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London is famous for many kinds of food, including halal pizza. If you are looking for pizza in London, England, that fits halal rules, you are in luck.

There are many places to enjoy a slice that’s both tasty and follows the proper guidelines.

From the simple Margherita to new and different toppings, London’s pizza places have something for everyone.

There are nine great halal pizza restaurants you should try.

They make traditional Italian pizza the halal way. Take advantage of this yummy experience in London.

Top Halal Pizza in London – Top Spots

1. Adora Pizza

Looking for a halal Italian restaurant in London? Check out Medz Corner. They have got a pizza called Adora Pizza, and it is one of the best around.


Think of all the classic Italian starters and desserts, but they are all halal. You can finally enjoy toppings like beef pancetta and Italian salami on fresh pizza dough. And do not fill up too much on pizza – you have to try their yummy desserts too.

2. Fat Pizza

Are you looking for great pizza? Fat Pizza on Brick Lane is the place for you! They serve all kinds of pizzas, from ordinary to exceptional.


The Fat Pizza is a favourite, made with fresh ingredients and top-quality halal meat. And remember to try their halal deep-dish pizza. Whether you are a fan of classic flavours or something new, Fat Pizza has something for everyone.


Looking for the best halal pizza places in your city? A particular spot has been serving tasty halal pizza since 1999.


If you go there before noon, you will get a free croissant with a large hot drink. The pizzas have fresh halal ingredients on top. Everyone, even 8th-grade kids, will love eating at this remarkable place. Make sure to visit and enjoy a delicious meal.

4. Basilico

Basilico is more than just a pizza place; it is a taste adventure in London. Are you craving halal and organic? They have got you covered. Fresh ingredients make their pizzas not just yummy but nutritious, too.


Have you ever tried pesto-infused pizza? At Basilico, it is a must-try! With an extensive menu and many locations, finding your favourite topping is a breeze.

So, why make it a Basilico night next time you are hungry? It is good food, done right. Just the way pizza should be.

5. Firezza

You will find Firezza, a pizza place about taste in the excellent Soho neighbourhood. They use real wood ovens and top-notch ingredients to make their pizzas.


Craving a thin, crunchy pizza with lots of yummy toppings? Firezza’s your spot! And,

the Nutella pizza for dessert? You must take it.

What makes Firezza unique is its true Neapolitan-style pizzas. They cook them just right in wood ovens, which are crispy outside. Love cheese? Try their four-cheese pizza.

6. Mr White’s

Marco Pierre White returned to London’s West End and opened a new place called Mr White’s in Leicester Square.


You can find a special menu with halal choices, including steak and pizza.

If you like pizza but want something different, try “Blue Monday.” It’s a pizza with marinated steak, truffle oil, blue cheese, coriander, and fresh tomato sauce.

Whether you are a meat lover or prefer vegetarian options, Mr. White’s has something delicious for everyone.

7. Good Pizza

At Good Pizza, the chef makes yummy, low-cost pizzas for everyone. He makes them with care and love.


Walking into this fun and friendly place, people greet you with big smiles and good music. You will be hooked by the smell of hot pizzas from the oven!

And all the stuff on the pizzas is 100% halal. That means even more people can enjoy a slice or two. Come on in and have a bite at Good Pizza.

Wrapping Up!

If you are in London and you love pizza, then it is a perfect match! Nine halal pizza places serve tasty pies. Want to try something new or enjoy a classic slice? These spots have something for everyone. 

You can find them in lively places like Shoreditch, Covent Garden, and the busy area of Brick Lane. 

If you ever get a craving for halal pizza in London, make sure to visit one of these great restaurants. They will not let you down.

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