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Best Halal Restaurants Bradford

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Want a place that feels like home and has lots of different people and foods? Go to Bradford. People from all over the UK come to Bradford to try tasty foods from places like Pakistan and India.

Bradford is an excellent city if you’re looking for Halal food. The city has a lot of Muslim people, so it’s easy to find places that serve Halal food.

And the good news?

Eating at the best restaurants in Bradford will not make you spend a lot of money. So you can walk around, enjoy local foods, and have a good time without worrying about your wallet.

Best Halal Restaurants Near Me in Bradford

1. MyLahore Bradford Flagship – Famous for Customer Service

If you find yourself in Bradford and fancy some delicious Halal food, MyLahore is a must-visit. The restaurant is popular, but you will not be waiting long for a seat—typically just around five minutes.


The atmosphere is inviting, with well-lit, comfy booths and air conditioning.

The staff, be it Jessica or Mohamed, offer exceptional customer service that is genuinely second to none.

You are in good hands from the moment you step in till you leave. Sorry, no dogs are allowed except guide dogs, of course, as well as they do not have their car park.

As for the food, options like the chicken steak, gourmet burger, and mixed grill platter are delightful. The lamb karahi may look small but is quite filling. 

2. Dhesi Grill – Famous for its Atmosphere 

This spot’s known for making you feel like you are dining abroad when you walk in. While yes, they do serve halal food, do not expect a pint here since alcohol is not on the menu.


The ambience is excellent, perfect for catching up with mates. 

The food ranges from dynamite chicken to cheesy Frangano, all well-seasoned and served fresh. Mind you, some people reckon the portions are a bit on the smaller side.

A family platter here is more for three than four; do not expect much salad.

Service is prompt—they will get your sauces and water without asking.

3. Shimlas Bradford – Best for Late-Night Dining

Shimlas is where it’s at for a splendid meal in Bradford. Their menu offers halal and gluten-free options, so everyone’s welcome.


Parking’s tight but available on the road nearby. Price-wise, it’s pretty reasonable. Feel free to bring your alcohol, because it is not on the menu

Now, on to the food—dynamite prawns or chicken shawarma, you are in for a treat. Portions? More extensive than you’d expect! And let’s not forget their top-notch naan and sauces.

As for customer service, they are excellent. Special shoutout to Iqra, who knows how to make guests, even little ones, feel looked after.

If you are concerned about accessibility, they are incredibly accommodating. Families with special needs have found the staff to be very respectful.

Halal Buffet Near Me In Bradford

1. Jinnah Restaurant Bradford – Best for Family-Friendly Dining

Jinnah Restaurant is the best halal food place in Bradford. First, parking’s sorted; it’s right next door off East Parade and accessible for patrons.


Prices per head range from a modest £8 to a lavish £21, so it caters to all sorts. The place is high on the list for family outings, with a variety that pleases both adults and kids. If you are travelling from a distance, like Wakefield, it’s worth the drive.

The owners, Saleem, his son, Uncle Ali, and the rest of the staff provide an A* service. While they have had a little hiccup with a delivery order, face-to-face, the experience is mainly excellent.

On the food front, it’s all 100% halal, and word is, it’s cooked to perfection. 

2. Anam’s Restaurant – Best for Value-for-Money Buffet Service

Anam’s Restaurant does the business, especially if you are after a buffet. For those observing Ramadan, it’s a go-to spot for iftar, offering a reasonable price for a nice variety.


It gets busy, even on weekdays, but the food and service are well worth it.

The staff is friendly, and the place is kept clean. You do not wait long for food refills, especially the naans; they are fresh out of the oven instantly.

Yes, they have got a car park, so there is not to worry about looking for a place.

The buffet has been consistent in quality since at least 2014, according to long-time patrons. 

The food is 100% halal. If you fancy a tipple, you can bring your alcohol. 

3. Bradford Buffet – Best for Affordable Iftar Buffets

Are you looking for tasty buffet options among halal food places in Bradford? Then let me tell you, Bradford Buffet is where you want to be.


The good news is that buffets are available every day of the week. The price tag of £12 per adult is pretty reasonable if you ask me.

From the moment you walk in, you will be greeted by friendly and professional staff.

The atmosphere is family-friendly, perfect for a meal with the kids or a gathering with friends.

The food is fresh and delicious, with standouts like Fish Masala, Lamb Chops, and Chicken Tikka.

Their Iftar buffet is unique for those observing Ramadan, featuring seven starters, five main courses, and four desserts. It even starts with dates and mineral water for that authentic touch.

Halal Breakfast Near Me in Bradford

1. Sweet Centre Restaurant – Best For Desi Breakfast

After some proper traditional food, you can go right with Sweet Centre Restaurant.


They have been knocking out top-notch grub for years; you can even get it delivered straight to your door. Want a halwa puri or a samosa chaat? This is the spot for you. And let’s talk about their desi tea — a perfect match.

The staff are attentive, and complaints, should you have any, are sorted out with no fuss.

And to answer some common questions: Yes, they accept both credit and debit cards, offer delivery, and rest assured, the food is halal.

2. Mughals Restaurant and Sweet Centre – Best For Biryani

Fancy something different? You should come to Mughals Restaurant and Sweet Centre. Known for their hearty breakfasts and top-notch biryanis, this spot is a real treat.


The staff are correctly welcoming, making sure you are comfy and sorted. 

For those visiting from London or elsewhere, it’s a breakfast worth travelling for. Not too oily but packed with flavour.

And the best part? It’s not just for meat lovers; they also have a cracking vegetarian menu. And let’s not forget their biriyani. Get it large, and I promise you you’ll be savouring the flavours for days.

If you do not like going out, they do home delivery. So, if you are searching for places to eat in Bradford halal style, you have just found your next favourite spot. 

3. Haute Dolci Bradford – Best for Dessert Lovers

Let me tell you, if you have a sweet tooth, you cannot go wrong with Haute Dolci in Bradford.


But it is not just the desserts that will keep you coming back; it’s the whole package. The atmosphere is lovely from the moment you step in—perfect for a catch-up with mates or family.

The staff, especially Sophiya and Waseem, are top-notch. They go above and beyond, even dashing to the shop to sort out free-range eggs for a pregnant customer—now that’s what I call service!

Whether you want a burger or are here for their famed pancakes, the food is as good as it gets. But let’s not forget the main event: the desserts. From the chocolate avalanches to other sweet treats, everything’s delicious. 

They take cash in-store and do delivery via Uber Eats. 

4. Smorgasbord Coffee Bar

If you are after some of the best halal food in Bradford, look no further than Smorgasbord Coffee Bar.


This place is famous for being the first in Bradford to offer a halal Day English Breakfast; let me tell you, it is proper. High-quality sausages, delicious rashers and just the right portion size—it’s an experience worth having.

Aside from breakfast, they have got a range of other dishes too. My wife had a baked potato and could not have been happier.

Even the outside seating is a treat; sitting under umbrellas gives it a cosy feel. A minor point to note, though—the toast comes at 75 pence a slice, which may seem a bit steep.

Also, they are on Uber Eats, so you can enjoy their fare from your home.

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Halal Chinese Near Me in Bradford

1. Oodles Bradford – Best For Noodles

If you are in Bradford and fancy a proper tasty noodle box, then Oodles is your spot. This place has nailed it to deliver flavour-packed noodles, wings, and wraps.


The customer service is top-notch; the manager himself makes sure you have well looked after.

I went in one evening, a bit sceptical as I used to frequent Noodle Sing, but let me tell you, Oodles has got it right.

Generous portions, balanced spices, and many options to pick from. I had chilli chicken on a bed of spicy chips and veg noodles, and it was flavour hot. 

Unfortunately, they do not deliver, but the dine-in experience is excellent; the place is clean, and on-street parking is easy to find. It’s certified halal and offers vegetarian options as well. 

2. The Noodle Sing – Best For Authentic Chinese Taste

If you are after authentic Chinese in Bradford, The Noodle Sing is where you should head. The chefs are Chinese, so you know you are getting the real deal.


The staff are correctly friendly, and Chew gives brilliant customer service.

I’ve had both takeout and dine-in experiences here. The first time was a takeout—Black Pepper Beef and chilli prawns with udon noodles.

Honestly, it was delicious. The chicken box is another win—soft, tender chicken that isn’t too spicy but just right.

For the wing fans out there, this place is a must.

The menu can be confusing if you are unsure what to do, but the staff are more than happy to guide you. And for those wondering, it is HMC Halal. 

Halal Steak Near Me in Bradford

1. Cona Restaurant – The Best Halal Steakhouse

Fancy a great steak? Head to Cona. We even drove from Birmingham to eat here. The owner looked after us, and he was lovely.


The steak is fantastic, cooked just right and tastes good. You can only get food this good in some places in the UK.

Went back for a Sunday roast. The starters, like lobster ravioli and lamb shawarma, were delicious. The steak was a bit more rare than we wanted, but still tasty. The staff are good too; they let you eat without bothering you.

Just remember, you have to pay in cash. They say they deliver, but some people think it could be better than halal places in Cambridge.

2. Steak N Bake Bradford

Steak N Bake in Bradford is known for its excellent halal steaks and calm American-themed atmosphere.


Customers love the friendly staff and say the steaks, especially the sirloin sizzler, are cooked perfectly.

If you like your steak a specific way, tell the team; they’re good at getting it right. The place is popular, so booking your table in advance is a good idea, especially on weekends.

People also recommend trying the grilled king prawns from the starters and say the mocktails are very refreshing.

The restaurant is suitable for groups, and they are very accommodating. If you are running late, give them a call.

3. Toro’s Steakhouse Bradford

Toro’s Steakhouse in Bradford is a hit for those who love a good steak, but some say the steak portions could be more significant for the price.


You are in luck if you are a student, as they offer a 10% student discount.

The place is well-known for its top-notch service. One waiter, Zain, even gets special mentions for being particularly helpful and having a charming personality.

People generally love the food here.

The T-Bone Steak comes highly recommended, and the sides, like rice and chips, are generously portioned. Despite being busy, the service is quick and efficient, ensuring a great experience.

They offer delivery service if you prefer to enjoy their delicious offerings at home.

Halal Takeaway Near Me in Bradford

1. Springs

Springs in Bradford is most famous for its excellent food and top-notch service. This is your spot if you are looking for a halal eatery with a bit of everything.


They have a range of food that keeps the customers raving, especially the fat chips and cheeseburgers topped up with jalapeños.

Their pizzas also get a thumbs up, not to mention the variety of sauces and salads that leave you wanting more.

Service is another high point. Junaid gets a special mention for looking after customers so well. Likewise, they accept card payments, making it convenient for most.

The place is clean, and the vibe is friendly, so it is highly recommended for a good meal out.

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2. Zaffran

Zaffran in Bradford is famed for its fresh and tasty food, especially the grilled items. If you are in the area, it is a place you would want to pop in.


The decor is quite simple, but ensure you get the service from the waitstaff is top-notch. The food comes out fresh and hot; many have praised the Iranian tea as a delightful touch.

They have a reasonable price range and decent portions, making them valuable.

Parking Is not an issue; they have got a good-sized car park. One thing to note is that it’s more of a café style than a glammed-up venue.

This might be your spot if you are looking for quick service and no-fuss food. However, there are a few downsides such as food sometimes getting cold quickly and the odd negative review about staff and atmosphere. 

3. Falafel

Falafel is renowned in Bradford for its incredibly fresh and tasty falafel wraps and juices. This is the place for you if you are after something healthy, delicious, and reasonably priced.


The staff are friendly, and the atmosphere is inviting, making it a real gem on the outskirts of the city centre.

Their freshly made Falafel, flatbread, and juices are a highlight, and you can tell they put effort into ensuring everything’s top-notch. And if you’re vegan or vegetarian, this spot’s a no-brainer.

Remember, they only take cash if you’re spending less than £5. But honestly, that’s a minor hurdle for the quality of food you’re getting.

Whether you want to dine in or take away, Falafel offers both options. 

Best Halal Restaurants Bradford FAQs

How do you know if a place is halal?

You can usually find out if a place is halal by checking its menu, or website, or directly asking the staff. Many restaurants and food outlets display a halal certification near the counter or entrance.

Does Bradford have a lot of halal food options?

Yes, Bradford has a lot of halal food options, making it quite convenient for those following a halal diet. From restaurants to takeaways, you’ll find a wide variety of halal cuisines in the city.

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