Halal Restaurants in Oxford

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Halal Restaurants in Oxford

Near London’s famous Oxford Street, you can find all sorts of halal food options just a short walk away. From taco stands to Lebanese dishes and fine Indian meals, the choices are wide and varied.

Whether you are out for lunch or need to refuel during a big shopping trip, the best halal restaurants are there. Oxford Street is not just a place for shopping; it is a destination for those who enjoy tasty halal food.

Best Halal Restaurants in Oxford

Here’s the list of top halal food restaurants in Oxford:

1. Bodrum Restaurant

Bodrum, on Oxford Street, is known for its hand-crafted dishes from Turkey and the Mediterranean. They use fresh ingredients to create a menu full of zesty starters, meat and vegetarian main courses, and desserts.

Bodrum Restaurant

You can enjoy hot or cold mezze platters with traditional treats like houmous, sujuk, and dolma. Popular favourites include kebabs and shish with curry.

They offer plenty of vegetarian options, and all the meat is halal food on Oxford Street. You will even find Western dishes like jacket potatoes and pizzas.

For a sweet ending to your meal, you can choose from regional classics like honeyed baklava or kunefe or enjoy a cup of Turkish coffee. Bodrum welcomes you for dining in or provides takeaway delivery options.

2. Balans Cafe Bar

The hunger pangs have met their match in the heart of London, close to Oxford! Balans Cafe Bar, located in Soho and West End, is ready to welcome your taste buds. Halal-friendly beef and chicken?


They have got it! But don’t rush off after dinner; the cocktail menu is calling your name.

From delicious dishes to tempting drinks, these fine-dining restaurants in London make every meal an event.

Perfect for both the food connoisseur and the beverage enthusiast. Whether local or just visiting, take advantage of this culinary adventure.

3. The Rum Kitchen Soho

Have you ever wondered where to find a Caribbean treasure in the city’s heart? Head upstairs to Kingly Court, where you will stumble upon a culinary paradise.

The Rum Kitchen Soho

It’s a top spot for lunch, famous for delectable jerk chicken and mouth-watering sides.

Choose a plate of BBQ wings or a savoury mutton curry. It is more than food; it’s a flavour adventure. Next time you are searching for fine dining restaurants in London, take a moment to explore this place.

4. Roti Chai

Roti Chai is not just your ordinary restaurant. Located near Oxford, this fine dining restaurant in London dishes out amazing Indian food. Looking for something halal-friendly?

Roti Chai Oxfored Street

They have got that covered. Upstairs, in the graceful dining area, you can enjoy tandoor specials. Want something more casual? Head downstairs to a relaxed space that mirrors the street vendors of far-off lands.

5. Steakout

Steakout is a Slough High Street restaurant serving all kinds of steaks and burgers. You’ll love this place if you like meat because it has many choices.

Steakout UK

Some people enjoyed the food, especially the taste of the charcoal grill. They also liked the reasonable prices.

But only some things were perfect.

One person did not get their steak cooked the way they asked, and another had to wait long before anyone came to take their order. Despite these problems, the Asian twist to some of the steaks got good reviews.

The place can get busy, and there is some parking at night. Most people seemed to enjoy their meal and said they would go back. It might be a good place to try if you are hungry for a steak or burger.

Wrapping Up!

Next time you explore Oxford and feel hungry, these halal restaurants have something special for you.

They offer flavours worldwide, including Chinese, Indian, Thai, and Brazilian cuisine. Even taco bell halal dishes are on the menu.

If you love meat, there are plenty of choices. If you prefer vegetables, there are delicious vegetarian options too. These halal restaurants in Oxford cater to every taste, and they’re waiting to serve you a memorable meal.

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