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Are you looking for tasty Turkish halal spots in London? Well, you are in luck! Today’s the day you stumbled upon my juicy secrets.

Do you know how some folks crave romance and adventure? For me, it is all about the halal cafes, romantic spots, brunches, buffets, and even halal Chinese food. Yeah, London’s the place!

Bit by bit, I am discovering the most mouth-watering places, like natural treasures hidden all around. Just today, I felt this urge to share about Turkish delights in this great city.

I have feasted on some meals bursting with Turkish flavours and spices. You know, the real deal.

So, what’s in store for you? A world of deliciousness, from a rich Turkish halal breakfast to brunch places serving up wicked sucuk and eggs.

Best Turkish Halal Restaurants in London

1. Kervan Sofrasi

Kervan Sofrasi is a name you have got to remember. It is not just any restaurant; it’s THE Turkish halal place in London.


Have you ever been to Edmonton, in North London? That is where the Turkish crowd hangs out, and this restaurant is their jewel. They even have two locations right here in Edmonton! The Hertford Road one is the main show, the heart of their business.

Hungry for halal Turkish food? This is the spot. The décor is warm, with twinkling lights. It’s perfect for lovebirds exploring new tastes together.

Their charcoal grill? It is a masterpiece, filled with delicious skewers, both lunch and dinner.

And wait to get me started on their appetisers. They are so tasty you will feel full before the main course. 

2. Tower Mangal

Tower Mangal is a place you should know about. Back in 1997, it was just the Tower Kebab Shop. But in 2019, things changed big time. They wanted more, and they got it by turning into Tower Mangal.


Want authentic Turkish flavours? This is your spot. It is not just a restaurant; it is a family friend’s kitchen. A free salad says hello when you walk in, teasing your taste buds.

At Tower Mangal, the welcome’s as warm as the food. Relax, munch on perfectly grilled meat, or choose tasty vegetarian dishes. Long story short, if you are in central London, you would miss out if you did not drop by Tower Mangal.

3. The Counter  

You are in for a treat at The Counter in London. It is not just another Turkish restaurant; it is our favourite. Do you know why? They play with flavours, tossing something as wild as chocolate into babaganoush! 


The chefs there do not just cook; they perform magic on a live-fire grill. They are not afraid to explore and push the edges of Turkish cuisine, turning ordinary dishes into something extraordinary.

Thirsty? The drinks will not disappoint, either. You will find cocktails using Turkish flavours that feel new and cozy simultaneously.

So if you are looking for a place that offers creativity with a touch of home, The Counter is your go-to spot. It’s Turkish food like you have never tasted before. 

4. Gokyuzu

Let me tell you about my first visit to Gokyuzu in North Finchley. It is a Turkish halal restaurant near The Vue and Hollywood Bowl, and it is enormous!


Want the best Turkish food in London? You have got it here.

You can dine outside. They have a covered terrace so that you can look out.

The food? Amazing! The best Turkish treats I have ever had in London. And the price is right too. It feels fancy but will not break the bank.

They welcome you with dips, fresh salad, and Turkish bread when you walk in. That’s something other than what you get in France. There, Turkish food is just doner kebab.

I must tell you, I was stuffed before my lamb kebab even came. That’s what Gokyuzu is about – filling you up with delicious food.

So why not try it? It is a great experience, and I bet you will feel just as full and happy as I did.

5. Coco Grill and Lounge

Come on into Coco Grill and Lounge! Fancy a meal from the exotic Anatolian Peninsula, the part of Asia that reaches out to the West? You bet! Fresh, seasonal ingredients? Check. Certified halal meats? Absolutely.


Now, imagine dining with an incredible view of Tower Bridge. That’s right! You can chill outside on the terrace and watch the River Thames flow by. Inside? It is more than beautiful. It is a place that buzzes with life, warmth, and charm.

And the staff are not just friendly; they are your pals for the evening. They will go all out to make sure your meal is nothing short of perfect. Come, enjoy, and leave with a big smile.

6. E Mono

E Mono in Kentish Town is a favourite spot for many Londoners. People from all over town love it. Some even travel across London late at night to taste the delicious food.


What’s on the menu? Yummy kebabs, shawarma, and meze. The place is simple, with just a few chairs and the usual kebab counter. But the food is extraordinary.

There is a rival restaurant in London that stole E Mono’s name. Can you believe it? The character’s been around for 150 years. Like the movie Highlander: there can only be one true E Mono.

Who is the king? The original E Mono, of course. If you are in town, you must give it a try. After all, they are the real champions of flavour in London.


Looking for the best Turkish halal places to eat in London?  Sure, only a few have a grand view of London’s skyline. But who needs that with food this good?

Quality and value shine here. Forget about the river and the tall buildings. The taste will win you over.

Have you got my favourites? Kervan Sofrasi and Tower Mangal are my regular spots. What’s on the menu? Only the best for breakfast or dinner. Fancy dining is the name of the game.

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