Halal Restaurants in Birmingham City Centre

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You know you can get bored while visiting one or two of the same restaurants every time. This can turn you from being foody to becoming someone who has just lost his charm in eating. 

But! We do not want that!

Like you, we know there are multiple halal foods in Birmingham’s city centre, but could you spend some extra bucks exploring our listed top halal restaurants in your area? If you nod yes, you should not take supper and wait for the dawn. 

You must eat your next dinner at one of the places listed below. 

8 Halal Places to Eat Near Me in Birmingham City Centre

1. German Doner Kebab – Best For Entire Halal Options

When you think about top halal Birmingham restaurants, German Doner Kebab immediately comes to mind. They are famous for their 100% halal meat doner kebabs, making it a top choice for halal eaters.


You must try out chicken OG kebab and fries, and their garlic sauce is the cherry on top. Their staff is welcoming and attentive, creating a friendly atmosphere that complements the food quality.

The restaurant also manages its exceptional customer service. You will be pleased to know they are accommodating for families, even making special arrangements for baby care needs.

They offer well-received vegetarian options, but it is advisable to double-check your orders, as there have been mix-ups.

You can track your food delivery right to your door, adding a convenient layer to an already superb dining experience.

2. Pepe’s – Famous for Chicken and Wings

Pepe’s is another notable entry on the list of halal restaurants in Birmingham, famous for its well-cooked chicken and wings that outshine many fast-food chains. The half-chicken large meal is a hearty option that leaves you feeling satisfied.


Their family deals are a steal for larger groups, although opting for chicken legs alone will cost you an extra 50p.

Though their chicken is the show’s star, the rice could use a flavour boost.

While they offer burgers and peri fries as part of the menu, be cautious when ordering sides, as some find the seasoning scant. On the downside, they do not accept card payments, which can be inconvenient for some diners. 

3. Mowgli – Famous For Indian Food

If you are searching for halal Birmingham city centre dining spots, look no further than Mowgli. The restaurant boasts HFA-certified halal meat so you can enjoy your meal with peace of mind.


From the moment you walk in, you are greeted by endless fairy lights and a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

Mowgli’s staff know how to look after you, offering good food and experience.

Mowgli stands out for its incredible flavours and fun presentation, making it a popular chain in the city. If you fancy a visit, remember that booking in advance is recommended, and they require a pre-payment to secure your reservation.

4. Nando’s – Famous for its Peri-Peri Chicken

When you are roaming around Birmingham city centre spots for a bite, Nando’s is a solid pick, mainly since they serve 100% halal chicken in around 80 UK locations. 


Let’s talk about some food.

The chicken comes out cooked to perfection, with just the right balance of sauce to meat. And let’s not overlook the garlic bread—warm and filled with garlicky goodness.

For a refreshing touch, the coleslaw hits the spot. They might treat you to some free desserts if you are lucky to go late. Guide and assistance dogs are welcome in the outdoor seating area so that you can bring your four-legged friend along.

5. Iskender Kebab – Famous for its Quick Service

If you are after a good kebab in the halal Birmingham city centre, look no further than Iskender Kebab. You will first notice how clean and welcoming the place is; the staff go out of their way to make you feel at home.


You can order through Uber Eats if you fancy staying in, but dining in is equally delightful.

Prices crept up a bit, but the generous portions and presentation more than made up for it. You will not go wrong with the chicken wrap; the staff even have their own delicious way of making it if you are up for a surprise.

They serve halal food, ticking another box for those conscious about their diet.

6. Shawarma City – Famous For Tasty Offerings

While exploring halal restaurants in the city centre of Birmingham, I chanced upon Shawarma City and could not resist popping in.


They have been around for over a decade, offering consistently good food. First, they accept both cash and cards, making payment a breeze.

Now, let’s talk about taste. Their shawarma is a must-try; I would give it a 100% rating. It is no wonder folks have been coming here since they first opened.

Yes, they offer both takeaway and delivery, so you have options. The place also scores high on kid-friendliness. One tip, though, despite the listed closing times, it is better to call ahead to avoid disappointment, as they closed early on my visit.

7. Makan – Famous for Arabic Chicken Platter

Count yourself fortunate if you wander around the city centre and happen upon Makan. This hidden gem, specializing in halal event catering in Birmingham, offers a brilliant experience that comes highly recommended.


Do not skip on their garlic sauce—the one in the yellow bottle—it’s a game-changer.

Worried about payment? Credit cards are accepted, so you are all set there.

And if you are wondering about the food’s certification, rest assured, they serve halal.

8. Comptoir Libanais – Famous for Authentic Lebanese Cuisine 

In the heart of the city, Comptoir Libanais offers a charming escape from the typical Birmingham dining scene.


The venue serves an array of Middle Eastern, International, Halal, Vegan Friendly, and Vegetarian-Friendly food, ticking the boxes for a variety of dietary preferences.

Their service is generally quick and responsive, although, on the flip side, some have found the staff a bit less accommodating when it comes to facilities like the toilet.

You can book a table through OpenTable to secure your spot, but they also welcome walk-ins if you are feeling spontaneous. 


So there you have it, a carefully curated list of some of the best halal dining options right in the heart of Birmingham.

Whether you are craving a juicy kebab, authentic Lebanese cuisine, or just want a cosy spot to enjoy a meal with family and friends, the city centre has something for everyone.

These restaurants not only offer a range of delectable halal food but also cater to various dietary needs including vegan and vegetarian options.

Booking a table has never been easier with online reservation systems, and the responsive staff at these establishments ensure that your dining experience is second to none. 

Don’t miss out—your next memorable meal could be just around the corner.

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