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Halal Restaurants Piccadilly Circus

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Piccadilly Circus is famous for its delicious and crave-inducing dishes from its best halal restaurants.

It has a wide range of halal restaurants with dishes. If you are with your friends or family, you can sit in their modern, trendy, and cosy atmosphere and enjoy everything from steak to chips and from bread and butter to sweet cakes.

Are you excited about the culinary adventure of Piccadilly Circus? Let’s explore!

Halal Food Near Me in Piccadilly Circus

1. Steak And Company 

Want to satisfy your appetite for steaks? Then, enjoy their steak, rib, and traditional comfort dishes at this halal Piccadilly circus restaurant.


I will stop you right here to tell you something more important. They serve halal food!

It’s confirmed that the menu in all branches of Steak and Company has halal food options, similar to some Halal restaurants in Oxford.

Do they have parking? Good question, but the answer is not that good though. They say that they don’t have dedicated parking spaces. But you can park your vehicles in car parks such as Q-Park Covent Garden, Leicester Square, and Chinatown.

2. Layalina Piccadilly 

Known for its famous shawarma and falafel, they serve amazing Middle Eastern cuisine with great service. Remember to try their tempting baklava and knafeh to complete your dining experience.


This restaurant offers a wide range of Lebanese dishes that satisfy your cravings. 

Are you confused about whether they serve halal food? Make your confusion disappear as they serve halal food at the best offerings and prices.

Your perfect meal awaits you and your family at this Piccadilly circus halal restaurant. Get a go to this family-friendly restaurant to enjoy your meals on beautifully served plates with a warm and inviting ambience.

3. Angus Steakhouse Piccadilly Circus- steakhouse

Have you ever tried steaks in a casual and cosy atmosphere? It’s just jaw-droppingly unique and delicious. Try Angus Steakhouse in Piccadilly Circus, known for its superb & authentic mouthwatering flavours.


All their meat and poultry are halal and certified. So you can satisfy your Halal cravings in this halal food Piccadilly Circus restaurant. For a different experience, you might also explore Halal fine dining options in London.

With its welcoming environment and beautiful decor, they accept bookings too. I hope you have a fantastic time with your advance table reservations.

They provide dine-in and takeaway facilities, but unfortunately, they do not offer delivery services.

4. Masala Zone Piccadilly Circus- Indian Restaurant

If you want to try something traditional, visit this Indian Restaurant, renowned for its curries, thalis, and sweet snacks with pop and folk art.


Try their pani puri, a mouth-watering dish that you will crave. Have delectable bites of pav bhaji and sweet bites of gulab jamun, too.

And yes! They do provide healthy halal food options.

You can bring your furry friend to this halal food restaurant near Piccadilly Circus, as it’s a dog-friendly restaurant.

5. Gaucho Piccadilly – Argentinian Steak Restaurant

A perfect spot for meat lovers! They offer delicious steak. Gaucho Piccadilly is an amazing restaurant located in the heart of Piccadilly.


Gaucho Piccadilly is worth a visit, as its menu is filled with mouthwatering halal options, including beautifully cooked steaks, flavorful sides, and exquisite desserts.

They accept cash, debit cards, credit cards, master cards, and NFC mobile payments. So enjoy your meal with easy Payment Methods.

All behaved pets are welcome to Gaucho Picadilly. Enjoy with your pets at Gaucho from 12 to 6 pm.


Get involved in the flavours and aromas of these halal establishments in Piccadilly Circus.

The restaurants mentioned above offer a diverse range of delicious halal dishes, ensuring you can enjoy a satisfying meal while exploring the vibrant halal spots at Piccadilly Circus. 

From flavorful Middle Eastern cuisine to mouthwatering Indian delicacies, you’ll find various halal restaurants that delight your taste buds.

I hope you will like the taste of their meals.

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