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Halal Southall Restaurants

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Southall is a vibrant, diverse area known for its culinary scene, especially regarding halal dining options. If you are hunting for mouthwatering dishes that adhere to Islamic dietary laws, you are in the right place.

In this guide, we have rounded up the best Southall halal restaurants to delight your taste buds.

Southall offers an array of halal-friendly eateries, from the rich flavours of curry to tasty kebabs. If you are a local or a visitor, you will find something to fulfil your cravings.

We have done the legwork to help you discover the top spots for halal dining.

Each restaurant in our list has something unique, from ambience to special dishes. 

Best Halal Restaurants Naer Me in Southall

Southall is a haven for halal dining options, offering various cuisines that adhere to Islamic dietary laws. From kebab shops to dining experiences, you will find several options. 

Here are some of them:

1. Watan Restaurant – Best For Afghan Cuisine

If you crave delicious Afghan fare, Watan Restaurant in Southall is the place to be. This spot has earned a dedicated following for its fully Halal menu, featuring various dishes that win in flavour and portion sizes.


While Southall boasts its own culinary gems, if you happen to be exploring dining options beyond, such as Halal restaurants in Windsor, you’ll find that the Lamb Chops and Chapli Kebab at Watan Restaurant offer a flavour profile reminiscent of authentic eateries in Pakistan.

While the restaurant enjoys a busy atmosphere, the service stays the same—shout out to Usman and Aziz for keeping the experience consistently excellent. Watan is a strictly no-alcohol establishment, but with the food this good, you will not miss a thing. 

Are you concerned about parking? Don’t worry; parking is available on surrounding roads after 6 p.m.

Price-wise, it leans towards the higher end, but that is expected in Southall. 

2. Spice Village – Famous for Grilled Delights and Chaats

Famous for its halal food, the place is a treasure trove of flavourful dishes. Every dish is a star, from their Pani Puri and Aloo Papdi Chaat to the signature mixed grill.


But if you are keen on the poultry side, you cannot miss their Chicken Charsi. You will need to order it 30 minutes early, but it is well worth the wait.

The restaurant’s welcoming atmosphere is another big draw, with its tasteful decor and ever-helpful staff. A special nod to Inam, Farhan, Pallab, and Mohammad Umar for making each visit exceptional.

If you want a nice Chicken Biryani or Lamb Nihari, this is the place to go; they are ready for the last bite.

Are you worried about paying? They do take card payments, although they accept a maximum of two split payments for groups. 

3. Gifto’s Lahore Karahi – Famous for Pakistani Cuisine

Gifto’s Lahore Karahi is known for its authentic halal Pakistani cuisine; this place has some dishes that hit the mark and others only a little.


Their Karahi Gosht and Karahi Chicken are crowd-pleasers, rich in flavour, and paired perfectly with a side of naan.

But opinions are divided if you are looking at the mixed grill for starters; some find it a bit on the dry side.

If things like this matter to you, consider other dining options.

But if you are coming solely for the food, there is enough on the menu to satisfy you. Families from the Middle East often make it a point to dine here when visiting, which speaks volumes about its culinary standing.

4. Pepe’s – Best for Piri Piri Chicken

If you are a fan of Piri Piri, Pepe’s in Southall might be your next go-to spot.

Known for serving halal food, the restaurant thrives on consistency. Whether you walk in or get it delivered, the chicken is always fresh, juicy, and flavoured.


Since the place came under new management, the quality has only risen. The grilled chicken here is a hit, coming out hot and ready quickly, even if you’ve placed a large order.

But hold on!

There has been less-than-stellar customer service, so bear that in mind. If you fancy spicing things up, their Texan wrap with extremely hot flavour is worth a try.

And if you are wondering, they deliver, making it easy to enjoy their offerings from the comfort of your home.

5. Creams Cafe – Famous for Desserts and Late-Night Treats

Regarding Creams Cafe in Southall, you are in for a sweet ride. The place is open until midnight; you can either dine in or take away your favourites.


The desserts here are spot-on, from milkshakes and ice cream to waffles and cookie dough. The quality is top-notch, and it’s clear they are not cutting corners with cheap ingredients.

Special mention to Adam, whose service has been described as “perhaps the best.” However, it’s worth noting that they have had their share of issues, particularly with takeaway orders.

Double-check your order if you are going down that route.

They have dine-in options, with plenty of seating available. But if you would instead enjoy your sugary delights at home, they have got you covered, too. 

6. Kebabish Original – Best for Traditional Afghan 

If you are craving authentic Afghan and Asian flavours, Kebabish Original should be on your list. It is a hit for many locals and offers a fine balance between quality and cost.


The mixed grill and chicken karahi are amazing, and the chapli kebabs are highly recommended.

There have been instances where the food did not quite hit the mark.

Some customers complained about dry masala fish and a lamb karahi that leaned more towards sweet than spicy. Consistency might be a bit of a gamble here, but when they get it right, it’s spot on.

They likewise deliver food, and payment is conveniently handled through Uber Eats. So 

Southall Broadway Restaurants

1. Karwan Restaurant Southall

When in Southall, Karwan Restaurant stands out as one of the top spots for authentic Afghan cuisine. This place nails it, especially regarding the family mix grill, Chapli kabab, and lamb Karahi.


If you are after Southall food places halal, this ticks that box effortlessly. The Lamb Shank Kabuli Pulao is another star dish here, and you cannot leave without trying their homemade Afghan ice cream, sheer yak.

The atmosphere, especially on busy weekends, remains pleasant thanks to the diligent staff. 

A small but sufficient vegetarian menu is available for those less inclined towards meat. If you are keen on Afghan flavours, Karwan will not disappoint. They also offer a delivery service.

2. The Shahi Nan Kabab – UK’s Best Seekh Kebabs

If you are in Southall and in the mood for a kebab, you cannot go wrong with The Shahi Nan Kabab. This place has been a local favourite for years, and one bite of their seekh kebabs will tell you exactly why.


Not only is the meat 100% halal, but it is also of high quality and cooked right before your eyes. Whether you opt for the juicy chicken or the melt-in-your-mouth lamb, your taste buds are in for a treat.

The restaurant offers a range of sauces, all made in-house, that perfectly complement their mouth-watering kebabs. Late-night eat-ins here are legendary, especially when wrapping up those delicious kebabs in fresh tandoori naan.

Though some may say the place could use a refresh, the fast-moving, fresh food more than makes up for it.

They also offer a convenient delivery service via Uber so that you can enjoy their fabulous kebabs from your home.

3. Amigos Burgers & Shakes-Southall – Best for Burgers and Shakes

If you are after a top-notch burger in Southall, look at Amigos Burgers & Shakes.

What sets this place apart is not just the quality of the food, which is consistently excellent, but also the warmth and hospitality you get from the staff and even the owner.


Had a double chicken burger and Oreo shake? You will know the food’s a bit special.

Special shoutout to the milkshakes here.

Thick, creamy, and indulgent – they complement your meal perfectly. The buffalo wings also get a thumbs up, and let’s remember, everything is halal.

The manager sometimes even throws in a complimentary shake, making you feel genuinely valued as a guest—it is one of the best places for burgers and shakes in Southall. 

Halal Breakfast Near Me in Southall

1. Cafe 786 – Best For Breakfast and Coffee

If you are scouring restaurants in Southall for a quality breakfast spot, give Cafe 786 a try. This local gem is not just any run-of-the-mill cafe; it is where you get a proper, hearty breakfast that’s halal to boot.


The chicken sausage is absolutely on point and those hash browns? They are massive and cooked to perfection.

The service is quaint but attentive, giving you that warm neighbourhood feel.

The cafe stands out for its beverages as well. A strong advocate of Illy coffee, their flat white is something to rave about.

If you are more of a tea person, you are sorted, too. And let’s remember their special milkshakes and mouthwatering smarties cookies. 

2. Crumbs Cafe & Takeaway – Best For Generous Portions

If you are searching for a cafe that caters to everyone, Crumbs Cafe & Takeaway is your spot. What makes it stand out? A versatile menu offering halal, vegan, vegetarian, and even pork options.


They go the extra mile with separate cutlery for each menu type, showing attention to detail that is much appreciated.

Staff are a cheery lot, friendly, and eager to make your visit memorable. 

Portions are generous, ensuring you leave full and satisfied.

Whether it is their sausage breakfast rolls that are liberally buttered or the tasty cakes that have the little ones excited, there is something for everyone.

Excellent food does not have to break the bank; Crumbs proves that with very reasonable prices. Will you be coming back? 

3. Taste of Lahore – Famous for Biryani 

Looking for a proper place to unwind after a day on Broadway? Taste of Lahore Southall is your go-to for consistently tasty food. Having ordered from here for years, it always satisfies.


Top picks include the half chicken and tandoori wings, which are so well-marinated they fall right off the bone. Credit cards? No problem, they accept them.

Service is on point, and if you are there early, just after opening, do not mind the short wait—your biryani will be freshly prepared.

They even deliver so that you can enjoy their delicious dishes at home. While most of the food is spot-on, be cautious, as some have found the kebabs a bit of a letdown. 

4. Chaiiwala Southall – Best for Karak Chai

Chaiiwala in Southall is more than just a spot for a cuppa.

It is a place where customer service shines. Special shout-out to Ashvini and Harman; both were helpful and made the place stand out.


Harman guided us through the menu, and each recommendation was bang on! It is all top-notch, from the butter chicken roll to the Karak chai and coffee.

The place is open from 8 a.m. to midnight on Mondays, so whether you are an early bird or a night owl, they have got you sorted.

Not just the drinks but the food here is also a treat. Keema paratha and loaded chips with chilli paneer come highly recommended.

You can even get their delectable offerings delivered via Uber Eats. 

Halal Chinese Near Me in Southall

1. Wok & Karahi – Best for Indo-Chinese Food

Wok & Karahi is a real find in Southall, especially if you are craving top-notch Indo-Chinese food and Hyderabadi Dum Biriyani.

The atmosphere is cosy, with soulful Indian instrumentals softly playing, making you feel at home.


Staff are a friendly bunch, always courteous and clued up on the menu. If you are in two minds about what to order, they are happy to point you in the right direction.

Both the momos and biryani come highly recommended.

Moreover, they take card payments for bills over £20, so you do not have to fuss about with cash.

2. Oodles Southall 

If you are up for a bit of spicy Chinese food and everything excellent, then Oodles Southall is your place. First, it is HMC-certified so that the halal crowd can eat quickly. They have also got a range of veggie items, which is brilliant if you are inclined. 


When it comes to one of those halal Chinese spots in London, Oodles in Southall stands out for its top-notch service. I even had a lovely chat with Raman while ordering vegetable noodles with paneer, which were tasty.

If you are in a hurry or cannot leave the house, you will be glad to know they deliver via Deliveroo, Uber Eats, and Eat.

I have tried the regular box, chilli chips, kung pao chicken, and veg noodles. All fresh and loaded with flavour. 

Halal Southall Restaurants  FAQs

Is Brilliant Restaurant Southall halal?

For Brilliant Restaurant Southall, the halal status seems to depend on who’s asking. If a Sikh individual inquiries, the answer is generally that it’s non-halal; otherwise, it’s described as halal. 

Is Mehfil Southall halal?

Mehfil Southall does offer halal options, so you can find something that fits your dietary needs when dining there.

Is Southall Subway halal?

Southall Subway does not serve halal meat, so if you’re looking for halal options, this place might not be for you.


Southall offers various halal dining options that cater to every taste. You will find something that hits the spot, whether you are craving delicious kebabs, flavourful biryanis, or tasty Indo-Chinese dishes.

These restaurants focus on quality and taste and offer welcoming atmospheres and top-notch service.

The next time you are in the area, try some of the best halal restaurants in Southall. Have you visited any of these restaurants yet? What was your favourite dish?

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