Halal Chinese Restaurants In Manchester

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Being a Muslim with a broad palate and residing in a non-Muslim nation can make finding the exact meal you crave challenging. Because, of course, the first and foremost thing to consider is whether or not it is Halal.

However, a diverse and vibrant city like Manchester defies this. Good riddance.

Are you craving Chinese food in Manchester? I can never blame you because of how delectable it is. Well, don’t rush. This article will cover the Best reviewed Halal Chinese Restaurants in Manchester.

So please read it to the end and let me help you as I did in finding chic places to have halal breakfast in Manchester.

Halal Chinese Restaurants Near Me In Manchester

1. Tattu Manchester 

This stylish restaurant is located in the centre of Manchester and is renowned for its creative combination of modern Chinese food, outstanding interior design, and an equally fantastic menu.


All the meat except pork is Halal. 

Remember that their entire menu may not be Halal, but they serve various Halal foods, from excellent dim sum creations to delectable main dishes and creative mocktails. 

Are you going by car? I recommend parking at Spinningfields NCP, as on-site parking is unavailable.

Many patrons complain about the expensive food prices, but that’s just a top-rated restaurant thing.

I was wondering, do they do delivery? They don’t have their own delivery or takeaway service, but yes, you can order online using Deliveroo. 

2. Red Chilli Halal 

Red Chilli Halal is a Chinese Kitchen located in Manchester. It is known for preparing the most exquisite lamb vindaloo & chicken momo and offers a wide range of delicious vegetarian fare.


The best part is they have a separate Halal-certified menu where everything is Halal. They do dine-ins, takeaways, and deliveries too. 

It’s essential to check the food items’ costs before going because this restaurant is a bit pricey since it claims to be an authentic Szechuan one. 

Customers are genuinely pleased and satisfied with their lovely staff. So whether you want to treat the family to a halal supper, celebrate a special occasion, or indulge in some delectable Chinese food, Red Chilli in Manchester is your go-to destination.

3. Canton House 

Have you ever tried Cantonese cuisine? It’s just jaw-droppingly unique and delicious. Try Canton House in Manchester, known for its superb & authentic Cantonese flavours.


Does it serve Halal? Yes, that is why we included it in our list, bud.

However, this restaurant has lost many regulars because of the new management after the restaurant owner Micheal (Chinese English name ) sold it up. Since then, the prices have increased rapidly, and the food has lost “THE”  quality.

But the new customers enjoy their delicious meal and appreciate this place. 

Worth a try? You decide. 

They neither have car parking nor disabled parking for those going by vehicles. You can park close by in the China-Town NCP car park, though.

4. Oodles N’Oodles Manchester 

Known for its delicious and varied Asian cuisine, this lively restaurant in the centre of Manchester provides a distinctive dining experience that combines the tastes of the East with a modern twist to serve oodles of flavours.


Oodle N’Oodles is also one of the best Halal steak restaurants in Manchester, offering from mouth-watering steaks to exquisite mocktails– Everything is Halal on their menu. They do dine-ins and takeaways, but contact delivery is not available.

The service can have a few hiccups, especially at busy hours, but except that this restaurant is a solid 10. It’s worth visiting for Muslim Chinese lovers.

5. The Little Yang Sing

A famous Chinese establishment, Little Yang Sing, is among the top Halal places to eat in Manchester city centre.


The menu at this “partially” halal restaurant offers a wide selection of traditional and contemporary dishes that have been expertly created using quality ingredients.

So, if you are craving traditional dim sum or tender Peking duck, Little Yang Sing should be your pick.

They offer a family-friendly, family-friendly atmosphere, making it an excellent place to catch up with friends and family.

Moreover, for disabled people, it might be a problem since the restaurant has a lot of stairs, so be prepared.

Halal Chinese Buffet Near Me in Manchester 


Cosmo: This Buffet restaurant invites and welcomes all the Food enthusiasts in Manchester, offering around 160 authentic dishes, from Italian to Thai, Chinese to traditional English roasts, prepared freshly and served immediately!


Like any other buffet restaurant, they have an “eat all you want with one set price” policy. But unfortunately for Muslims, the first part is untrue because not everything on their extensive buffet menu is halal. Be careful, you all.

Keep in mind that their last entrance is 30 minutes before closing. And yes, they have disabled access for those wondering.

I also suggest booking a table in advance because you may get to wait during busy hours.

And also, If you’re going by car, you can park in Q-Park Deansgate North, just five minutes from the restaurant.

2. Tops Buffet Restaurant Manchester

Known for its commitment to taking the world’s buffet dining to astonishing heights, Tops Buffet Restaurant, in the heart of Manchester, serves freshly cooked dishes prepared for guests in live cooking stations. 


Impressive no?

They know precisely how to cater to your Chinese desires, and what I like the most about them is that all the non-halal foods are marked to make a distinction in the menu.

My favourite of all time on their menu is the chicken satay and vegetable curry samosa- I strongly recommend trying these if you ever drop by. 

The restaurant strongly advises its customers to book in advance for reserving a table. Moreover, children aged 0-3 can eat for free. They also have disabled access.

Do they have parking? Good question, but the answer is not that good though. 

The restaurant has no parking of its own, but there’s one at NCP Oxford Street and also at another NCP car park behind the Palace Theatre. They are both a short walk away. 

You are required to pay even if you are a Blue Badge holder.

Halal Chinese Takeaway Near Me in Manchester

1. Oodles Manchester

This family-run establishment is based on fusing different Asian flavours to serve its customers authentic Indo-Chinese food.


From crispy prawns to juicy, hot & tangy chicken, everything is Halal. This is your ultimate go-to destination if you are seeking Halal Chinese. 

They do delivery, takeaway, and dine-in, of course. Opening hours are 11 AM to 11 PM throughout the weekend.

Oodles has an accommodating and engaging staff, quick service, and an ambience atmosphere perfect for you to enjoy your meal.

So why not give it a try?

2. Fuzion Noodle Bar

This Chinese restaurant in Manchester city centre offers fusion cuisine based on Asian street food in a lovely ambience and decor.


Do they do halal? Well, not entirely, but they do serve halal, yes. The chicken and all the meat except pork are halal.

However, the dishes could be expensive, so it’s best to always check your budget beforehand.

They don’t have a delivery service, but you can order from Deliveroo.

In case you are wondering, There is plenty of free parking in Sainsbury’s car park nearby.

So, if you want to take your family to Halal Chinese cuisine, go immediately. I also suggest having a family get-together at some lovely halal brunch in Manchester. There’s plenty of it you’d like as a Muslim.


Thank you for making it to the end. In this article, we shared with you some of the top-rated restaurants in Manchester that do Halal Chinese for Muslims. 

These are : 

  1. Tattu Manchester– All halal except pork.
  2. Red Chili Halal– All halal
  3. Canton House– All halal
  4. Oodles N’Oodles Manchester– halal + haram
  5. The Little Yang Sing– Partially halal
  6. COSMO– Partially halal
  7. TOPS Buffet restaurant Manchester– Partially halal
  8. Oodles Manchester– All halal
  9. Fuzion Noodle Bar– Partially halal.

That’s it. I hope you have a great dining experience in Manchester.

Please leave us a comment and let us know if you have a better place in your mind.

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