Halal Food in Birmingham

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Halal Food In Birmingham

In Birmingham, there are many different cuisines available, including halal food.

The city is home to several halal eateries that provide anything from Middle Eastern to Indian food.

No matter if you are a native or a guest, learning about the halal food options in the city is essential. You may enjoy wonderful cuisine that complies with your dietary requirements at some of Birmingham’s greatest halal restaurants by following the directions in this post.

We thus have everything you’re craving, whether it’s a hot curry or delicate kebabs.

Get ready to be amazed by the city’s unique culinary culture and to satiate your appetites for halal food!

Top Halal Food in Birmingham, UK

Here’s the list of top halal food in Birmingham;

1. Chaophraya Birmingham

Chaophraya is an excellent Thai restaurant in Birmingham that offers an authentic dining experience. Their menu has a wide range of halal options, and the staff is welcoming and friendly.

Chaophraya Birmingham

Their beef with red curry and dry-aged duck salad is particularly noteworthy, with bold flavours and great textures.

The chicken with rice noodles has a smoking taste that adds to the overall enjoyment, and the Green curry and pad Thai from the special three-course meal are both tasty and well-priced.

Why Should You Visit Here?

The restaurant offers quick service, and its alcohol-free cocktails are unique and complement its delicious food. For those looking for halal food places in Birmingham, Chaophraya is worth checking out.

2. Vietnamese Street Kitchen

If you’re looking for delicious halal Vietnamese cuisine in Birmingham, Vietnamese Street Kitchen is worth a visit.


This lovely restaurant offers excellent service and unique flavours, and the gluten-free menu is a great bonus. The decor is also very nice, creating a pleasant atmosphere to enjoy your meal.

The restaurant offers reasonably priced small plates and excellent cocktails. Although the mojitos could have been stronger, the grilled lemongrass chicken big bowl was a highlight.

However, the veggie salad was quite dry and sweet despite being labelled spicy, and the tofu and mushroom noodle dish was bland and had a gelatinous sauce.

The restaurant can get crowded, which may indicate its popularity. You may need to look elsewhere if you’re looking for a halal Korean BBQ in London.

3. Marco Pierre White

I had the opportunity to visit the restaurant recently, and overall, it was a pleasant experience.


The place has a beautiful design with a quiet bar and friendly staff. I appreciated the accommodating reception staff, which made me feel welcome. The modern and clean male toilets were also a plus.

The champagne afternoon tea was delicious, and the sandwich selection was lovely. The food was perfectly made with rich flavours, and I highly recommend the wild mushroom tartlets.

However, there were some areas where Marco Pierre White could improve. Upon arrival, there needed to be better attention to detail, which was disappointing. The starters took over 45 minutes to arrive, despite the restaurant not being busy. 

Why Should You Visit Here?

Despite the shortcomings, the ecstatic ambiance with a lavish rooftop setting and the delicious food make Marco Pierre White one of the Best Halal Resetaurant in Birmingham.

4. Alam

My recent visit to this restaurant was a true delight. Located in Birmingham, this eatery is worth the drive from Manchester. The French toast and full breakfast were delicious and made with high-quality ingredients.


The staff in the courtyard were incredibly attentive and helpful, and the outside seating area was stunning.

The portions were generous, and the quality of the food was exceptional, particularly the mixed grill platter, which was full of flavorful, spicy shish kebabs. Overall, the food and service were 10/10, and the well-heated courtyard made the evening even better.

There have been negative reviews about the service and the lack of a paper menu. Some patrons have also reported that the food is below average.

However, I had a great experience and highly recommend a visit.

Why Should You Visit Here?

If you are also looking for halal restaurants in Oxford, add Alam to your list. The parking is ample but requires a walk down an alleyway, and the restaurant is wheelchair accessible.

5. Gaucho

As someone who has personally visited Gaucho Birmingham for a halal brunch, I have mixed feelings about my experience.

While the restaurant boasts fantastic food and drinks, and a great atmosphere, the slow service and burnt or not tasty steak and mushroom could have been better.


The tuna starter and steak were recommended dishes and were cooked well.

However, the expensive steak and chips did not meet my expectations. The staff were knowledgeable about food and wine and were very welcoming and attentive.

However, I must note that the food quality has gone downhill since my last visit, and my pre-booked table had a longer-than-expected wait time.

While I appreciated the halal options, the experience left me feeling under-delivery. Despite these shortcomings, Gaucho Birmingham remains a top destination for those seeking a halal brunch in Birmingham.

6. Comptoir Libanais

As a food enthusiast always looking for the best halal places to eat in Birmingham, I visited Comptoir Libanais. I was pleasantly surprised by the overall experience.


The service was excellent, and the staff was incredibly responsive and friendly. The food was served quickly and bursting with amazing flavours. I particularly enjoyed the lentil soup and the non-alcoholic cocktails.

The decor is interesting and adds to the overall ambience of the place. However, I did notice some things that needed to be more consistent in the menu and pricing, which could be improved upon.

Additionally, some dishes needed to be better with authentic Arabic cuisine and lacked flavour. However, the excellent kebab and desserts made up for it.

Why Should You Visit Here?

Comptoir Libanais is a great place to visit for some delicious halal food in Birmingham, and I highly recommend it. However, if you are looking for the best halal burger in London, look elsewhere.

7. Mowgli

I can attest to the amazing local staff, who were friendly, informative and accommodating to different dietary requirements. The restaurant provides a fabulous halal fine dining experience with a romantic setting and affordable food.


The Tiffin surprise selection was a highlight, with great flavours and textures that satisfied me. The small plates, rice, and flatbread were also delicious.

However, the staff failed to mention that their meat dishes are halal, which might concern some diners.

The portion sizes were relatively small, and some dishes needed flavour. The customer service could have been better, with long wait times for a booked table and no offer of drinks.

Why Should You Visit Here?

While the mocktail was overpowered by ginger and the butter chicken was sour, the overall experience at Mowgli was lovely due to the setting and attentive staff.

I highly recommend this restaurant to those looking for halal fine dining in Birmingham.


We hope your taste buds are tingling with anticipation now that we’ve shown you around seven amazing Halal restaurants in Birmingham.

These restaurants provide a wide variety of food, from savoury Indian dishes to mouthwatering Middle Eastern fare.

Visit these wonderful businesses if you are a local looking to experience something new or a traveller searching for a delectable Halal lunch.

It’s your turn now! Have you eaten at any of these Birmingham Halal establishments? Or did we miss your own favourite that you would like to share? Tell us in the comments section below.

Your recommendations and experiences are much appreciated. Cheers to that!

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