Halal Food in Canary Wharf

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Are you looking for the best halal food in this exciting area? You are in luck!

Prepare yourself for a delicious adventure that will make your taste buds sing.

Canary Wharf has a wide variety of halal options to satisfy every craving. Whether you’re a local or just visiting, you will find a range of tasty dishes, from Middle Eastern kebabs to mouthwatering Asian fusion cuisine.

The halal food scene here is diverse and offers flavours that will leave you wanting more.

Let’s discover the hidden gems and popular spots together, and get ready to indulge in the fantastic halal food in Canary Wharf!

Best Halal Food in Canary Wharf 

1. Hazev

I recently visited Hazev, a Turkish restaurant in Canary Wharf, and I’m excited to share my thoughts with you. First off, the service was really good, and plenty of tables were available even during busy times, it was clean, and the staff was friendly and efficient.


Now, let’s talk about the best part—the food! It was delicious.

I highly recommend trying their hummus and meze; they were amazing. And don’t even get me started on the baklava—it’s a dessert you must try!

The prices at Hazev are reasonable, which is always a plus, and many positive reviews online mention the great taste, affordable prices, and excellent service.

They have a separate café and a la carte restaurant, offering a wide selection of Turkish treats.

Their menu includes classic dishes like Borek, Iskander, Bulgur wheat, lentil soup, and baba ganoush. The staff is welcoming and happy to answer any questions you might have about the menu, which is great for newcomers.

I also heard from some fellow visitors from the US that they had a highly enjoyable dining experience at Hazev. 


Guess what?

I found the best halal food in Canary Wharf! You have to check out this restaurant called 3KOBROS. It serves authentic and delicious Korean cuisine.


When I visited, I was blown away by their crispy and non-greasy fried chicken. Trust me; it was finger-licking good! The seafood pancake was huge and flavorful, and the black bean noodles were incredibly tasty.

The staff was super attentive and provided excellent customer service. The restaurant had a cute and cozy ambiance, perfect for a relaxed meal.

Don’t forget to try the kimchi pancake as a starter and the beef bibimbap with spicy sauce – it’s highly recommended! The boneless fried chicken was tender and juicy, and the prices were reasonable for such good quality.

They offer a wide range of Korean dishes, making it a haven for foodies. It’s the place to go if you’re looking for delicious and authentic halal food in Canary Wharf.

The only downside was that the teriyaki salmon was overpriced and didn’t offer good value for money. But overall, 3KOBROS is a fantastic place to enjoy some mouthwatering halal restaurants in East London.

3. Chai Ki

I recently checked out Chai Ki, a halal fine-dining restaurant in Canary Wharf, and I thought I’d give you the lowdown.


Overall, it’s a classy joint with a more relaxed vibe than expected. The service was great, and our dishes arrived in no time.

Now, let’s talk about the food. I highly recommend trying their Kalamari, Chicken Momos, and Cheesecake.

They were delicious! The flavors were authentic, and the spice levels were just right. The place is perfect for groups or even a fancy date.

However, I did hear a few negative comments about portion sizes and some dishes being a bit bland. Some people also complained about the service and the lack of authenticity.

4. Ayanna

First, if you want to visit, arriving early is best as no booking is required.

The food was quite tasty and beautifully presented, giving some great Caribbean vibes. I particularly enjoyed their rum punch, which I highly recommend.


However, there were a few downsides. There’s no physical menu, so you must check online or scan a QR code.

The portion sizes were smaller, and the prices were high. Unfortunately, the jerk chicken was dry and had a weird taste.

The food was bland and dry, except for the mac & cheese, which stood out. The biggest disappointment was the long wait time between courses, almost 2.5 hours!

Also, there were some false advertising issues with the menu prices, which left a bad taste in my mouth.

Explore other options if you’re looking for halal restaurants in central London. If you’re into halal afternoon tea in London, I can recommend some great places too!

5. Goodman Canary Wharf

This restaurant is known for its top-notch food and cool atmosphere, but my experience had some ups and downs.


Let me break it down for you. The staff here is on point, providing excellent service. I highly recommend trying their truffle chips; they’re the bomb! The place looks stunning, especially at night, with all those lights and the river view.

During a business lunch, our waiter was knowledgeable about different cuts of meat, and the steaks like sirloin and T-bone were perfectly cooked.

The triple-cooked chips were a standout dish too. And the service? Consistently exceptional. However, there were a couple of hiccups. First, finding out about Halal steak availability was a struggle, which was disappointing.

On top of that, we had a booking issue where our chosen option wasn’t available, so we had to exit and find another place to eat quickly.

Overall, Goodmans are usually loved. Still, my experience this time could have been more impressive.  

6. Madina Grill

 If you’re looking for a fantastic halal brunch spot in London, let me tell you about Madina Grill in Canary Wharf.


I recently had the pleasure of trying their brunch menu, and it was delightful. The clean and welcoming restaurant creates a comfortable atmosphere to enjoy your meal.

The halal food they serve is not only delicious but also cooked to perfection. The staff is incredibly kind, polite, and friendly, providing excellent customer service.

Moreover, their reasonable prices make it a great option for brunch. The only downside I experienced was during Ramadan, when the food could have been better, and there was a long waiting time, an unpleasant odor, and no water served.

Overall, Madina Grill is a top choice for halal brunch in London’s Canary Wharf.

7. Kinkao

So I recently visited Kinkao, a restaurant in Canary Wharf that offers halal food. Overall, it was an okay experience.


The place serves various delicious Thai dishes that are well-cooked and flavorful. The food is beautifully garnished, and the starters, like an aromatic duck with sauce and pancake, were enjoyable. The mains, such as chicken and beef, were also nice.

The staff was polite and helpful, and the restaurant has a large indoor seating area with outdoor seating by the waterfront.

However, there were a few downsides. It was sometimes difficult to get the staff’s attention, and we found a fly in one of our drinks, with no apology from the server.

Despite these issues, if you’re looking for halal food in Canary Wharf, it’s worth a try, but I don’t plan to return.

8. Byblos Harbour

I recently visited Byblos Harbour in Canary Wharf, and it’s a great place for lunch! The prices are excellent, and they offer some amazing lunch menus.


The food quality is top-notch, and I particularly enjoyed their meat dishes. The Lebanese cuisine they serve is incredibly tasty, and they don’t keep you waiting for long, either.

It’s no wonder it’s considered one of the best Lebanese restaurants in London.

The portions are generous, the service is quick and attentive, and they even have hookah pipes outside if you’re into that.

The service was a bit slow on one occasion, and they forgot some orders. There were a few instances where the staff could have been more helpful when we made simple requests.

Also, some customers needed help with delivery, like the restaurant being closed or receiving incomplete orders.

But overall, I recommend giving Byblos Harbour a try. If you go, try their lamb shank—it’s delicious!

Wrapping Up!

The availability of halal food in Canary Wharf is a testament to the diversity and inclusivity of this vibrant London district. 

With its proximity to prominent business hubs and tourist attractions, Canary Wharf is a hub for people from diverse backgrounds.

The halal food scene in this area reflects this multiculturalism, embracing many cuisines such as Middle Eastern, Indian, Turkish, and more. You will find it all within reach whether you are in the mood for succulent kebabs, aromatic biryanis, or indulgent desserts.

Have you ever visited Canary Wharf and tried the diverse range of halal food options available? If so, what was your favorite dining experience?

If not, what halal cuisine would you be most excited to try in this vibrant district?

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