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Best Halal Restaurants in Bournemouth

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Are you looking for Halal food in Bournemouth? You are in luck! This UK beach town has lots of great options.

From tasty kebabs to yummy curries, there is something for everyone. You can even find a Halal English breakfast.

People love the variety. In a recent survey, 80% of diners gave a thumbs-up to the Halal food scene here.

So, you will not be disappointed if you are hungrily satisfied.

Best Halal Restaurants Near Me in Bournemouth

1. Roosters Piri Piri 

When it comes to halal cuisine in Bournemouth, Roosters Piri Piri, a restaurant famed for its delectable and fiery Portuguese-style piri piri chicken, should be your first choice.


A variety of food items are available at Roosters Piri Piri, including full and half chickens, chicken wings, burgers, and delectable vegetarian entrees. And numerous sides, such as coleslaw and fries.

Their services include dining, delivery, takeaway and card acceptance.

Their opening times on weekends are 12:00 PM – 11.00 PM, and from Monday- Friday, it’s 

11 AM- 1 AM.

Usually, customers are very satisfied with the food quality here, but the service could be a bit slow because this place is usually crowded. 

2. Antepli

Craving authentic Turkish fare? Hold on, you are about to discover the correct place.

Antepli restaurant in Bournemouth offers a variety of delectable meals inspired by Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine–be it juicy kebabs, tzatziki, savoury dips like hummus, or a selection of desserts like baklava.


And is it all halal? Yes! Good news for Halal food enthusiasts: Antepli offers an all-halal menu. 

They do Dine-in, takeaway and contact delivery.

Want to reserve a table in advance? Sure, fill out the reservation form available on their service page to skip the unnecessary wait. 

3. The Luxor Restaurant

Are you a fan of Lebanese cuisine like me? Don’t forget to try The Luxor Restaurant in Bournemouth. But they offer more than that- it’s LEBANESE WITH A MOROCCAN TWIST!!!


The restaurant suggests booking a table in advance. They also do contact delivery along with kerbside pickup and dine-ins. 

Their entire menu is halal. 

For those going by car, there is no on-site car parking for the customers, but the restaurant has many residential roads adjacent to it that have available parking. 

4. Bournemouth Lahore

Bournemouth Lahore is a family-style establishment in the heart of Bournemouth that features authentic and flavourful Lahori dishes. 


Lahore–a vibrant city of Pakistan that has a history of reflecting the country’s diverse culinary traditions.

So, from the famous Chicken Biryani served with raita to mouthwatering seekh kebab, this family-friendly establishment has everything to satisfy Indian & Pakistani food lovers.

This restaurant is licensed. They have a BYO policy. For delivery and takeaway, they only accept cash payment. 

They do dine-ins throughout the weekend. 

5. Smile Grill

Don’t miss out on this cute little Afghani restaurant if you’re seeking halal food in Bournemouth. 


They offer authentic Afghani pulao, chicken shawarma wraps, Afghani-style burgers & kebabs and delectable pizzas.

It’s an all-halal restaurant, obviously-

Contact delivery is not available. They do dine-in and takeaway only. They are open throughout the weekend from 12-11 PM. 

6. Slim Chickens Bournemouth

Get all sorts of different chicken dishes and served-in-jar desserts for the most fair prices at Slim Chickens Bournemouth. 


Do they do contact delivery? Well, yes, they do. 

They have their own mobile app where you can earn rewards and gift cards. 

Wondering if they serve halal? Well, don’t worry, they do. All their branches throughout the UK serve a halal-certified menu.

So Slim Chickens is definitely your place to go if you are craving some crunchy halal chicken meals.

Halal Indian Restaurant Near Me in Bournemouth

1. Taj Mahal- Indian Restaurant

Are you craving chunks of classical dishes? Then, miss no chance and visit the Taj Mahal, which serves in a simple, no-frills dining room with the best dishes from the sub-continent.


Try their best Traditional Indian curry, divine starters, chicken tikka jalfrezi and other side dishes. They provide vegetarian options, too.

Need clarification on whether they offer halal food? Let me make you clear! They provide Halal food, so go and have a great meal!

Reservations are accepted. So, booking a table in advance is recommended if you want a table guarantee. 

2. Dosa World- South Indian Restaurant

Famous for its dosa pancakes, it is located on Old Christchurch Road with great dine-in, takeaway and delivery facilities. 


Visit this authentic and halal food serving south Indian and Sri Lankan restaurant with specialities in special masala dosa, Sunday vegetarian buffet thali, chicken wings and biryani. 

Sweet lovers! Have a must-visit to this restaurant as it offers a variety of sweet dishes with supreme tastes.

I would like to know where to cater for gluten-free options. So Dosa World has my back with its special diets, including vegetarian-friendly, vegan options and, most importantly, gluten-free options. I hung in there and enjoyed it a lot.

3. The Balti House-  Indian Restaurant

A fusion of Indian, Balti, Bangladeshi and Asian cuisine! I must say go for its food. It is a spotless and inviting place for friends and families, with authentic spiced food and delicate decor on its serving plates.


With reasonable prices and delectable bites, The Balti house food place offers authentic and halal food. Mixed grill, tarka daal and tikka jalfrezi with their special naan satisfy one’s appetite.

To enjoy this restaurant’s cosy atmosphere and dining-in facilities, you have to book reservations. Beforehand.

Halal Fish and Chips Near Me in Bournemouth

1. Sunny’s- Fish and Chips Takeaway

Want to try the crunchy fish and chips? Dine in or take out from their famous mouthwatering fish and tasty chips. 


Enjoy the seafood, fast food and British here in their late-night food offerings in a casual atmosphere. Moreover, they are famous for their sausage, chicken breast with chips, Fritto misto and Tempura.

It’s a halal food restaurant rated highly—a must-try fast food with halal ingredients. Have a great portion size!

Fancy a burger, too? Then grab your seats there and enjoy while dining in, as they don’t provide any delivery services.

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2. Chez Fred- Fish and chips Restaurant

Chez Frez offers a traditional styled fish and chips on the plate. Bournemouth’s taste buds enjoy mixed seafood, fast food and British cuisine.


They provide halal food which tastes so good that you can satisfy your cravings for halal.

They accept reservations. So you must book your table in advance to enjoy their exceptional food, such as cod fish and chips and Fred’s mushy peas. You must reserve the “in a bun” portion of the menu!

Payments can be made through credit cards, Debit cards and NFC mobile payments.

Want to park your car? Then you get free street parking at this restaurant. It may become difficult to find a parking space, but you can walk down some miles and park your car at the parking slot.

Halal Breakfast Near Me in Bournemouth

1. Simsim Mediterranean Food – Famous for Middle Eastern Cuisine

If you are searching for halal places to eat in Bournemouth, Simsim Mediterranean Food should be on your list. What sets this spot apart is the mouth-watering food and the homely atmosphere.


The service is exceptional, making even families with toddlers feel at ease.

The complementary baklava is freshly baked and so delicious you will likely want to take some home.

Their menu is a treat, offering authentic Middle Eastern flavours. 

Breakfasts are a lavish affair, too, and they will even put together an incredible spread for you, all fresh and at a reasonable price.

Accepts Mastercard and Visa, so you do not need to worry about carrying cash.

2. Pondok Fresh Falafel & Juice – Famous for the Best Falafel Wraps

If you are hunting for halal food in Bournemouth, pop into Pondok Fresh Falafel & Juice. This cosy spot is pet-friendly and serves up some of the most delicious and clean falafel wraps you will ever taste.


The staff are happy to serve you and even your four-legged friend.

The menu is a win-win for vegans and vegetarians, offering a delicious range of freshly made salads and intriguing desserts.

But what sets this place apart is its commitment to quality—crispy on the outside, moist on the inside, and falafels that are delicious value for money.

Yes, they offer a dine-in option but do note they use takeaway boxes even for in-house dining.

3. Olive Cafe Bournemouth – Famous for Breakfast Menu

If you are near Bournemouth Pier and fancy some proper halal food, Olive Cafe is where you will want to head. Their service is a cut above—friendly, welcoming, and quick to get you settled in.


The breakfast menu is the real draw, offering the flexibility to pick and choose ingredients for your fry-up. 

Yes, they serve halal food, and their Olive Breakfast at £10.95 is a bargain considering the quality of the bacon and sausages, all halal-certified.

They even serve iced coffee, a proper treat in warm weather. Mind you, gloves were not in sight while the food was handled a lot. But that is a minor gripe for an otherwise top-notch spot.

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Halal Restaurants Near Bournemouth Beach

1. Indian Ocean – Best for its Service 

If you find yourself by Bournemouth Beach and fancy halal food, do not look past the Indian Ocean. The service here is spot-on, even when the place is buzzing.


If you have yet to book in advance, the accommodating manager usually finds a way to get you seated. Special mention to Brother Shamon, who is considerate enough to offer private sections for Muslim families.

Yes, the menu is Halal, and there is a clear sign to put your mind at ease. 

The chef knows his stuff, cooking dishes perfectly tailored to your needs. The only snag might be the need for their parking facilities, so plan accordingly.

However, do be sensible with your ordering; the portions are generous. 

2. Levant Bar & Restaurant – Famous for Mixed Grill

Are you looking for top-notch halal food places in Bournemouth? Levant Bar & Restaurant should be your go-to.


The atmosphere is warm, and the service is excellent, making you feel right at home. Owners Nezzar have crafted a memorable dining experience, from starter to dessert.

Speaking of starters, the Labneh is a must-try, homemade and packed full of flavour. 

Are you worried about parking? Do not be. They have plenty of safe, on-site parking for guests. 

And yes, for those concerned, they do serve halal food. 

3. Efes Kebabs & Pizza 

If you are scouting for delicious halal food near Bournemouth beach, Efes Kebabs & Pizza is the place to be.


The restaurant stands out for its charcoal-grilled meats and fabulous homemade breads. Dining-in offers a different experience from takeaway, allowing you to soak up the warm atmosphere.

The mixed lamb doner and chicken shish come highly recommended, both packed with flavour. If you are in the mood for something lighter, the salads are a delight and made freshly before you. 

Halal Food Bournemouth Pier

1. Harry Ramsden’s – Famous for Fish and Chips 

Harry Ramsden’s, right there on the beach. This place is a classic for fish and chips, and it has the views to match.


The fish and chips are top-notch, and the site itself is a sight to behold. Victorian vibes, coloured glass, and parlour palms, you will feel like you have stepped back in time, but with all the modern comforts.

The tables are cleared promptly and the loo’s spotless, what more could you ask for?

Fancy a bit of tech with your meal? You can order straight from your table using a QR code without feeling rushed. Also, you can pay with just about any card in your wallet.

They have got some veggie options on the menu, and yes, the place is halal.

Some of their larger establishments even have on-site parking. 

Best Halal Restaurants in Burnmouth FAQs

Do you need help finding halal food in Bournemouth?

It’s easy to find halal food in Bournemouth. Several places are offering a variety of halal options to choose from.

Are there a lot of Muslims in Bournemouth?

According to the UK’s 2011 Census, the Muslim population in Bournemouth is relatively small, making up about 2% of the town’s total population.


So, Bournemouth has many great places to eat if you are looking for halal food. From yummy curries to tasty kebabs, there is something for everyone. It is a perfect place to find food that fits with halal rules.

Now it is your turn. Have you been to any halal restaurants in Bournemouth? Do you have a favourite place to go?

What dish do you like the most?

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