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Best Halal Restaurants in Luton

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Hungry for something both delicious and halal-approved in Luton? You have come to the right place! This guide will steer you through the top halal restaurants that Luton offers.

These halal places to eat in Luton provide a wide array of flavours and cuisines while respecting your dietary preferences. Get yourself ready to taste every taste available in Luton.

Best Halal Restaurants Near Me in Luton

1. Al Quds- Famous for Outstanding Food

Al Quds is a must-visit if you find yourself in Luton craving delicious, halal food. Do not let the modest appearance fool you; the food here is top-notch.


Many locals and even visitors from Northampton rave about it being the best food in Luton. The staff are friendly, adding to the overall pleasant experience.

The portions are incredibly generous, especially if you opt for the £64 platter, which can easily be shared among 5-6 people. The food is outstanding primarily, though a word of caution: the Mallorca chicken might not meet everyone’s expectations as it isn’t boneless and can be a bit dry. 

All meat served is halal, and though it may vary, gluten-free Turkish options are available. Parking is straightforward; you can use the paid parking lot next door or head to Crawley Road, 118 metres away.

2. Nando’s Luton – Famous for Quick Service

Nando’s is a safe bet regarding a well-known spot for halal food in Luton. The service is friendly and professional, contributing to a great vibe.


If you are worried about halal options, rest assured that their halal chickens are pre-stunned and hand-slaughtered to minimize suffering. 

The menu is easy to navigate, and the food arrives sizzling hot, thanks to the attentive floor managers.

As for payment, they accept all major cards, making it convenient whether you are ordering for delivery or collecting it yourself.

You cannot go wrong with Nando’s Luton for a reliably good meal. It offers the halal food Luton residents and visitors alike have come to appreciate.

Will you definitely visit it?

3. Tasty’s Peri Peri – Famous for Flavourful Chicken

Looking for a laid-back spot that serves up some of the best chicken and chips in Luton? Tasty’s Peri-Peri is the place to be. Do not expect a formal restaurant setting; it’s got more of a relaxed, cafe-like atmosphere.


The staff is polite, and the place is clean and spacious – great for family outings. The owners are Muslim and have confirmed the place is halal, so you can dine in peace.

Now, let’s talk about food. Everything is fresh and packed with flavour, from the quarter pounders to the peri peri chicken.

Even the chips are so good they taste nice when cold! Mix and match seasoning like lemon and herb with medium spice to suit your palate.

The best thing? They do deliver, so you can enjoy all this goodness from the comfort of your home.

4. Pepe’s – Best for Affordable Chicken Meals

Pepe’s should be on your list if you are after a good, halal meal in Luton. Recently, under new management, they’ve ensured the place is 100% halal, so no worries.


The staff, especially Anika and Gopi, provide quality service, earning them well-deserved high marks. The restaurant itself is well-organized, boasting a clean and comfortable seating area.

As for the food, the large fries and chicken wings are highly recommended. Expect your meal to be served fresh, warm, and really tasty. The only hitch might be service sometimes lagging, but let’s cut them slack; working in front of a grill is challenging.

Payment is straightforward through Uber Eats.

Parking can be a bit of a hassle. Despite that, most find Pepe’s a top-notch spot, making it a place worth visiting.

5. Shahi Nan Kebab – Famous for Curries and Kebabs

When craving a scrumptious halal meal, Shahi Nan Kebab should be on your list of halal food places in Luton.


It is one of those spots that locals have loved for years, serving up fresh and tasty kebabs and some of the best curries in the area.

Do not let online pictures fool you; this place is a hidden gem. The interior design sets a warm atmosphere, making it a nice place to chill and enjoy your meal.

The mutton tikka and seekh kebabs are excellent starters, leading well into main dishes like lamb karahi with tandoori naans. 

Halal Breakfast Near Me in Luton

1. Café Grill – Best for Diverse Halal Breakfasts

If you are hunting for one of Luton’s finest halal breakfast spots, Café Grill has got you sorted. This café has made its mark for dishing out fresh, flavoursome food that hits the spot, from Mexi chicken to Café chops.


Everything is fully halal, so no worries there. The service is quick and friendly, ticking all the boxes for a good café experience.

What sets Café Grill apart is its broad array of halal breakfasts.

Whether you fancy a full English with turkey sausage and rashers or something exotic like French toast and milkshakes, they have everything on the list. 

As for parking, there is a secure, on-site lot just a 4-minute walk to the café, making it super convenient for anyone driving in. 

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2. 50Nine

50Nine, what a restaurant in the heart of Luton!

This is your go-to place if you are in the mood for a tasty brunch. The menu has got a lot to choose from, and yes, everything is halal.


One of the standout choices is the Lebanese bowl, and their exotic juice is an absolute palate cleanser.

What sets this apart from other halal food places in Luton is the tasty food and the atmosphere. It is a laid-back, beautifully decorated place where you can chill with a cup of their unique black forest latte.

And if you are looking for Full English, it is a winner.

Just keep in mind to book online 24 hours in advance. Parking’s a bit tight on the street, but a train station car park is nearby for £3.90.

3. Go Coffee

If you are after breakfast, look no further than Go Coffee in Luton. Nestled quietly in the Mall, this spot is a real treat for morning meals.


The atmosphere is lovely, and the staff are bang on—friendly and quick to serve. You get good coffee here, and if you want juice, their freshly squeezed orange is mouth-watering.

Prices are fair, and you really get your money’s worth. Got a soft spot for muffins? Well, they have got some of the best.

The place is manageable, a bonus if you are looking for a quiet cuppa and a bite. Smoothies are another option here—fresh and full of flavour.

I used to always bring my little lad here, and even now, it’s still my go-to for breakfast.

4. Chai & Chapati – Best for Aesthetic Dining

If you are in Luton and fancy some top-notch halal meal, make a reservation at Chai & Chapati.


This place is a feast for the eyes as well as the belly. Beautiful interiors and a wide-ranging menu that is as tasty as it looks.

From Papri chaat starters to dynamite prawns and naga wings, the food here does not just look good; it tastes fantastic, too.

You can go right with their saffron Karak chai if you are a tea lover.

And no worries on the payment front; they accept cards as well. So, if you’re looking for halal places to eat in Luton that tick all the boxes, you would be mad to miss out on Chai & Chapati. 

Halal Buffet Near Me in Luton

1. Hong Buffet 

If you are around Luton town centre and fancy a proper feast, do not walk past Hong Buffet. This place is the only buffet in town, and trust me, it lives up to the hype.


The selection is massive, and they have plenty of halal options.

You will be spoilt for choice from classic

 dishes to sushi and dim sum. And talk about value for money – soft drinks and tea or coffee are thrown in with the price. 

You do not need a booking, but if you are a walk-in, you will have 1.5 hours to chow down. Parking is easy too, with George Street Cinema Car Park just a short stroll away.

Halal Steak Near Me in Luton

1. Steakout

Want a proper steak without breaking the bank? 

This casual dining steakhouse has earned its stripes as one of the best halal places for steak in Luton. The service here is bang on – they swapped out our cold starter without a fuss. The Philly Cheesesteak is lush for mains, and the steak is as tender as they come.


The Fillet Mignon is a real winner, and if you’re in the mood for starters, the Dynamite Prawns and Mixed Grill hit the spot.

If you bring the little ones, they have a play area, colouring books, and sweets to keep them happy.

It is not a buffet, but the portion sizes will not leave you wanting.

Halal Chinese Food Near Me in Luton 

1. Oodles – Best For Noodles

If you are a noodle enthusiast, look no further than Oodles in Luton.

This place should be your top option when it comes to work and noodles. The live cooking is a proper spectacle, and the staff are as welcoming as they come.


Hygiene is top-notch here; you will see the staff constantly wiping tables to make sure everything is up to the mark. They have got free WiFi, and let’s not forget the quality and quantity of the food—both are amazing.

They are so good that even if you are not big on spicy food, you will not be able to resist their noodles.

Paying is easy, too, whether it is by card or PayPal. 

2. Chopstix – Best For Sweet and Sour Chicken

Are you looking for a quick but hearty meal in Luton? Then give Chopstix a go. This charming little noodle bar in the mall offers some of the best sweet and sour chicken and noodles you will ever have.


And the price? Spot on for the quality and portion sizes you get.

The staff are friendly. Big shoutout to Damien and Danuta, who go above and beyond to ensure you are well-looked.

It is refreshing to see genuinely warm customer service. And yes, they’ve verbally confirmed their food is halal before you ask.

So, whether you are in a rush and need a takeaway or want to sit down for a bit, Chopstix has got you covered. 

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Pakistani Restaurant Near Me in Luton

1. Karahi Roti Junction – Best For Desi Food

Want a proper desi meal without breaking the bank? You would want to visit Karahi Roti Junction. Known for its mouthwatering masala fish and parathas that will remind you of home, this little place is a must-visit.


The moment you walk in, you can tell you are in for a treat; the place is always buzzing.

However, the place is a bit tight on space. Only 5 to 10 people can dine in at a time, so that takeaway might be your best option.

And when it comes to food quality, you can rest easy; it’s top-notch. Some folks have raised hygiene concerns, but I’ve always had a smashing experience.

 Whether dine-in or takeaway, this shop should be on your list when you’re in the mood for some authentic, and tasty meal.

Halal Restaurants in Luton Bury Park

1. Karwan Restaurant -Best for Chapli Kebabs and Sheryak

If you are in Luton and hankering for a proper, flavourful meal, then Karwan Restaurant should be on your radar.


This place is famous for its Chapli Kebabs, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside—a proper delight. And let’s not forget the Sheryak; you would be missing out if you did not try it.

The staff is appropriately friendly, and the atmosphere is calming, creating a pleasant dining experience.

Service is top-notch, even when it’s bustling at weekends. Finding a parking spot can be a bit difficult.

They serve fresh halal meat and veg, and you are not going to leave hungry—that’s for sure. 

2. Tawa House – Best for Tawas and Mixed Grills

When you stroll into Tawa House in Luton, you are greeted by well-put-together decor and a clean, fresh vibe with a proper surrounding. The staff are helpful and friendly, and they know their stuff.


A few niggles to mention—the rice could do with a bit more attention, felt a bit last-minute. And if you are thinking of takeout, you might want to double-check the portions.

The XL did not quite live up to its name.

Booking in advance? It’s recommended, but they will hold your table for 15 minutes if you are running late. Parking? No, you will have to sort that out yourself. 


So there you have it, a rundown of some of Luton’s best Halal dining spots. Whether after a delicious mixed grill at Tawa House or looking to dive into authentic curries at Karwan Restaurant, the variety of Halal options in Luton has something for everyone.

These restaurants offer top-quality Halal meat and take pride in their atmosphere, service, and, of course, the flavours they bring to your table.

Before you set off for your culinary adventure, double-check the essentials: Is booking a table in advance better? Is there parking available?

These little details can make your dining experience that much smoother.

What about you? Have you tried any of these Halal restaurants in Luton?

Which one is your favourite? Any tips or menu items you would recommend?

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