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Halal Restaurants in Glasgow

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In the UK, a big group of Muslims love eating food made the halal way. Even those who eat Kosher might like this list.

Did you know that although Muslims are only 3% of the UK’s people, they eat 20% of all the lamb sold? There is a lot of demand for halal meat.

Big cities like London are totally on board with great halal food. Even places like Glasgow are catching up. But it is not just about fast food and takeaways. From casual hangouts to fancy dining, they have got it all.

So whether you are in London or elsewhere, there is a place nearby serving tasty halal dishes. It’s a growing trend, not just in the big cities. It’s about quality and choice, happening all across the UK.

Best Halal Restaurants in Glasgow

1. Turkiye Efes Restaurant

Looking for a spot that feels like home?

Check out Turkiye Efes Restaurant. It is a new halal Turkish restaurant in town. You will find traditional Turkish dishes there. They are made just the way your mom would cook them.


It is not just about the food. This place is all about family and friends getting together. Since opening this year, it has become a part of the community.

Imagine starting with hot and cold treats and then moving on to a mixed grill and trying Turkish sides. Remember the house specials!

So grab your pals, join the fun, and feel at home. It is a taste of Turkey right in your neighbourhood.

2. Doner Haus

Have you tried the Berlin-style kebab at Doner Haus in Glasgow? It is a hit! Only some things are halal there, but guess what?


The favourite dishes, like shawarmas and donors, have got you covered – they are halal-friendly.

But do not stop there. Pair it with their fantastic chocolate shake. Trust me, and it is the ideal meal. Want something different and tasty? This is your spot.

3. Thaikhun

Want to eat halal in Glasgow’s Southside? Head to Thaikhun. It’s where Bangkok street food meets your plate—craving the classics? You got it! Eager for something new? Try their regional specials.


Are you wondering about halal chicken? Just ask the waiter, and they will guide you. 

4. Madras Cafe

Madras Cafe does not cut corners – it’s a South Indian restaurant halal doing things correctly. Nominated for ‘Best Restaurant in Scotland’ at the British Curry Awards, it is a top pick for halal fish and chips on TripAdvisor. You can look forward to a tasty menu.


It is full of favourites like curries and homemade naan bread. But that’s not all! You’ll also find Indian Tandoor, grilled meat, and street food.

It is all wholesome and authentic. So why not give it a try? It is where everyone, including your taste buds, will feel right at home.

5. Bar Soba

Looking for something a bit fancy? Try Bar Soba. It is in Merchant City and serves pan-Asian food. The place is excellent, with local artist murals and bright pink lights.


You will want to snap a photo! They serve things like teriyaki chicken noodle bowls.

Or you can share plates filled with yummy stuff like prawn dumplings or Korean popcorn chicken. It is a fun spot for tasty treats. Make sure to give it a try.

6. Saffron By Paradise

Do you know Saffron by Paradise? Yeah, it used just to be called Paradise. Same place, new look! If you are a fan of Persian dishes, you are in luck.


They still cook up all the good stuff like charcoal-grilled kebabs and tasty salads made from Scottish ingredients.

Hungry for small plates to share with buddies? They have got that! How about traditional stews, kebabs, or a feast of mixed shawarma? Yes, they have that too!

One thing is for sure, You and your friends will love the food. And remember, shawarma is always a hit. Try it, and enjoy a little slice of paradise at Saffron.

Wrapping Up!

In Glasgow, halal restaurants offer a rich culinary experience that satisfies taste buds and dietary requirements.

Whether you are a local seeking something new or a visitor exploring the city’s diverse dining scene, you will find an array of halal options that cater to different cuisines.

From traditional Middle Eastern flavours to contemporary fusion dishes, Glasgow’s halal restaurants ensure quality and authenticity.

Ready to explore these dining delights? Why not make your next meal an adventure and discover what Glasgow’s halal restaurants offer?

Tell us, have you ever dined at a halal restaurant in Glasgow, and what was your favourite dish? Share your experience in the comments below.

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