Halal Food Festival Birmingham

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So, what is the Halal Food Festival all about?

Organized and managed by the Algebra Festivals, The Halal Food Festival is an event that brings together a diverse range of cultural foods showcasing up to 30 different halal cuisines from around the world, as well as live cooking demonstrations of different traditional cuisines with a large crowd of peckish Muslims.

These halal-food-enthusiasts-attracting events take place almost everywhere around the globe. In Birmingham, it took place on May 27-28, 2023.

Seeking halal restaurants near Birmingham can be a challenge, or maybe that’s just what you think, though. With this large Muslim Population in a vibrant city like Birmingham, you can very conveniently find a family-friendly Friendly Spot to enjoy your meal.

Is The Birmingham Halal Food Festival The Same As That In London?

Well, this is not just a yes or no question, I think. Let me take you through it. 

Since both the events are organized by the same community of people, who drive with the motive of representing British Muslims for their families and friends and also serve as an opportunity for different cultures to participate, the halal food festivals that took place at Birmingham and London were almost the same.

However, different events may have other vendors, chefs, and activities. Depending on the local demographics and culinary trends of each city, there may be variations in the cuisines, cultural influences, and regional specialities exhibited.

Is the food free at the Halal Food Festival In Birmingham?

No. food prices vary throughout the event.  

Some people may have confused with the ticket fee covering the food price but that’s not true. The ticket fee only covers the entry fee and everything else you wish to do, you will pay for it.

Halal Food Festival Birmingham Stalls

The food stalls at the festival that took place in Birmingham included a diverse variety of Halal cuisines, from Asian to Middle Eastern delights. Everything. 


Different Halal brands and businesses collaborated and reserved stalls to promote their delectable food among the people.

Types Of Food Stalls

The prices for different stalls varied. Following is the list:

  1. Cooking stalls: £ 2,500 
  2. Non-food stalls: £ 1,200
  3. Food trucks: £ 2,500
  4. Simple stand: £ 4000

Halal Food Festival Birmingham Tickets

There are no upcoming events yet. In case of pre-booking visit here. Last time the ticket price with sale was £ 12.50  and off sale £ 15.00.

Is the food included in the ticket? 

Arrival time: 11 am – 1 pm. The ticket was only valid between 11 am-3 pm for one person. Tickets were Non-Refundable / Food is NOT included with the ticket.

Can child attend Birmingham food festival for free?

A full-paying adult must be present with children under the age of 10 in order for them to attend the event without charge. There is a maximum of 2 kids per paying adult.  For entry, guests over 10 will need a regular ticket. 

Can ticket purchasing be done at the door?

Every time in case of an upcoming event. The number of tickets available at the door is very limited, It is best advised to always buy your tickets in advance.

Parking At Birmingham food festival

Yes, the closest parking is Westfield Stratford, which is a 5-minute walk from the venue. Are you and your family planning to have a cute little get-together? I would suggest taking your family out for a delicious Brunch.

Birmingham is full of halal breakfast places in Birmingham that would cater to your requirements just perfectly.

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