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Halal Restaurants in York

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If you are searching for delicious halal food options, you have come to the right place. 

This guide uncovers the best halal restaurants in York, ensuring you can savour mouthwatering dishes while adhering to your dietary preferences.

Our comprehensive list will help you navigate the city’s bustling food landscape, from traditional favourites to modern fusion creations.

Let’s embark on a flavorful journey and discover the top halal dining establishments in York City.

Best Halal Restaurants In York, England

1. Kapadokya 50

I stumbled upon Kapadokya after my original choice closed, and it was a delightful surprise. The mixed grill for 2 was not only huge but also incredibly delicious.


The moussaka and lamb kebabs were beautifully prepared as well. The service was amazing, and I would recommend this place.

It’s one of the best Turkish restaurants in London, offering authentic taste and great hospitality. The staff was helpful and amazing. The atmosphere was nice, although there is room for improvement in customer service.

It was a fantastic time with great service and amazing food. Kapadokya is one of the best restaurants in York.

2. Lal Quila

Lal Quila is a halal Indian restaurant in York that generally offers great food at a fair price, accompanied by attentive service. They promptly resolved a mistake with the starters, which was commendable.


The nan bread is highly recommended, and the staff is friendly and respectful. The restaurant is child-friendly, providing a highchair and a special menu. Their extensive menu offers delicious dishes cooked to perfection.

Customers particularly praise the Afghanistan curry and veg pilau. For a flavorful experience, try the chicken Afghani and chicken madras with garlic naan.

However, the first visit had unimpressive service, although the food could have been better.

Sadly, the second visit was disappointing, with poor service and subpar food.

Additionally, a takeaway order for a special occasion was a disgrace, as the food was cold, the starters were reheated, and the curry was inedible.

3. Akbar’s

Akbar’s is a well-managed and popular halal restaurant in North York. They offer the finest curry experience with good taste and flavors.


The portion sizes are generous, and the overall experience is great. Despite being busy, the staff remains attentive and friendly.

The restaurant’s food is equally good as Akbar’s in Bradford, and all meat is halal. The fish pakora, shami kebab, and shish kebab are delicious. However, there are mixed reviews on the veggie pakora.

While there are no negative experiences from my visit, ten others have shared negative experiences regarding the inexperienced and discourteous waiting staff, terrible service, overly hot food, and long wait times.

The atmosphere is basic, and the floor tiles can be slippery.

4. Mumbai Lounge

Mumbai Lounge is undoubtedly one of the best Indian halal restaurants in York. Their curries are exceptional, boasting tender lamb and chicken that melt in your mouth. The staff is welcoming and always ready to assist.


The restaurant itself is lovely, adorned with great decor. I highly recommend this place for curry enthusiasts in York.

The food tastes delightful, but it’s advisable to book in advance. Prices are reasonable, allowing you to explore different dishes simultaneously without disappointment.

The South Bengal Garlic Chilli Dish is a must-try, offering an amazing and hot experience. The service is first-class, with friendly staff.

Their lamb dish is superb, arguably the best in an Indian restaurant. The hospitality and flavor of the chicken biryani are also commendable.

The meal here is excellent, possibly the best I’ve ever tasted. Remember that the atmosphere is quiet on Mondays but can get busy and noisy on Thursdays.

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5. The Raj

The Raj in York offers a delightful dining experience with its well-cooked halal cuisine. The chicken dopiaza, in particular, stands out as the best curry in town.


The food arrives promptly, usually within 15 minutes, and the portions are generous. The waiter staff is friendly, polite, and accommodating, especially for large groups.

The restaurant is clean and well-run, and the staff is happy to assist with menu choices.

However, some dishes didn’t meet expectations, such as the tandoori butter chicken being overly sweet and the mushroom rice being simple compared to other places.

It’s recommended for its delicious food and attentive service, but it’s advised to explore other options for a genuine spice experience and excellent Indian cuisine.

6. Jaipur Spice

Jaipur Spice is a phenomenal Indian restaurant in York, perfect for halal food enthusiasts seeking delicious and reasonably priced meals.


The venue is large, spacious, and spotlessly clean, creating a pleasant dining experience. The food is outstanding, offering many traditional and contemporary dishes.

The flavours are amazing, with well-balanced spices that tantalise the taste buds. The curry, especially before a football match, is excellent.

The staff is friendly and provides good service, although the experience can vary. The starters were okay, but the mains arrived quickly.

The chef takes special care to smoke the chicken dishes, enhancing their flavour. Whether you dine in or takeout, the food is consistently delicious.

The restaurant has a buzzing atmosphere and a dedicated area where you can wait for drinks, making it group-friendly. With fair prices for quality food, Jaipur Spice is a top choice for a cheap halal restaurant in York.

7. Gourmet Burger Kitchen

Gourmet Burger Kitchen provides lovely and prompt service, with a voucher easily used even on a Bank Holiday. The food is great and cooked to your preference, and the portions leave you feeling full.


The service is also excellent, and its nice central location makes getting a table on a Saturday night easy. In one instance of late arrival, they were given a nice table, and when the burger was overdone, it was promptly re-made.

The burgers are delicious, accompanied by hot chips and ice-cold drinks. Though pricey, it’s worth it, especially if you enjoy a medium-rare burger and skinny fries.

It’s known as the best burger joint in town, offering good value and quality, although the decor may vary depending on personal taste.

It is highly recommended for burger lovers. However, some have found it expensive, with rude and unhelpful staff, leading them not to want to return.

8. The Shahi Tandoori

Shahi Tandoori deserves all the praise it gets! The food here is remarkable quality, always fresh and bursting with flavours.


The staff is incredibly helpful, ensuring a pleasant dining experience.

Their Tikka Masala is the best I have ever tasted, a must-try for curry enthusiasts. Every dish is prepared with love, resulting in a delicious and satisfying meal. The service is excellent, and the owner/chef is generous and kind.

I appreciate the wide range of vegetarian options, and they promptly handle any issues. The curries are beautifully made, and the atmosphere is friendly and welcoming.

To top it off, they even serve complimentary poppadoms with tasty dips. The gravy is rich and flavoursome. Shahi Tandoori truly offers the best food in York.

Wrapping Up!

York offers a diverse and vibrant culinary scene, and its halal restaurants truly stand out as exceptional destinations for food enthusiasts.

With their commitment to providing delicious, high-quality halal cuisine, these establishments cater to the needs and preferences of both residents and visitors alike.

So, if you want to indulge in halal gastronomic delights, explore the vibrant halal restaurant scene in York and discover the diverse flavours that await you.

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