Birmingham has various culinary options, including many halal Chinese food spots and Halal Breakfast Places in Birmingham. So, let’s explore and indulge in Birmingham’s delicious food restaurants!

8 Best Halal Chinese Restaurants Near Me in Birmingham!

Here is the compiled top list of the best halal places offering Chinese food in Birmingham:

1. ACHA Halal Chinese TakeawayChinese, Oriental and Halal

This spot is at  7 Heybarnes Rd, Birmingham B10 9HR, UK. As its name suggests, it serves delicious halal Chinese cuisine and provides superb quality food with its best presentation on a plate.


They don’t have done-in facilities, But you can order your food online from the best takeaway in the town. Regarding Birmingham, ACHA Halal Chinese takeaway is considered the best of all.

They have the best Chinese seafood and noodles, and all love them.

Their food is mouth-watering such as people love their fried chicken, gorengan, chowmein and duck.

2. Oodles N’ Oodles star city Birmingham-Asian, Vegetarian friendly and Halal

If you are looking for the most authentic Chinese food restaurants, Oodles N Oodles Star City Birmingham is the best option. It’s located at unit 1 B Star City Watson Road Birmingham.


This is one of Birmingham’s halal restaurants. You can enjoy their Asian dishes and mouth-watering noodles knowing they are cooked with halal ingredients.

The wide variety includes Asian cuisines and special diets, which are halal, vegetarian friendly and have gluten-free options.

This place of halal Chinese food offers Asian-inspired appetizers, Thai green curry, Pad Thai, rice dishes, delicious noodles and much more, which can be enjoyed during dine-in and takeaway. And yes, they provide delivery services so you can enjoy your meal to the fullest.

3. CHOP AND WOK ERDINGTON-Multiple Cuisines

It is the spot for Halal Chinese food in Birmingham, located at 4 York Road, Birmingham B23 6TE, United Kingdom.


It provides dine-in, takeaway away and delivery with its excellent services.

Their cuisine is Chinese, Japanese, Indian and Thai. I ordered chicken strips and chow mein from this restaurant for my birthday party, but they were tasteless and were not like those shown in the picture.

4. LULU WILD-Chinese Restaurant and Cocktail Bar

It is based in units 7 & 8, The Waters Edge Brindley PI, Birmingham B1 2HP, United Kingdom. They have their specialities in dim sum, black cod and honey pork. They have the best salt and pepper chicken and great options for drinks, too.


This award-winning restaurant is warmly lit, nicely decorated,  clean and tidy, with wheelchair accessibility. So, those disabled may also be facilitated by the great food and flavours they offer.

They accept major credit and debit cards and Google Pay, PayPal, Shopify Pay, Apple Pay, and other country-specific payment methods. But they do not accept personal checks, money orders, cash or wire transfers. 

5. OODLES BIRMINGHAM LADY POOL-Chinese Noodles Restaurant

Located at 323 Ladypool Road, this spot is a hit among visitors, especially during the Birmingham Halal Food Festival. They offer halal Chinese cuisine and are prepared with halal ingredients, allowing you to relish your meal without any reservation


Different lunch recipes include kung pao chicken, chicken Manchurian, beef and fish fry with spicy chips and much more. So you must go for it at lunchtime, from 11 am to 3 pm. So one can easily reach there for a perfect meal as the timings are perfect.

6. WOK BRUVVAS-Take away of Japanese, Thai and Korean food

It is located in Hay Mills and is a main Chinese takeaway in its area with delicious cuisine, that is all halal.


Their Halal food offers a great portion for vegans. In their traditional stir-fried noodles, soups and much more they do provide the option for vegetarians. their vegetarian starters are very famous for their taste.

7. MR CHEW’S CHINESE KITCHEN-Birmingham city centre

It is mainly in Birmingham’s city centre, providing authentic and halal Chinese meals from all aspects.


They have a wide variety of Chinese food to deliver. So you can enjoy their chicken barbeque, roasted duck and much more while sitting in the comfort of your home.

They have beautifully decorated their halls and cabinets with warm lighting, and you can feel aromatic roast duck sensations. At the same time, they dine in to enjoy their meal in a cosy environment. And yes! They also offer takeaway.

8. JACKS WOK- Takeaway in Birmingham


It is located at 328 Lakey Lane. Birmingham provides halal Chinese food, which includes chicken dishes, duck dishes, beef dishes, king prawn dishes and many more which are delivered, and also provides takeaway facilities. No dine-in though.

Best Halal Chinese Food Restaurants in Birmingham FAQs

Can Chinese food be halal?

Yes, Chinese food can be halal. There are many restaurants that offer halal options, like the food is made from halal ingredients and according to the Islamic dietary law. So halal food can be found in halal restaurants. As I have mentioned some of them above.


Birmingham is a paradise for food lovers, especially for Chinese food lovers, as you can find great, tasty food in Lulu’s wild and lively or cosy atmosphere at Wok Bruvvas. 

All these restaurants for Chinese food in Birmingham offer genuine portions, reasonable prices and excellent staff help.

So it’s not only about eating food or meals, but it’s also like a memorable experience awaits you in Birmingham. So, take advantage of this culinary adventure.

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