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Halal Restaurants in Nottingham

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Nottingham is famous for its halal-friendly restaurants, where you can savor the different tastes offered by a variety of cuisines.

Enjoy the different flavors in the pleasant atmosphere, from kebabs to curries and from cakes to buns. It’s worth checking out the best halal places to eat in Nottingham.

Let’s explore the different spots down here and indulge in the flavors of halal food places in Nottingham. 

Best Halal Restaurant Nottingham

1. Tamatanga- Indian Restaurant 

Tamatanga, a beloved Indian restaurant in Nottingham, echoes the quality of halal Indian food places in London with its relaxed ambiance and scrumptious cuisine. 


They offer a wide range of flavorful dishes, from curries to street food-inspired snacks.

It’s a great place to indulge in some mouthwatering Indian cuisine. I am sure you will have a wonderful time exploring the menu and by having delectable bites of their thalis and railway lambs.

All their meat is halal. Dine in if you are craving for halal food.

They do not have parking, but you can park your cars in the available nearby places that will charge you only a penny.

The nearest car parking to Tamatanga restaurant in Nottingham is the Trinity Square Car Park. It’s located just a few walks ahead of the restaurant and has convenient parking options.

2. Falafel- Famous For Middle Eastern Dishes

Have your outdoor seating booked at this fresh and peaceful spot. Enjoy their Vegetarian options, which are so good that you will forget about eating meat.


Please give it a go and grab the bites of falafel platter, sandwich, Mezze, and salads to end your cravings.

It provides authentic and delicious halal food options.

No, you don’t need to book a table at most falafel places in Nottingham. They usually accept walk-ins, so you can pop in whenever you’re craving some tasty falafel.

3. Saracens Cafe- Famous For Its Luxurious Environment 

Explore this stylish hub with a rooftop terrace and delicious international dishes and desserts. It offers a unique experience to enjoy the best quality food.


Enjoy their chicken tikka, sweet chili chips, and waffles. Wings and shakes are its crave-inducing dishes.

It is the best place to relish halal and authentic food.

Book a table if you want to dine in at this restaurant. It’s a very busy spot because of its popularity. So it’s recommended to make reservations beforehand.

4. German Doner Kebab- kebab Shop

Try this largest kebab chain restaurant in Nottingham. Satisfy your appetite with its signature sauces and homemade toasted sesame.


All the meat, salads, and dishes are prepared with fresh ingredients. Try their kebabs, which are sure to satisfy your cravings. Doner Quesadilla and cheesy fries are worth checking out.

They serve halal meat and chicken. So relax and enjoy your halal food.

They offer delivery services, so enjoy eating your meals at your home.

5. Pepe’s- Fast Food Restaurant 

At Pepe’s fast food restaurant in Nottingham, a haven for grilled chicken enthusiasts, you will have an experience like that of halal restaurants in Aberdeen.


With excellent dining, they serve delectable wings, chicken wraps, peri-peri fries, and a much greater variety of flavorful dishes.

It’s the only restaurant that says, “Halal only.” It’s halal-certified, too. Which means their entire menu is halal.

Yes, there are a lot of nearby parking lots that provide convenient parking options. Beechdale Retail Park provides the best space to park your vehicle.

Halal Buffet In Nottingham

1. Desi Express- Pakistani Restaurant

This is one of Pakistan’s modern and simple cafes that serves finger-licking good dishes. If you have a craving for spicy lahori dishes, visit Desi Express.


Try their mouthwatering lamb chops, chicken curry with naan, and mixed grill on tawa. Their meat kebab will make you want more.

They provide halal and authentic food in generous quantities and great quality.

Offers delivery, dine, and takeaway services. Must try this restaurant if you truly want to experience good dining.

2. Tipoo Turkish Restaurant – Famous For Its Authentic Turkish Cuisine

This Turkish Restaurant in Nottingham, much like the best halal buffets in Birmingham, offers classic dishes prepared in traditional ways. 


The atmosphere is relaxed and informal, with a spacious and comfortable setting. 

Relish their baklava, lamb steak, Turkish bread, and kebab. Make sure to try a tip platter for 2.

They offer halal food options.

Yes, they offer wheelchair-accessible entrances, toilets, and seating. They strive to provide a comfortable dining experience for all their customers.

Where should I park my car? Park your cars in the street parking that provides convenient space for your vehicles without paying a penny. 

Halal Steak Nottingham

1. Jpingo’s Flame Grill Steakhouse Pizza Nottingham- Famous For Desserts And Mocktails

Taste the different flavors of Japengo’s Pingo’s fused Cuisine with different styles. Perfect and sizzling flame grills will make you crave more of their delicious dishes.


Have delectable bites of their beef burger, classic fries, pizza, and sizzling calzone with coleslaw. Moreover, it’s highly recommended for vegetarian options.

It provides halal and authentic food. Make a go if you want to satisfy your cravings for halal.

Enjoy the free parking outside Jpingo’s for two hours. Enough time to enjoy your yummy meal.

2. Farro’s Grill House- Grill House

Famous for grilled meat and burgers, Farro’s has an environment perfect for friends and families. Must try their chicken, steak, and pizza.


You will be delighted to know that they serve halal food. 

They are open for reservations and walk in. Feel free while dining in. Just make a call or use their app to book a table in advance.

Yes, they accept Credit cards, Debit cards, Master cards, and NFC mobile payments. It’s very convenient to pay for your meals at this halal food Nottingham restaurant.

3. Toro’s Steakhouse- Famous For Its Sizzling Steak

Steak lovers! This restaurant in Nottingham, like one of the best halal steak places in Manchester, offers a menu teeming with fresh, top-quality steaks and meat dishes at affordable prices.


Enjoy their perfect combination of land and seafood at affordable prices.

Filet mignon and classic rib eye are worth trying. Remember to try their steaks and burgers.

It’s truly the UK’s halal steakhouse that serves authentic halal meat and vegetarian options.

Yes, they provide takeaway services so that you can take your order and enjoy it wherever you choose.

Halal Restaurants In Nottingham City Centre

1. Makhalal Nottingham- Fast Food Restaurant 

Indulge in the authentic and delicious cuisine of Makhalal Restaurant. It’s a family-friendly restaurant that offers a variety of dishes for you to savor.


Pizza, burgers, wraps, and sandwiches are the dishes people opt for more while dining in this place. Chicken filet filet and double make are mouth-tasting dishes.

Yes, it’sYes, it’s a halal restaurant!

Takeaway services are provided at this restaurant. You can order your favorite dishes and enjoy them in the comfort of your own home.

2. MemSaab- Indian Restaurant

A popular choice for those craving authentic Indian cuisine. They offer a variety of delicious Indian dishes for you to enjoy. Give it a try!


Chicken tikka masala, vegetable samosa, and tandoori chicken are its famous dishes. Try naan with their chicken chicken karahi and the spicy Biryani.

All their food is halal. They care for the halal options and serve whatever you want.

They do not have their car parkin,g but you will find parking lots on the streets and in nearby areas.

Halal Takeaway Nottingham

1. Naseeb Takeaway- Pakistani Restaurant

Want to try some home-cooked food? It’s a place to go for tempting meals. It offers Pakistani cuisine at affordable prices. You can enjoy your dish without emptying your pockets.


Tandoori chicken and chips are finger-licking good. Must try their Afghani pulao, Chicken biryani and samosas. They are worth checking out.

It’s all halal and authentic, with generous offers of food of the highest quality and quantity on a plate.

Pay for your meals with your Debit cards, Master cards, Credit cards, and NFC mobile payments.

2. Oranos Grill And Karahi- Famous For Karahi 

Nottingham brings you culinary delights right here in Oranos Grill and Karahi. They are famous for their delicious karahi and tawa.


Try their crazy flavor that you would have never had before. Their steak is to go crazy, and their Chicken biryani is divine—a must-try for their karahi.

It’s a hundred percent halal restaurant. Anyone can go there to enjoy their mouth-watering food.

Yes, they provide dine-in facilities for everyone. You can enjoy your food in its convivial atmosphere.

Halal Chinese Nottingham

1. Oodles Nottingham-  Famous For Noodles

A family-owned food brand serving casual dining experiences. Go to this Chinese restaurant to enjoy their delicious and customizable noodle dishes.


Chowmein, Vegetable spring rolls, and the regular create-your-own box are worth checking out. Noodles are a must-try because they are their specialty.

Grab your halal bites in Nottingham by visiting oodles. It’s easy for Muslims to enjoy eating meals with their friends and families.

They provide delivery services at your doorstep to avoid inconveniences for their customers so they can enjoy their food at their chosen places.

2. Chopstix – Chinese Noodle Restaurant

Satisfy your noodle cravings by visiting this beautifully decorated Chinese noodle bar. Whether you’re ready for roast chicken or tasty sides, Chopstix Noodle Bar covers you. 


This hidden gem offers affordable Chinese food of unique taste. Check out their salt and pepper chicken, spring rolls, and fried noodles.

All their meat and chicken is halal. Enjoy their chicken noodles and beef dishes to the fullest.

No, it’s not necessary to book a table at this fast food spot. They even don’t accept reservations. You can grab your food and enjoy it on the go.

Halal Nando’s Nottingham 

1. Nando’s  Nottingham- Corner House

Experience the traditional Portuguese hospitality at Nando’s Nottingham. Relish their food with their famous starters. Chicken lovers! It’s an excellent option for you to satisfy your taste buds.


Try their crunchy, juicy, flamed grilled chicken in spicy chili sauce, their chicken burgers, and generously plated delicious platters.

It’s a halal restaurant serving halal and authentic Peri peri chicken and more halal food options. 

They accept credit cards and NFC mobile payments only. 

Halal Brunch Nottingham

1. Chaiiwala Nottingham- Famous Cafe

Chaiiwala is an Indian street food cafe in Nottingham. They offer a variety of delicious chai and Indian street food.


It would be best if you tried this place.

Halwa puri with chana is an excellent choice to be tasted. Pink tea is a recommended one. You can taste their kebab rolls, samosa chaat, and masala chips.

It’s a halal-certified cafe offering halal food.

Enjoy their food and environment by visiting them from 9 am to 11 pm. At these times, you can fully avail their services and offerings.


I recommend  Nottingham halal restaurants to everyone. Nottingham offers a variety of dining options that cater to halal dietary requirements.

Relish the Pakistani and  Indian delights at Lahore Karahi and Chaiiwala, or enjoy the lively flavors at Tamatanga to satisfy your craving.

If you’re in the mood for a delicious meal or want to grab your bites, Saracens and other halal spots are ready to welcome you.

So indulge in the different flavors and make your culinary adventure more exciting by visiting these eating spots mentioned above in the article.

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