Halal Catering Birmingham

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Halal Catering Birmingham

Do you need help with organising an event? Do not sweat it if you throw a surprise bash for Mom or tie the knot in style.

We have got you covered with Birmingham’s best halal catering options. From weddings to birthdays, these caterers ace the game. Trust us, your event will be the talk of the town!

There you have it—simple, actionable advice with a touch of Birmingham flair. Now, make that event unforgettable.

4 Best Halal Caterers Near Me in Birmingham

Here’s the list of top halal caterers in Birmingham;

1. Asian Catering Services

Looking for the best Asian cuisine around? These caterers, who I know personally, are amazing to collaborate with. Their food is top-notch, and they even offer halal breakfast in Birmingham.

Asian Catering Services

I was supposed to have their dishes at my friend’s wedding, but COVID had other plans. Ended up having a small gathering, and their food was a hit! Since then, I have been ordering from them for various events, and they have never disappointed. This halal wedding Caterer Birmingham is a must-try!

Their chicken biryani is to die for! Friendly staff, great prices, and HMC-certified deliciousness. What more could you ask for?

Incredible food, lots of choices, whether you are dining in or taking it away. Ordered for two charity events, and the food was spot-on in both quality and price. Perfect for weddings, events, and parties.

I can’t recommend these caterers enough. The best part? Low cost, high quality, and generous portions.

2. Pak Catering Birmingham Ltd

Pak Catering Birmingham LTD is one of the go-to halal places to eat in Birmingham, especially for catering needs. Most customers rave about the delicious food and professional service.

Pak cateering

Whether it is a wedding, party, or special event, they consistently deliver top-notch quality. Their brown rice with lamb and roast are crowd-pleasers, gaining high praise from multiple reviews.

However, it is to be noted that not all experiences have been positive. One customer felt the service was not up to the mark regarding a meat pilau dish, stating that there was hardly any meat in the rice served to guests.

Overall, with a wide variety of dishes and a strong record for taste and service, Pak Catering stands out as a reliable choice.

Make sure to clarify all the things to avoid any problems. It is highly recommended for anyone looking for quality halal catering in Birmingham.

3. Balals Catering & Kebab House

Balals Catering & Kebab House, located near the Birmingham city centre, offers a diverse menu and is a top choice for halal wedding catering in Birmingham.

Balal Cateering

Customers are particularly fond of the wide range of dishes available, from Chicken Donner and chips to specialized items like Chicken Charga Masala.

 The affordability and value for money, especially given the generous portions, receive frequent praise.

Service is generally friendly, particularly from Sha, a favourite among regulars.

However, some things could be more consistent in service, specifically regarding cooking methods. Some customers have found that their request for grilled chicken should have been addressed, leading to a fried dish.

It is located on a busy road with convenient street parking, the restaurant is also praised for its good hours of operation. 

4. Sanjay Foods

Sanjay Foods is becoming one of Birmingham’s top halal buffets, especially for weddings and special events. Customers frequently mention the team’s attentiveness, led by Atul, who ensures everything runs smoothly.

sanjay food

They offer a range of food options that taste great and are well-presented, pleasing both adults and children alike.

One of the standout features is their knack for crafting a complementary menu. From appetisers to a dessert table that leaves guests in awe, they seem to get it right every time.

Sanjay Foods delivers top-notch service and delectable dishes, whether you have a small gathering or a significant family event. Communication with the team is also cited as easy and efficient, making the planning process a breeze for clients.

Halal Wedding Catering Birmingham

1. A D Hockley Catering Ltd

A D Hockley Catering Ltd is a top choice for anyone looking for the best halal food fest in Birmingham. With years of experience, they have earned a reputation for consistently delivering high-quality food.

AD Hockey Cateering

Customers often mention the delicious chicken jalfrezi and high-quality naans as standout menu items. Whether it is a wedding, Walima, or a small birthday party, reviews indicate that the food is always fresh, tasty, and served on time.

Guests appreciate the team’s dedication to customer service, led by Azhar, who is noted for being friendly and focused on making your event successful.

The catering service also works closely with clients to ensure the right quantity of food, ensuring no one goes hungry.

Given the glowing recommendations, A D Hockley Catering Ltd is a safe and excellent choice for any event.

2. New Midland Catering in Birmingham

New Midland Catering in Birmingham is an absolute gem when searching for halal caterers near me in Birmingham. Led by the ever-helpful Mr. Shabir and his sons, the team brings authentic Pakistani flavours at great prices.

New Midland cateering

I had them cater my daughter’s birthday party, and let me tell you, the food was a hit. It tasted like it was homemade, fresh, and delicious.

The service was beyond what you would typically expect. They go the extra mile to ensure everything is perfect for your event. And the value you get for the money is just unbeatable.

The standout aspect for me was how customer-focused they are.

They are willing to accommodate special requests for which other caterers might refuse or charge a lot. New Midland Catering should be on your speed dial if you are planning an event and want food as unique as the service. 10/10 would recommend.

Halal Party Catering Birmingham

1. Midland Catering Ltd

Midland Catering Ltd’s halal wedding caterers Birmingham have outdone themselves with their mehndi catering service, showcasing the quality you can expect from halal food places in Birmingham. Their dedication to serving piping hot, delicious food, even in the chilly month of December, deserves applause.

Midland Catering Ltd

From roast to sheekh kebab, every dish is a culinary masterpiece, making them the best choice for any event.

Their exceptional customer service, coupled with great communication, ensures a seamless experience. With a commitment to HMC halal standards, they even offer fried fish at a great price of £12 per kilo.

Their ability to balance spice levels perfectly for a British palate is commendable. For those seeking affordable Asian cuisine, this place is worth-visiting, offering freshly prepared food throughout the day.

Halal Catering Birmingham FAQs

How do you cater for Halal guests? 

We make sure to offer a variety of Halal-certified dishes. We work closely with certified suppliers to ensure all meat and ingredients meet Halal standards.

How to cater for halal?

Sourcing all food items from Halal-certified suppliers is essential to cater for Halal. Make sure to separate Halal foods from non-Halal items to avoid cross-contamination.


You have some great options if you are looking for halal catering in Birmingham. From weddings to special events, these caterers offer tasty and Halal-certified food.

With good service and easy planning, making your event a hit is simpler than ever. Choose a trusted halal caterer in Birmingham to make your event memorable.

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