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Halal Restaurants in Southampton

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Southampton is renowned for the abundance of fresh food in its halal restaurants and in its halal Chinese food places. 

Visit their food spots, and you will be satisfied with our favorite mouthwatering meals and the welcoming environment at these popular halal places to eat in Southampton.

So, let’s explore and dive into the world of delicious and yummy Chinese food restaurants in Southampton to satisfy your appetite.

Best Halal Restaurants Near Me in Southampton

Here is the list of halal places in Southampton for you to explore so let’s begin!

1. Texas Grill- A fast food Restaurant

The is a mouth-tempting spot famous for its moist flame-grilled peri chicken, juicy burgers, steaks, and shakes at reasonable prices made from authentic and halal ingredients.


So, if you are craving Halal foods, look no further because Texas Grill has your back.

Texas Grill does accept card payments.

Moreover, you can pay cash or use your credit or debit cards, making settling your bill easy.

2. Ottoman Kitchen- A Turkish Restaurant

Just dine in this beautifully decorated and cultured Turkish Restaurant, Ottoman kitchen. Enjoy a tasty dinner with Halal grilled meats, falafel, moussaka, hummus, hotpots, and seafood.


To enjoy the culinary adventure in this halal food Southampton spot, you should make your bookings beforehand or in advance to ensure you have a table reserved. 

As it is a bustling spot because of its lip-smacking and heavenly food, many people come to enjoy it, so it would be more convenient for you to book in advance.

3. Beity Restaurant- Lebanese Restaurant

Want to try Lebanese dishes? Come on and indulge in the enchanting flavors of Lebanese cuisine. 


With first-rate food quality, servings, and affordable prices, Beity restaurant provides lively music, dancing, and Lebanese dishes like the famous kafta, Tabbouleh, and mixed grill.

My friend George wanted to relish his tongue with halal delectable bites, So he was in luck! He got a halal dining experience at Beity Restaurant. 

Worried about car parking? Don’t be! You can easily park your vehicle at the car parking spot by Beity Restaurant.

4. German doner kebab- kebab shop

Being the best place in the city center, I tried their quesadilla, Superb taste. Chili cheese bites and Kebabs were fresh and of excellent quality.


Keep your money for a clean meal! It’s a completely authentic, 100% halal-certified food spot you can relish.

The hard thing! Parking is very difficult as you need help finding a place for your vehicle to park in the street in front of the spot. But you can find parking options some miles away.

5. Cattle Steakhouse- Top-notch steaks

The ultimate destination for steak lovers! Just indulge in the finest cuts of beef, cooked to perfection. T-bone steak and mushroom sauce is considered a savory delight of this halal Southampton restaurant.


The owner of this restaurant said, “All of our food is halal.” So enjoy your cravings for halal food.

Bewildered about payment methods? Let me make it clear to you. They accept credit and debit cards, and NFC mobile payments can also be ma

6. Coriander Lounge Indian Restaurant- Indian, Asian, and Vegetarian cuisines

Want to try an Indian traditional restaurant in Southampton? Walk into the Coriander Lounge Indian restaurant to enjoy their best curries and the cozy atmosphere. 


Their specialties are onion bhaji, vegetable samosas, lamb korma, mango chicken, and aloo gobi, which are all Halal with a fine dining experience and affordable prices.

Park your car without any worries at the parking area provided by this Restaurant. So enjoy your meal that awaits you.

Halal Chinese Near Me in Southampton

1. Lanzhou noodle bar- Chinese Restaurant

The hidden gem of Southampton awaits you; just check it out. It’s a small family-run business with an excellent, perfect touch for families and friends.


It’s authentic and 100% halal Lanzhou cuisine. It serves halal options, including Yong Tau Foo, Thai food, Ban mian, and Lanzhou beef.

Fill your pockets with good cash! This Chinese restaurant accepts cash only.

Generous serving size of food is offered. So you can enjoy your meal while dining and take it to your home with the leftovers. And most importantly, you won’t break the bank.

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2. Chopstix – Southampton West Quay

It’s a Chinese noodle restaurant in the main shopping center, Westquay, which offers dine-in, takeaway, and delivery.


It is All halal with an extensive vegetarian selection. Are you nonvegan? Don’t worry. Try their famous chicken pieces, spring rolls, BBQ, and pepper chicken. You will love it!

Just rush! And have a look at the simplicity of the menu provided by them.

3. Xiong Qi hot pot Southampton- Chinese Restaurant

A gem of a dining spot, it’s a Chinese restaurant that has provided a new approach to serving its customers. When you enter, you will be provided with an array of raw meats you will cook yourself. Enjoy the new thing!


Yes, they do provide some halal options for satisfying your craving.

You may get sad because they don’t provide delivery services. But you can enjoy their dine-in facilities.

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Halal Takeaway Near Me in Southampton

1. Red chili and flame- Restaurant and grill

Looking for the best takeaway restaurant? Then you are in the right place. Red Chili and Flame are the best restaurants for takeaway, especially for those who want to eat chili flames, kababs, and dum biryani at home.


This mouthwatering food domination spot offers halal food, so be relaxed and indulge in your cravings. Bon appetit!

While moving across the restaurant, I saw my friend enjoying his meal while dining with his family. So yes, grab the opportunity to dine at such a  hot, spicy bud restaurant!.

You can get halal, late-night, organic dishes, small plates, and vegan food through Deliveroo. This restaurant allows everyone to enjoy their dishes by takeaway, dining in, or delivery.

2. Melo Persian Restaurant and Lounge- Persian Restaurant

First time in Melo? If not, then you have to go. It is a laid-back Persian kitchen serving classic meat, rice, and seafood dishes.


Get a look at their delicately spiced and tasty rice; wow! Super yummy. So enjoy your brunch, lunch, dinner, dessert, and seating.

Do you want to hear something great? Melo offers halal food made from halal ingredients so you can relish your meal to the fullest.

Where to park your car? You can easily park your car in the surrounding streets, and yes, interestingly that is free after 6 pm. On a comic note, go there for free parking after 6 p.m.

Halal Food Near Me in West Quay Southampton

1. Slim Chickens

Located in West Quay Shopping Center, it provides dine-in, takeout, and delivery services. In its casual atmosphere, one can enjoy their meal.


It could be better in taste as one of my friends, Mike, complained about the too-salty chicken wings and fries. Moreover, their food was all so greasy.

They do offer halal food.

Want to know about the payment method? Then listen! You can pay through credit cards, debit cards, and NFC mobile payments.

2. Tortilla Southampton- Mexican Restaurant

Wondering for a local Burrito? Tortilla Southampton contains a food combination of colors and flavors. It’s a perfect spot to have your lunch, by dining in, or you can take away your food.


Their chicken is 100 percent halal across all branches. So don’t hesitate to enjoy chicken-based products.

Delivery services are provided by them. 

You can easily park your vehicle in the parking spot.

Halal Buffet Near Me in Southampton

1. JRC global buffet

Do you know about the UK’s favorite global buffet experience? Have a visit to the JRC global buffet. They serve mouth-watering food all under one roof.


Do you want to eat halal seafood, meat, or chicken? They will cover you with every food option you need to be halal.

They offer vegan options, organic dishes, cocktails, coffee, etc. But they are no longer suitable for gluten-free options.

Want to park your car safely? Get paid parking spots provided by JRC Global Buffet Restaurant. So you can park without any parking hassles. Happy dining to you!

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2. Cosmo Buffet- All-you-can-eat World Buffet

You know what? The most stylish restaurant I have ever seen is the Cosmo buffet restaurant. That truly fulfills the statement that All-you-can-eat World Buffet. All options of food are offered by them with tasty tastes.


Unluckily! Their food is not halal certified, so Muslims, be careful!

Welcome to the walk-in bookings of Cosmo!

As they are welcoming walk-ins as well as advance bookings. You can reserve online as well as go to that restaurant physically.

Do you miss your adorable dogs while savoring your meals in a restaurant? You won’t from now, as Cosmo restaurant is here with a dog-friendly environment and delicious food.

The best thing about them is that they provide parking lots for disabled personnel. They provide accessible elevators, accessible entrances, accessible restrooms, and accessible seating.

So never miss out!

Halal Restaurants in Southampton FAQs

Is McDonald’s halal in Southampton?

Some McDonald’s locations in the UK offer a halal menu. Still, it’s best to check directly with the McDonald’s site in Southampton to confirm if they offer halal options.

Is it hard to find halal food in Southampton?

Finding halal food in Southampton is generally not difficult as the city has a diverse population and various food options. Many restaurants and food stores offer halal-certified meat and cuisine.


To put the whole thing to an end, it’s the halal food restaurants that shape the city’s identity as a haven for cultural appreciation. 

Southampton offers a variety of halal food restaurants like Texas Grill, Ottoman Kitchen, Beauty Restaurant, Slim Chicken, and much more.  

They have several fantastic choices to satisfy your appetite. As a tortilla, Southampton is famous for its delicious Mexican cuisine and great atmosphere. Moreover, You will find noodle bars that are all halal.

So, always take advantage of these halal food places in Southampton! And do tell us if you have any other spots to men

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