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You love steak, don’t you? So much that you might even daydream about it during a boring maths lesson. Now, not every restaurant knows how to cook a proper steak. Some want to take your pocket money and run.

In Birmingham, there are some top-notch steakhouses that really know their stuff. They are not just throwing a steak on the grill; they are cooking up something special.

If you are looking for the best halal steaks in Birmingham, these places have got it sorted. 

Best Halal Steakhouse in Birmingham

Looking for a tasty Halal steak without the bother of cooking it yourself? Head to halal restaurants in Birmingham:

1. Meat Club

Looking for a great place to eat steak in Birmingham? Check out Meat Club! As soon as you walk in, you will notice how fancy and stylish it is.


They have top-quality Aberdeen Black Angus Beef, and the cuts are so tasty you will want to eat there again and again. Fancy the flat iron or ribeye steak? They are the best.

Need a particular spot for an anniversary dinner? Meat Club is just right.

But be careful with parking – it can be tricky in that area. You should park a few streets away from the restaurant. But once you taste that steak, you will know it’s worth it.

2. Yaqub’s

Are you looking for the best halal steak in Birmingham? Yaqub’s got you covered. They serve top-quality steaks that are cooked just right by expert chefs.


And it’s not only about steaks; they also offer seafood, gourmet burgers, and traditional dishes. What makes Yaqub’s special is its care to choose the freshest ingredients, ensuring every bite is flavorful.

It is family-friendly, so if you are in search of halal food in Birmingham, Yaqub’s is a great spot to take the whole family for a tasty meal.

3. Toro’s Steakhouse

Toro’s Steakhouse is the place to be. They cook some of the best halal steaks using fresh, organic ingredients. But they do not stop at steaks; they have other favourites like lamb shank, sirloin, rib-eye, and fillet mignon.


How do they do it? With prime cuts and secret ingredients, create flavours you will always remember. And if you fancy something different, they also serve chicken, beef ribs, and gourmet burgers.

The restaurant’s setup is also rather particular. It has a warm and friendly feel so you will enjoy every bite from your plate. And if you like wine, they have a massive list for you to pick from.

Toro’s is not just about food; it is about creating an experience you will love every time you dine there. They have sorted it all, whether it is the food, atmosphere, or wine list.

4. Grillz Steak House

Are you in Yardley, Birmingham, and hungry for a proper steak? Grillz SteakHouse has what you are after! Fancy eating there? You can. Instead, have your steak at home. Just order online, and you will get the same top-quality taste.


And if you are looking for halal fine dining in Birmingham, this is the spot. People all over town love their halal steaks, and the service is as friendly as it gets.

Whether ordering online or dining in, Grillz SteakHouse ensures you are well-fed. It is like having a posh meal with a friend who knows how you like your steak.

5. Gaucho Birmingham

You will find Gaucho Birmingham in the middle of Birmingham’s business district. It is a place where many people go. Need a spot for lunch? It is perfect. Looking for somewhere for a special dinner? This is the place.


Now, let’s talk about the food. They serve excellent Brazilian and Argentinian steaks like fillet cuts, rib eyes, and sirloins. They even have a particular beef called Wagyu. It is cooked just right and tastes incredible.

If you work in the city or are just visiting, Gaucho Birmingham is a great place to eat.  It’s all about tasty food and good times with friends and family.

6. Fargo’s

Fargo’s restaurant in Birmingham opened its doors to offer exciting, tasty dishes with flavours worldwide. They serve everything in a relaxed and fun setting.

Fargo's Birmingham

They are well-known for having some of the best halal steaks in Birmingham.

Besides their quality steaks, Fargo loves trying new things and creating new offerings. They want to give their customers lots of choices.

Even though they are already halal certified, they still work hard with suppliers to get fresh ingredients. They want to keep high standards and ensure everything on the menu is top-notch.

Halal Steak Birmingham FAQs

Is the steak served in Birmingham’s restaurants certified as halal?

Many restaurants in Birmingham do offer halal-certified steak. It’s always a good idea to check with the specific restaurant beforehand to ensure they meet the halal criteria you’re looking for.

Where can I find a list of restaurants serving halal steak in Birmingham?

You can often find a list of restaurants serving halal steak on local food guides, travel websites, or dedicated halal food apps. Feel free to call the restaurant directly to confirm their halal options.

Are any speciality restaurants in Birmingham focusing solely on halal steaks?

Birmingham has several restaurants specialising in halal steaks, offering various cuts and preparations. A quick online search or asking locals can help you find the perfect spot for your halal steak cravings.

Can I trust the halal certification of steaks in Birmingham’s restaurants?

Most restaurants that offer halal steak in Birmingham follow strict guidelines and work with certified suppliers. However, it is always wise to ask for the restaurant’s certification or consult local halal authorities if you have any concerns.

Wrapping Up!

Going out for a meal is about more than just the food. It is a big mix of tasty food, friendly people serving you, and a nice place to sit. Things get a bit trickier when it comes to halal food, like halal steaks.

Making halal food has its own unique rules. Only some restaurants in Birmingham know how to do it properly. And they need halal certification to prove they are doing it right.

But here’s the good news for you: the steakhouses we’re talking about have all got their halal certification. That means they know how to make the best halal steaks and are ready to welcome you for a great meal.

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