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Halal Restaurants in Bristol

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Halal food is a special food that follows Islamic rules. It’s not just for religious people; many others enjoy it too because it is good for both the body and soul.

Are you looking for great Halal places to eat in Bristol? We have got a list for you! It includes the best spots for Halal breakfast and takeaway in Bristol. So, if you want to eat well and feel good, check out these Bristol Halal restaurants.

Best Halal Restaurants Near Me in Bristol

Here are some of the top halal food places in Bristol, UK:

1. Real Habesha Restaurant – Famous for Ethiopian Cuisine

When you walk into Real Habesha Restaurant, you are instantly greeted by friendly and helpful staff who are more than willing to guide you through the Ethiopian food.


The place is a real treat for meat lovers and vegetarians alike.

You will find the beef dish in a sauce similar to curry exceptionally tender and delicious. For vegetarians, the vegetarian sharing platter for two is the best option; it is brimming with spicy lentils, chickpeas, cabbage, and kale.

Do not worry; all meat served is Halal, and there are also vegan-friendly options on the menu.

Prices are fairly reasonable, with meals often costing under £15, including a drink. The atmosphere is laid-back, ideal for a quick and budget-friendly dinner outing.

However, the restaurant has had some inconsistency with opening times and food quality lately. So, it might be worth checking in advance before you plan your visit.

2. Sam’s Master Grill – Best For Persian Flavours

Looking for a tasty meal? Sam’s Master Grill is the place to be. It has got the best Persian food on Gloucester Road, says pretty much everyone who has eaten there.


The staff are really nice and will help you choose something yummy from the menu.

What’s really cool is that all the meat is Halal.

People cannot stop talking about Mirza Ghasemi and Kababs. Even the rice is special and takes days to prepare!

Not sure where to park your car? The reviews did not say, but with food this good, it is worth finding a spot. So, why wait? Give it a try, and you will want to come back for more.

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Halal Takeaway Near Me in Bristol

1. Biblos Wapping Wharf – Best for Wraps

Looking for tasty food that will not break the bank? Check out Biblos Wapping Wharf. This place is all about great wraps and vegan choices.


Whether you are into meat or not, they have something for everyone. Best part? The heart is Halal.

People love the jerk fried chicken wrap.

It is so good that you will want to eat it repeatedly. They also have lots of vegan stuff like fried chicken wraps but made with plant stuff. And you know what? They deliver so you can enjoy all this good food at home.

2. Firewood Burgers and Dog – Famous for Loaded Fries

Firewood Burgers and Dog are where you must be if you are after yummy food and a chilled-out place. People cannot stop talking about their loaded fries—they are some of the best.


Are you looking for something else? How about halloumi fries or a chilli beef burger? All the meat is Halal, so it is a top choice for Bristol halal food.

The atmosphere is relaxed with excellent music. Also, there is a second floor where you can sit, and it’s all clean and tidy.

The staff are super friendly, too. One person said they were carrying many bags, and the team set up a unique table for them downstairs.

Are you feeling like staying in? You have got to come down because, yes, they do have dine-in options. 

Halal Breakfast Near Me in Bristol

1. Bushra Lounge

Bushra Lounge is the spot for you if you are after a chill place with excellent shisha. The reviews say it all—the shisha and the food are top-notch. You will love tiramisu and tea. Also, they offer a traditional Turkish breakfast that folks are loving.


The staff is friendly and quick to help.

Everything is Halal, and there is no alcohol. So, it is a solid choice if you are sticking to Halal. The garden area is busy, but in a good way, and the service there is fab.

However, the owner has a rule—you must order shisha and a drink to sit down. Other than that, it’s a brilliant place to hang out and munch on good food.

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2. Ezo Cafe Lounge – Famous for Turkish Breakfast

If you are searching for a lovely place that makes a smashing breakfast, Ezo Cafe Lounge on Gloucester Road should be on your list. Why? For starters, they do a Turkish breakfast seven days a week from 10 am to 6 pm. 


The food is top-notch, and guess what? Everything’s Halal. Besides breakfast, they serve up soups, meats, and teas that are properly authentic—looking for a caffeine fix?

Their coffee is some of the best in Bristol—no kidding!

The setting is peaceful, with both inside and outside seating.

Have you got a family? The outdoor terrace is perfect. This is a hidden place where the staff make you feel like you are on holiday. Why not give it a try?

Halal Restaurants Near Me in Bristol City Centre

1. Matina – Famous for Kebabs

If you are out and about around lunchtime, do yourself a favour and pop into Matina. Why, you ask? This place is a haven for Middle Eastern meals. Their lamb kofta is to die for. Seriously, it is unreal.


What’s the queue like? It might look long, but these guys are quick as a flash. You will get your food in 10 minutes: fresh naan from a clay oven. Also, they accept cards, so there is no time wasted looking for a cash machine.

It’s not just about the kebabs, either.

They have a tidy range of salads and sauces for your grilled meats or halloumi. Try the mixed chicken and lamb wrap with a dash of sweet chilli sauce if you are after something different. It’s all Halal and the staff are correctly friendly.

2. Old India

Are you looking for a curry joint in the city centre? Look no further. Old India is where you will find a proper mix of veggie and non-veggie dishes. And guess what? You get to mix and match your main and side, which is a winner.


Do not get offended by the building’s old look; it is part of its charm. The food is mouth-watering. We are talking about dishes that make you go, “Wow!” If you ask the chef to come out to say thanks, you know it is good.

However, it is not all good. A couple of people found the staff a bit off, and if you are watching your budget, keep an eye on the portions. Also, you better book ahead because seats fill up quickly.

And for those wondering, the food is Halal, but they serve wine. 

Halal Buffet Near Me in Bristol

1. Urban Tandoor – Famous for Butter Chicken

If you are hunting for top-notch Indian food, then Urban Tandoor is the place to be.

No kidding, their butter chicken is the best, and people cannot stop talking about their Malabar lamb curry. While they say it is medium spice, it’s more on the milder side.


Now, let’s talk service—big shoutout to Carlos and the rest of the team, who will treat you like royalty. First-timers or regulars will explain every dish if you need help.

They even surprise you with freebies on special occasions like anniversaries. How cool is that?

It’s all halal steak in Bristol, and yes, they take cards, so no stress there. 

2. Za Za Bazaar – Famous for its Massive Buffet 

If you are after a proper feast in Bristol, you have got to check out Za Za Bazaar. This place is like a world tour for your tastebuds.


It has everything from Indian curries to Far East flavours and even homemade vegan Mexican chilli. You heard me right; it is all fresh and made right before you.

Now, for those wondering, the chicken and lamb are halal, so no worries there. And vegans, they have got you sorted too. And yes, they take cards, so you are all set.

The vibe is also ace, especially on a Saturday night with a live Reggae trio band. You can even pre-book for a 1.45hr sitting if you want to settle in.

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Halal Chinese Near Me in Bristol

1. Wok to Walk – Famous for Quick, Customisable Noodles

If you are in the mood for a nifty, quick bite, Wok to Walk is the place to be. Talk about speed – your fried noodles come out hot and tasty within a blink of an eye, like 5 minutes tops. And the staff, especially Kazi, are just the friendliest lot you could meet.


The great thing is, it is halal. So, that is one less thing to worry about.

And here is a tip for you students: They offer discounts, so get in there. Take your box of joy to the nearby park, and you have got yourself a proper day out.

They do deliveries via Uber Eats if you fancy a night in. But really, you would be missing out on top-notch people-watching right at the spot.

2. Chopstix – Bristol Galleries

First off, the food here is always fresh. You will have the pleasure of being served by Gamora, who is very helpful in explaining the menu. So, you are in good hands.


The chicken here? Tender as you like, and the noodles? Perfectly seasoned. 

And if you are into Katsu Chicken, timing it right could get you a fresh batch hot off the stove! It even got the nod for being halal, which is always a win.

Fancy a night in? They deliver through the usual suspects: Deliveroo, Just Eat, and Uber Eats. 

The meal deals are proper value for money. Service is warm, and the chef knows their stuff.


If you want great Halal food in Bristol, you’re in luck! There are lots of choices, from cheap eats to fancy meals. Whether you live here or visit, do not miss out on trying some tasty Halal dishes.

 Why eat anything less than the best?

What’s your favorite Halal place in Bristol? We want to know!

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