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Best Halal Restaurants in Preston

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Looking for good halal food in Preston? No worries, you are in the right place. Preston has lots of tasty halal food options.

You will not run out of choices.

Get ready to learn more about all the great halal food you can find here. Keep reading!

Best Halal Restaurants Near Me in Preston

Here’s the list of halal places to eat in Preston:

1. German Doner Kebab –  Famous for High-Quality Kebabs

The joys of sinking your teeth into a top-notch kebab! German Doner Kebab in Preston is where you can do just that in grand style. First, they serve halal food, so no worries on that front.


The moment you enter, the warm atmosphere welcomes you; it is where you can easily unwind. Often, Maria will greet you with a delightful smile, making you feel right at home.

The kebabs here are something else, truly a cut above. They are the best you would find outside of Turkey and Germany, featuring top-quality ingredients and secret sauce recipes that will leave your taste forever in your mouth. 

Now, if you enjoy these mouth-watering delights at home, delivery is available through Uber Eats. And speaking of Uber Eats, that’s how payments are handled, so it is as simple as possible.

2. Shajan – Renowned For Indian Cuisine

Shajan is a gem when it comes to Indian fare. First, the food is halal, meeting the needs of diverse patrons. As you settle down, you are satisfied with a cornucopia of vibrant flavours. 


The staff are quite the highlight. They are attentive and more than willing to offer dishes to suit allergies so you can tuck in without a worry.

While some reckon the takeaway does not hold a candle to the dine-in experience, that’s hardly a reason to miss this spot.

Should you decide to drop by even on a Tuesday night, expect nothing short of fabulous food and delightful company. For those who drive, plentiful parking is available.

If you are looking for the best halal restaurants in Cambridge, you have got a solid candidate.

3. East Z East – Best for Service and Lamb Dishes

East Z East is your go-to if you are in Preston and yearning for some top-notch cuisine. Yes, they serve halal food but also sell alcohol, which some may find conflicting.


The lamb dishes come highly recommended and are simply mouth-watering. Service is a strong point here, and they are especially commendable for their attentiveness to guests with special needs.

Are they driving over? You will be pleased to know they offer free car parking, and their drivers will even park your car for you.

Whether dining late or visiting from afar, the experience remains consistent: fantastic food and friendly staff keen to offer recommendations. They may not do steak, but their range of curries like saag and garlic chicken are delicious.

So, when considering where to eat halal food in Preston, East Z East should be high on your list.

4. Coco’s Soul Food

Coco’s Soul Food is an excellent place to eat in Preston. Yes, they have halal food. The site is small but cosy. You can eat there or take food away. Do not worry if you see a line; the food is worth the wait.


Some people say it’s not real ‘soul food,’ but most people love it.

If you like burgers, this is an excellent place for that. They also have food for vegans. The staff are friendly and change the menu often to keep it interesting.

If you do not want to go out, they will deliver food to you. So, if you are looking for Bradford halal food, this is a place you should try.

Halal Takeaway Near Me in Preston

1. Jaffa – Famous for Mouth-Watering Kebabs and Jerk Chicken

If you are looking for a top spot for tasty food in Preston, try Jaffa. People love it for its kebabs, delicious rice, and special sauce.


The food smells so good it makes you even hungrier. Yes, they deliver so you can enjoy their food at home, too. The jerk chicken is a big hit, with tender chicken that falls off the bone. And their rice is delicious as well.

But remember, they only take cash, so have some ready when you go. Some people say the owner is not friendly, so that’s something to consider. If you drive there, there is a place to park your car.

2. Taste of Turkey – Famous for Turkish Flavours

Taste of Turkey in Preston is a gem you want to take advantage of. The place feels like a trip to Turkey, with its cosy atmosphere, and yes, it serves halal food.


The staff are friendly and they will help you pick the best dishes for your taste. Everything’s freshly made, and it is as authentic as Turkish food gets.

The menu has something for everyone, even if you are vegetarian or need gluten-free options. The kebabs are delicious. You can take the food away or dine in, so it is flexible.

If you are searching for halal restaurants in Preston that offer a fantastic dining experience, Taste of Turkey should be on your list.

Halal Breakfast Near Me in Preston

1. Marco & Carl – Famous for Secret Sauce Wings

Marco and Carl in Preston is where you will want to return for more, especially for the Secret Sauce Wings. It has been consistent in quality; some customers return after years just for these particular wings.


Yes, they do serve halal food, so no worries on that front. The service is generally good, and the place is well-kept, including clean toilets.

While most customers rave about the flavoursome and juicy dishes, there have been instances where the experience could have been better.

The restaurant offers wings and steak, among other items, and the general feedback is positive.

Parking is also available in front of the restaurant, making it a convenient choice. 

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2. Chaiiwala – Famous for Stacks and Wings

If you are after a fantastic dining experience, Chaiiwala is the place to be. Known for its superb stacks and wings, you will not be disappointed.


The food is halal, and the setting is clean, adding to the overall excellent service. The wings could come in a set of four for the price, but they are genuinely tasty.

The stacks are a highlight—cooked to perfection with just enough seasoning.

Returning after years will not let you down. Many people come back just for items like Carl’s Secret Sauce Wings.

The restaurant makes it a point to serve fresh and delicious food. However, it’s worth mentioning that some have found their steak order mistaken for fatty lamb chops, and not all staff seem equally engaged.

But most reviews point towards a lovely dining experience.

Parking is available right before the restaurant, making it convenient for everyone. 

Halal Chinese Near Me in Preston

1. Oodles – Famous for Halal Chinese Cuisine

If you are craving some delicious Halal Chinese food in Preston, look no further than Oodles. It’s Fully Halal and HMC certified, so rest assured you’re in good hands.


The place is clean with a bright and inviting atmosphere, a perfect setting for a satisfying meal.

The staff are accommodating and friendly. Special shout-out to Denise, who made the experience memorable with her warm and patient service.

The menu offers a variety of choices, from crispy chicken that lives up to its name to vegetarian options for those who prefer greens.

Families are welcome, and the restaurant is accessible to wheelchair users, making it an inclusive dining experience.

You can dine in or order for delivery via Uber Eats, offering flexibility for all diners. While some reviews about portion sizes have been mixed, the overall experience has been largely positive.

Halal Buffet Near Me in Preston

1. Silk Route Indian Restaurant – Famous for Customer Satisfaction

If you are in the mood for an exceptional Indian meal, then Silk Route in Preston is the place to go. Ideal for couples, families, or even solo diners, the restaurant offers a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere.


Even when it is not packed, you will feel at ease. The food here is top-notch and perhaps some of the best Indian cuisine you will have tasted. The restaurant is certified for halal options, making it accessible for various dietary needs.

On top of that, they cater very well for those with gluten and dairy allergies.

Credit cards are accepted, adding to the convenience.

Staff are friendly and eager to make your dining experience memorable.

The restaurant is conveniently located just off the main road and offers plenty of free parking.

2. Raees ‘Pan-Asian’ Buffet

If you are searching for a dining experience that combines a warm atmosphere, a variety of flavours, and excellent service, Raees ‘Pan-Asian Buffet is a must-visit.


It is conveniently located with ample parking space and is a go-to place for events and parties. The staff are always friendly and offer top-notch customer service.

Food-wise, you are in for a treat. From Ghosh biryani that packs a punch to chow mein noodles that comfort the soul, every dish is perfectly cooked and served warm.

Those with a sweet tooth will find paradise in the Gajar ka Halwa, a dessert that takes you back in time.

And for those who are fans of traditional Indian street food, the papdi chats, pani puri, and vada pav are not to be missed.

The restaurant accepts credit card payments, and all the food is halal, making it convenient and accessible for everyone. 


Finding the best halal restaurants in Preston is no longer a difficult task. Whether you are craving Indo-Chinese dishes, traditional biryanis, or a cosy atmosphere, there is something for everyone.

Each of these eateries offers delicious food and a comfortable dining experience. From friendly staff to convenient payment options, these halal spots make eating out in Preston an absolute joy. 

What is your go-to halal restaurant in Preston? We would love to hear your recommendations!

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