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Halal Restaurants Ilford

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Welcome to Ilford, a vibrant and multicultural town in the bustling city of London.

If you are looking for delicious and authentic Halal cuisine, you’re in luck! Ilford is home to a diverse range of Halal restaurants that cater to different tastes and preferences. 

These establishments provide mouthwatering dishes and adhere to strict Islamic dietary guidelines.  You can find it all in Ilford’s Halal restaurants, whether you’re craving a sizzling kebab, aromatic biryani, or flavorful curry. 

With their welcoming atmosphere and diverse menus, these eateries offer a fantastic dining experience for locals and visitors alike. 

Let’s explore the rich flavours and culinary delights Ilford offers in its Halal dining scene!

Best Halal Restaurants Ilford

1. Loaded Burger

Let me tell you about this fantastic halal restaurant I discovered in Ilford called Loaded Burger.  If you are a fan of peri-peri burgers, this place is a must-visit on Ilford Lane! The burger here is simply mouthwatering and the best in town.


The excellent customer service was what I found to be impressive. The delivery was also quite rapid, which is always a plus when you are hungry. 

The fact that they provide flexible payment alternatives is convenient. If you’re currently strapped for cash, you can even pay for a kebab afterwards. 

They feature kid-friendly alternatives like burgers and fries that will keep your children pleased if you are bringing them along. 

I would strongly recommend Loaded Burger as a top-notch halal dining establishment in Ilford.

You won’t be let down, I promise!

2. Naan Staap

I recently visited Ilford and stumbled upon this halal restaurant called Naan Staap. Let me tell you about my experience there. 


The place had a cosy ambiance with lovely decor, which made it quite inviting. I ordered their Club Sandwich, and the portion size was great!

I also tried their Chicken Cheese Paratha, which was decent. I had their refreshing Lemonade to quench my thirst, which was really enjoyable.

Now, let’s talk about the star of the show—the Lamb Harisa with Roghni Naan. It was simply awesome! They offer a wide variety of Paratha and naan options, so you have plenty to choose from.

However, I have to mention a negative point. The customer service was the worst I’ve ever experienced. The staff had an unprofessional attitude, and the table was quite dirty. 

I recommend avoiding this place if you value good customer service.

Naan Staap has its ups and downs. While the food and ambiance are good, the negative aspects, like the poor customer service, can affect your dining experience. 

You might enjoy this restaurant if you’re in the mood for delicious food and can overlook the drawbacks.

3. Haute Dolci

I recently had the chance to check out Haute Dolci, a halal restaurant in Ilford, and let me tell you; it was quite a gem of a dining experience.


The menu offered an excellent selection for brunch and the main course. I highly recommend their Angus burgers, which were juicy and delicious, accompanied by crispy NY fries.

I indulged in their milk cakes for dessert, which was simply divine. They also had a good variety of drinks to choose from. 

The service was excellent, with a friendly and accommodating staff. The decor was impressive, giving the place a stylish and classy ambiance. 

The food quality and presentation were excellent, leaving me with a smile. I highly recommend giving this place a try!

However, during my visit, there were a few hiccups. It was the grand opening, so there was a short wait time for seating. The service was slow, and there were some issues with dessert orders. 

Despite these minor drawbacks, Haute Dolci is still worth a visit, especially if you’re looking for halal food in Ilford. The stylish atmosphere, excellent service, and impressive presentation make it a memorable experience. 

Just be mindful of the few shortcomings I mentioned. If you are in the mood for a halal Korean BBQ in London, I also suggest some other places. Let me know if you are interested!

4. Saffron Street

I recently tried out this halal restaurant in Ilford called Saffron Street on Ilford Lane. It’s a classy brunch place with a wide selection of Indian street food. 


The restaurant is spacious and has plenty of nearby pay and display parking, which is super convenient. The decor is stunning, and the seating is comfortable. 

On my two visits, the food was top-notch, and the service was brilliant. The portions were generous, and the menu had an excellent variety.  Despite being busy, the service was fast. The establishment is clean and has a disabled-accessible toilet and baby changer. 

Finding the place was easy, with ample parking. Although booking is recommended, walk-ins are not guaranteed. 

The prices are similar to other restaurants in the area, so it’s reasonable. They also serve tasty mocktails, which I enjoyed. 

However, I have to be honest about a couple of downsides. The mixed grill dish could have been better as it seemed pre-cooked and lukewarm.. 

Saffron Street has its pros and cons. It’s a classy place with delicious food and good service on most occasions.

5. Big Moe’s Diner

I recently checked out Big Moe’s Diner in Ilford, one of the best halal restaurants in the area. 


It’s a fun-looking place with delicious food, perfect if you are looking for halal food near Oxford Street. I tried their 14-hour brisket, and it was terrific. 

The double-loaded burger was also delicious. The sides were decent too. Overall, it’s a great addition to Ilford’s food scene. 

The service was quick, and the food was cooked perfectly. Ali, our server, provided excellent service.  Just be aware that parking spots are limited, but a paid car park is nearby. This is the place to go if you’re looking for a big breakfast. 

The service is excellent, and the food comes out fresh and hot with a short wait time. The restaurant itself is nice and clean, and it caters to all. 

I had a negative experience with small portions. Even though they claim to be an American diner, the portions were small, and I was still hungry afterward.

6. Cupp

I recently checked out this halal restaurant called Cupp in Ilford, and it’s a mixed bag. Cupp is known for its fantastic bubble tea, which is quite popular in London.


I highly recommend trying their brown sugar premium milk tea—it’s a real treat! They offer a good range of other tasty options too. 

Cupp has several branches all over London, so it’s pretty convenient to visit. The bubble tea isn’t overly sweet, but it’s still flavorful.  The staff there are amiable and helpful. However, I did hear some complaints from customers. 

One person found a piece of metal in their tapioca, so it’s essential to be cautious. Another customer was disappointed with the taste and sweetness of the bubble tea. 

And someone had a negative experience and didn’t recommend it for kids or drinking there. 

Concerns about the food standards and what they’re selling were also raised. So, while Cupp has its highlights, it’s good to remember these things when visiting.

7. The Connaught

I recently visited The Connaught in Ilford, a top-notch halal restaurant. The staff was friendly and efficient, always ready to cater to specific orders. 


The portions were generous, and the food was simply delicious and perfectly prepared. They really know how to make their dishes look stunning too! The customer service was top-notch, with polite and friendly staff members. 

The menu had many options, although they could add a mocha option for coffee lovers like us. 

Now, if you go, try their extensive breakfast and biscoff pancakes. They’re a must-try! Just remember that it can get quite crowded, so you might have to wait a bit. 

They also mentioned that the menu can be a bit deceiving, especially regarding the pancakes. I did hear that the sausage could have been better, but the coffee was good quality. 


Ilford offers a range of halal restaurants catering to its residents’ and visitors’ diverse culinary preferences. 

These establishments provide delicious and authentic halal cuisine, adhering to Islamic dietary guidelines. 

The presence of halal restaurants reflects the city’s commitment to inclusivity and catering to the needs of its Muslim population. 

Visitors to Ilford can enjoy a memorable dining experience with a wide array of halal options that satisfy both taste and religious requirements.

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