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Best Restaurants In Watford

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Are you a Muslim seeking Halal cuisine in Watford? Well, congratulations, you are at the very right place.

Long gone are the days when finding dining spots catering to the halal cravings of Muslims was a challenge. 

Almost 13% of Watford is the Muslim Community, and you can easily find a place to dig in. In this article, we will show a diverse range of restaurants that offer a variety of Halal dishes to satisfy your palate. 

So let’s waste no time in making this vibrant city a paradise for all the food lovers like me.

Best Halal Restaurants Near Me in Watford

If you have South Asian roots, the first one on the list should absolutely be your pick. Because I don’t think you, especially if you’re Indian or Pakistani, won’t miss the taste of home after all this time away.

1. Taste Of Lahore–Authentic Lahori Food

This small restaurant, nestled in the city’s heart, invites all Indian and Pakistani food enthusiasts to enjoy and savour the authentic and classic flavours of Lahore—a traditional town known for its cooking heritage.


This restaurant takes pleasure in providing a varied cuisine that features flavorful biryanis, tantalising kebabs, and a variety of classic curries.

They offer all sorts of delectable vegan Dishes for those wondering. The prices are very fair for everything they offer. Their entire menu is Halal. All the guests are warm-welcomed by their lovely staff.

They do Dine–Ins, deliver, and takeaways. The service might be lazy during the evenings when the place is usually crowded, so be prepared. 

Though there are a few spaces for parking behind the restaurant, you can always park your car at Tesco, a 5-minute walk away. It’s best to call ahead and confirm.

Check out the best halal restaurants in Preston if you plan an upcoming visit.

Halal Middle Eastern Cuisine Near Me

1. Darwesh Mezze & BBQ Restaurant

The first Turkish restaurant in Watford, Darwesh Mezze & BBQ Restaurant, offers everything wholly handmade with care and zero compromise on traditional methods. So, isn’t it worth trying?


They have a certified all-halal menu and are much appreciated for their cosy and friendly ambience, efficient service and delectable & well-cooked Turkish dishes. This is a tremendous Turkish find for people who enjoy exquisite Turkish cuisine.

Although walk-ins are always welcomed, it is preferable to make a reservation online since you might have to wait in case there are a lot of people.

This restaurant is one of the top 10 Watford restaurants with gluten-free options. Moreover, they don’t have a parking area, but you can park across the street at the Range or TK Maxx. It’s pretty close.

Their opening hours are from 12 to 11 PM.

2. German Doner Kebab

THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVOURITE RESTAURANTS OF ALL TIME. German kebab doner is a popular yet another restaurant that serves you with Middle Eastern flavours.


This restaurant is based on giving a modern touch to the traditional doner kebab flavours. Their unique way of cooking involves roasting the meat vertically on a revolving spit to make it soft, flavorful, and juicy.

They have promised to offer a healthy alternative to fast foods, and their entire menu is halal. So, if you want a finger-licking halal dinner, you should take advantage of this place.

In addition to cash payment, they also take debit cards and other electronic payment methods. 

There might be a few hiccups with the service, and some patrons also complain about the cold food, but many enjoy their experience and give this place a 10.

3. Tarboush 

Located in the heart of Watford, Tarboush is one of the Top Halal Watford Restaurants. This family-run establishment serves delicious and classic Lebanese and Mediterranean Cuisine.


Tarboush offers an extensive menu that caters to vegans, vegetarians, halal and various allergy & dietary requirements.

Tarboush Operates a BYOB (bring your booze) Policy and also charges £2.99 corkage fee per person drinking alcohol.

Can you book online? Yes. They accept online bookings for groups of up to 12. For larger groups, it’s best to contact them ahead of time.

It could be tricky for those wondering about parking since they don’t have a parking lot like other restaurants in the town centre. But there are many of them nearby, plus free on-street parking after 6.30 p.m is also available.

4. NOA Lounge

Does the idea of having the best halal meal in colourful surroundings, giving nightlife vibes, excite you? Visit NOA Lounge. 


This hip establishment, which is in the centre of Watford, is well-known for its extensive menu of cocktails, high-quality wines, delectable Middle Eastern flavours, modern design, and, most notably, its outdoor shisha lounge, which offers an exquisite variety of flavours prepared using only the best and cleanest tools. 

They offer a family-friendly atmosphere, but remember that their shisha lounge is an 18+ establishment. Which means you have to be at least 18 to enter. A hard copy of a valid ID with your photo and date of birth is required to verify this.

Halal Fast Food Near Me in Watford

In the fast food category, we have two most popular restaurants in Watford that offer halal options.

1. Nando’s Watford (High Street/Met Quarter)

Nando’s is in the centre of this vibrant town in Hertfordshire, England. It is most known for its signature, Portuguese-inspired Peri-Peri Chicken dishes and cosy atmosphere.


Nando’s in Watford is a favourite among foodies, whether craving exquisite juicy chicken or just wanting a casual eating experience. They also have a variety of sides, salads, and appetisers on their menu.

“We think dogs are awesome. However, pets are not allowed in our restaurants”- Nando’s. They have made their pet-unfriendly environment crystal clear. Sorry. 

Despite the high ratings, some customers express dissatisfaction with their service and lament how slow it is. Unfortunately, Nando’s also lacks its parking, which is a hassle.

Nando’s is also one of the top Halal restaurants in Bristol.

2. Pepe’s Watford

This famous spot is also known for its Halal fast food & peri peri chicken. 


Pepe’s offers a wide range of fried chicken dishes, from moderate to extremely spicy, letting consumers choose their preferred amount of spice.

So if you’re seeking to have a delectable Halal meal with your family or friends, Pepe’s Watfors is definitely your go-to destination.

Opening hours: 11 AM to 11 PM.

Halal Buffet Near Me in Watford

1. JRC Global Buffet

This well-liked restaurant is well-known for its varied and substantial buffet selections. Visitors can choose from foods representing numerous international cuisines, including Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Italian, and more. 


JRC Buffet offers a unique dining experience that accommodates a variety of tastes and preferences.

There are multiple parking locations nearby for parking your vehicle. For instance, Citipark Gade and JustPark parking.

What’s the time limit for staying in the JRC Buffet? 1  hour 30 to 45 minutes, depending on whether you’re a walk-in or reserved customer.

Some patrons complain about certain food portions lacking favours or effort, but the restaurant is very much liked overall. So, be sure to drop by and share with us your dining adventure!

Halal Breakfast Near Me in Watford 

Look no further than these two if you want to experience the best Halal Breakfast with your family or friends in Watford.

1. Eats And Treats

This cute family-run establishment is located in the city centre and provides lovely fresh food. Everything they sell may be something other than Halal, but they have a wide range of Halal breakfast options.


What makes Eats & Treats different? They serve everything baked. Yes. Even sausages and bacon.

Their opening hours are 6:30 AM to 4:00 PM.

They are known for their super friendly and assisting staff and quality delight. However, the restrooms need some refreshments as per public reviews.

2. Junction Cafe & Bistro

Another go-to destination for Halal Breakfast enthusiasts in Watford is at your service! With its inviting ambience, Junction Cafe & Bistro has become a favourite hangout for residents and tourists.


This restaurant is dedicated to using fresh, organic ingredients and certified, daily fresh meat.

They offer a wide selection of chicken dishes, grills, seafood, hot and cold drinks, smoothies, dessert dishes, etc.

It’s worthwhile to visit this location.

The parking garage at Watford Junction Station and Citipark Sutton are the closest parking alternatives. 

Are you eager to discover the best halal restaurants in Ilford? Click here. It’s never useless to have a handful of knowledge beforehand.

Whether you’re swinging by for a quick snack or taking your time over a leisurely breakfast with friends, Junction Cafe & Bistro’s warm atmosphere and mouth-watering food will have you coming back for more.

Halal Steak Near Me in Watford 

1. Boga Steak House 

For those looking for an extraordinary steakhouse experience, Boga Steak House, a Halal Turkish steakhouse featuring drinks and dry-aged beef, has become a popular culinary destination.


The restaurant takes excellent satisfaction in using only the best, expertly matured steaks, making each bite a symphony of taste and softness.

The trained chefs at Boga Steak House masterfully prepare your steak to perfection, whether you like it rare, medium-rare, or well-done.

So why keep waiting?

Are you driving a vehicle? I’d say don’t if possible. Book an Uber or a cab instead because parking is almost non-existent around the area. 

Best Restaurants In Watford FAQs

Is Tim Hortons Wartford Halal?

No. Tim Hortons Watford does not declare its restaurant or meat as Halal-approved.

Does The Global in Watford do Halal Food?

Yes. JRC Global Buffet Watford is one of the top places in Watford that has Halal Options available.


This article covered all the locations in Watford below that serve Halal menus or have halal food options available. 

German Doner Kebab, Pepe’s, JRC Global Buffet, Eats and Treats, Junction Café & Bistro, Tarboush, Nando’s Watford, Noa Lounge, Taste of Lahore, Derwish Mezze & BBQ Restaurant, and Boga Steakhouse are where you should drop by and have the most delightful dining experience ever. 

Do we need a place? No worries. Let us know, and we will cover it for you in the upcoming article. 

Leave us feedback and let us know where we could improve. Thank you.

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