Halal Brunch Spots in London

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Are you a culinary enthusiast searching for the best brunch in London? You’re in luck, though.

Prepare to explore the world of Halal Brunch, where mouthwatering flavours and cultural variety combine to create a memorable gastronomic experience.

Many brunch establishments in the vibrant city of London provide a wide range of delectable selections that will satisfy your eyes and your taste senses.

Imagine indulging in a sumptuous variety of halal treats while taking in the lively ambiance of London’s hippest districts.

This guide will reveal the hidden jewels and must-visit locations that will transform your brunch experience from ordinary to amazing, whether you are a local looking for a new brunch place or a guest eager to discover the city’s diverse food culture.

Prepare yourself for a unique culinary experience!

Top Halal Brunch in London

1. Sunday in Brooklyn

I had the opportunity to try Sunday in Brooklyn. While my overall experience was a mix of highs and lows, providing an honest and balanced review is crucial.

Sunday in brooklyn

The smoked salmon brioche and egg sandwich on Sunday in Brooklyn was delightful.

The combination of flavours and the quality of the ingredients made it a standout dish for me. However, I didn’t enjoy the pancake as much, but it was a hit with other diners who relished its taste.

While the staff and location were decent, the overall experience on Sunday in Brooklyn left much to be desired.

2. Cafe Kitsune by Pantechnicon

During my recent visit to London Town, I had the opportunity to check out Café Kitsuné at Pantechnicon, a Japanese-themed restaurant, shop, and café located within a bustling complex with many shops.

Cafe Kitsune by Pantechnicon

The staff at Café Kitsuné were generally polite and kind, contributing to a friendly atmosphere for both working and dining.

One aspect that I found that could have been better was the pricing of the food and drinks. Considering the quality offered, the prices seemed quite steep.

It led me to believe that some people may consider Café Kitsuné a gimmick aimed at attracting social media attention rather than focusing on delivering exceptional culinary experiences.

However, I believe Café Kitsuné is worth revisiting for its pastries, as they seemed promising. The matcha and strawberry latte, priced at £6, was a splurge but well worth it. 

For those seeking halal food in Canary Wharf or looking for a brunch spot in London, Café Kitsuné at Pantechnicon may be worth considering, particularly if you prefer pastries. 

4. Blu Ivy Caf

Having personally visited the bustling brunch scene in London, I can confidently say that Blu Ivy Cafe is a popular spot that garners consistently positive reviews.

Blu IVY Cafe

The friendly staff welcomes you when you step inside, ensuring a pleasant dining experience. Their efficient service provides you won’t have to wait long before indulging in their delectable offerings.

The food and drinks at Blu Ivy Cafe are delicious and artfully presented, showcasing the care and attention given to each dish. 

It’s worth noting that Blu Ivy Cafe caters to the needs of diverse diners by offering halal options, which is a welcome inclusion for those seeking halal breakfast spots in London.

Additionally, a few visitors have experienced longer-than-desired wait times for their food, which can be frustrating when you are hungry. 

5. Balance Kitchen

I must say that Balance is one of the best places for brunch in the city. Upon entering, you are greeted with a warm and welcoming atmosphere, and the staff is incredibly friendly.

Balance Kitchen

The establishment is spotlessly clean, which adds to the overall pleasant experience.

One of the highlights of Balance is the wide variety of sweet and savoury dishes available for breakfast/brunch. Whether you have a sweet tooth or prefer something delicious, they have options to suit everyone’s taste.

The taste and quality of the food are excellent, and I was thoroughly impressed with every dish I tried. The staff is also very accommodating and ready to fulfil any customer needs.

The customer service was top-notch, with friendly and quick service.

I particularly enjoyed the poached eggs on bread with avocado, and their red velvet hot chocolate was a delightful treat. They also cater to different dietary needs, with tasty matcha options and desserts.

There was a forgotten meal, and one of the dishes had an unpleasant taste. This was disappointing, as it affected the overall dining experience. 

6. The Great Chase 

I had booked a table for their 9-course menu (10 if you count the shortbread cookie), and from the moment I arrived, the staff was warm and friendly, giving the whole experience a homely feel.

The food at The Great Chase was simply delicious. I particularly loved the beef taco and crispy prawns.

Each dish was prepared with impeccable attention to detail, resulting in an explosion of flavours that satisfied me. The venue itself was elegantly designed, adding to the overall ambiance of the place.

However, I must also mention my disappointing experience with their weekend roast meal offer. The meat was undercooked, and the portions were quite stingy. Moreover, the service was poor, and there was a bad smell in the air. 

Unfortunately, my anniversary meal at The Great Chase was also marred by discomfort. The atmosphere felt tense, and the waiter was quite frosty in their demeanour, which took away from the overall experience.

If you are looking for a halal Italian restaurant in London, there are a number of options there, but it may be wise to choose your dishes carefully based on the positive aspects of the menu.

Halal Brunch East London

1. Grounded – Best for Spicy Food

I recently visited Grounded, a halal brunch spot in London, and my experience was a mixed bag. The menu boasted an array of impressive dishes, from succulent beef ribs to delightful calamari.


However, the authentic standout dishes were the Full English Breakfast and the French Toast made with brioche. They were simply divine.

Upon arrival, I noticed a long wait outside the restaurant. Thankfully, the delay was justified by the quality and price of the food.

The staff provided excellent service and were friendly throughout. Their cappuccinos were top-notch, and the coffee, in general, was of good quality.

Whether you’re in the mood for something savoury or sweet, it’s a great place. I highly recommend trying their mushroom omelettes and thick pancakes, some of my best ever.

I particularly enjoyed their amazing Latte, and the customer service was commendable. The friendly and courteous atmosphere made my visit even more enjoyable.

I couldn’t get enough of their full English breakfast, pancakes, and French toast.

Halal Brunch Central London

1. My Chaii Ldn – Best For Tea

Located just off Kennington Lane in South East London, My Chaii is a hidden gem worth visiting. Follow the signs, and you will find yourself beside a park and football pitch, where My Chaii cafe is located with its selfie-ready floral backdrop.

My Chaii LDN

The vibe here is chill, perfect for a Sunday morning, much like at a halal restaurant in Milton Keynes. They have got a variety of Chaiis, coffee, and snacks to choose from, with a menu that changes with the seasons.

The staff are super friendly, the service is on point, and the prices will not surprise you at all.

It’s your local cafe. Sisi, Niz (sorry if I got the spelling wrong!), and the team are always up for a chat and make the best chai. Keep an eye out for their Jamaican cookouts – they are a must-try! It is refreshing to have such a great community cafe in Kennington.

It is cozy, warm, and easy on the wallet. I had a mocha and a Turkish breakfast at London BMT; both were delicious.

Halal Brunch West London

1. Makan Cafe – For For Budget-Friendly Food

Craving for Malaysian cuisine ? Makan Restaurant serves it up just right – flavorful and wallet-friendly, with dishes at your table extremely hot.


You can indulge in a variety of dishes: mixed rice, fried kueh teow, cekodok, and chicken curry puffs. Do not miss out on the crispy and scrumptious pompadam.

It is a chill spot to hang out and grab a bite. Makan is a halal English breakfast in London, perfect for those hunting for unique places in Portobello market. The place has a relaxed vibe, with two dining areas that used to be separate shops.

The decor is a mix of Arabic and Asian, with a touch of Malaysia seen in the wooden window frame on the mirror and a small Malaysian flag.

The food is great, but the service could use a little upgrade. They have got awesome vegetarian options that taste like heaven.

Halal Brunch North London

1. Jasmine’s Cafe & Diner

Check out this café – it is a place that’s just waiting for you! Their eggs benedict are epic. If you are hunting for a brunch spot, this is it. Delicious food and it will not break the bank.

Jasmine Cafe

Their breakfast is top-notch, but some of their other dishes could use a little work. 

The service is super friendly and on point. They get a solid thumbs up from me! And if you are into halal English breakfasts, you are in the right place. Just a heads-up: parking can be a bit of a hassle.

If you are also looking for a halal afternoon tea in London, they have you covered with halal or vegetarian options.

You have got to try their spicy, fresh-cooked food, all thanks to the amazing Jaz. Go for the 2 eggs and potatoes with beef sausage or their eggs benedict. And do not forget to sip on some great coffee while you wait for your hearty meal.

The food here is tasty, especially the mushroom and hash browns in the vegan breakfast. Definitely a place I recommend.

Wrapping Up!

London offers a vibrant and diverse halal brunch scene, catering to the needs of Muslim diners and those seeking a unique culinary experience.

From trendy cafes to upscale restaurants, the city provides a range of halal options that showcase delicious flavours and innovative dishes.

So, if you are looking for a memorable halal brunch in London, you will find many enticing choices to satisfy your palate.

Have you had the pleasure of enjoying a halal brunch in London? If so, which restaurant or cafe would you recommend to others seeking this culinary delight?

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