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Halal Restaurants In Belfast

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Finding a halal-friendly spot to catch up with your loved ones is no longer a challenge in Belfast due to its diverse nature and growing Muslim population.

Belfast has a wide range of Halal foods to offer– So if you are seeking the correct place to begin your Food adventure, Belfast is the one.

In this article, you will discover 12 such Halal dining spots in Belfast, their public reviews, and short descriptions- Just enough to decide on one and free yourself from the extra effort.

So, let’s begin!

Best Halal Restaurants Near Me In Belfast

1. Bites Of India Botanic 

Bites Of India Botanic is not just a Halal restaurant but a halal + desi combo establishment inviting all those missing their back home flavours and those curious about authentic Indian cuisines.


They offer a variety of halal food items, including veg pakora, veg samosa, paneer pakora, chicken pakora, pani puri, kalmi kabab, chicken Manchurian and India’s special dumplings, etc.

They do dine-in and takeaway only.  There is no contact delivery service available.

Many patrons appreciate the restaurant, but some complain about the service and staff behaviour–sometimes, it could be a bit faulty during busy hours.

Worth a try?

2. The Jharna 

The Jharna is another popular restaurant known for its delightful Indian cuisine served in a warm and pleasant environment with over 20 years of experience.


They prepare their foods with simplicity and freshness in mind; they have no artificial colouring and are low in sodium and fat.

Wondering if they are halal? Well, of course. The Jharna is an all-halal restaurant that can satisfy a variety of palates.

Their opening hours are:

Monday – SaturdayTimings
Lunch: 12:00 PM – 02:30 PM
Dinner: 05:00 PM – 11:00 PM
SundayOpen all-day

Going by car? Parking could be a challenge. The street on the front is normally occupied but there are plenty of side streets where you can easily find a spot.

3. Archana Restaurant

In a stylish, cosy ground-floor setting with a bigger upstairs space, Belfast’s Archana restaurant serves Indian food with a Punjabi flavour


They serve freshly prepared food, halal certified, ranging from mouth-watering paneer palak to a variety of Punjabi curries. Their staff is also really appreciated. The service however could be a bit slow sometimes.

They do dine-in, takeaway and contact delivery. I recommend booking a table in advance to skip the extra waiting.

Their opening hours:

Monday-Sunday 05:00 PM -10:00 PM

They do cash payments and also accept debit cards.

4. Chicken Lickn

Finding halal food in Belfast may not be that difficult, but finding halal fast food may not be that easy either-


Chicken Lickn, an all-halal fast food restaurant situated in the heart of Belfast, has gained popularity among the Halal food enthusiasts in Belfast.

They have three branches–on Falls Road, Dublin Road, and Antrim Road. 

Delivery is available on JUST EAT.

So whether you are craving peri peri chicken or steak burgers served with finger fish and fries, this is your go-to definition.

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5. Nora’s Palace

Nora’s Palace is a comfortable establishment in Belfast, with an open kitchen serving falafel, kebabs, salads, and other Mediterranean cuisines.


They are located in Amelia House, and their services include dine-in, takeaway and contact delivery. 

Are you wondering if they are partially halal or full? Nora’s Palace is an all-halal establishment with a halal-certified menu- So choose like you want it!

However, walk-ins are always warmly welcomed; the restaurant advises customers to reserve a table before going because they may have to wait during crowded hours.

6. Frango 

Frango is another popular fast-food restaurant in Belfast that serves Halal. However, it is temporarily closed. Only temporarily, don’t not worry.


Excellent service, cute & inviting ambience, lovely staff and delectable fast food. Try out their hot chicken, rice, and chicken platter with chips. 

You can dine in or deliver food from Frango, but I’m afraid not currently. 

So, let’s wait till it reopens, shall we?

7. The Raj Authentic Indian Food 

The Raj restaurant located in Belfast is known for its modern, colourful atmosphere serving curries and tandoori specialties with a takeout menu.


Here you can have a taste of a variety of desi & halal authentic Indian cuisines in the most family-friendly environment ever.

Contact delivery is not available at the moment. They do drive-through and dine-in. 

The restaurant is licensed. There are no corkage charges so you can bring your own drinks. 

Their opening hours are:

Monday-Sunday05:00 PM – 11:00 PM

Want to order? Click here Deliveroo, JUST EAT, and Ubereats

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Halal Restaurants In Belfast City Centre

1. Banquet Belfast

With its modern yet welcoming ambience, Banquet Belfast has become a go-to eating place for everyone. 


This restaurant has a broad menu that combines international and traditional Irish flavours.

Everything is halal, with delectable seafood choices, luscious meat cuts and various vegetarian and vegan options. 

Can you reserve a table in advance? Yes, it’s always good to call ahead and book a table in advance. 

2. Turkey Street Food 

Are you craving some juicy midyear tava? Or the delicious kokoreç that would take you to the magnificent country of Turkey with a bite Well, you are at the right place.


Turkey Street Food restaurant in Belfast has got you covered.

Offering a wide range of halal and classic Turkish street foods would make you keep coming back.

Do they do drive-throughs? Yes, takeaway service is available, but contact delivery is not. You can also dine in to enjoy your meal within the serene atmosphere.

On Mondays and Tuesdays, they’re closed. And from Wednesday to Sunday, their opening hours are : 

Wednesday to Sunday05:00 PM – 11:00 PM

3. India Gate 

This well-known restaurant situated in Belfast serves Indian food that is authentically prepared.


The combination of elegance and simplicity in the cooking manner, as well as the skilled and deft use of many spices and herbs, are what make the food at India Gate so excellent. 

They have a separate regular menu and a takeaway menu. You can make reservations by filling the reservation form on their service page. (click here). 

They don’t have contact delivery. 

Their opening hours:

Mon – Sat17:00 PM – 23:00 PM
Sun16:30 PM – 22:00 PM

Is India Gate licensed? Yes, India Gate has a BYO policy and is licensed. 

4. Falafel Eatery And & Coffee House

Falafel Eatery And & Coffee House is a quaint and welcoming dining establishment that combines Middle Eastern flavours with a cosy cafe atmosphere. 


It is well-known for its beloved Middle Eastern dish, the falafel, made from ground chickpeas or fava beans, seasoned with aromatic spices, and deep-fried to perfection.

This establishment also provides top-quality coffee, which is worth a try for caffeine enthusiasts. 

They do not have contact delivery services. You can dine in or takeaway.

Their opening hours:

Monday-Sunday12:00 PM -10:00 PM

Halal Buffet Belfast

1. COSMO- All You Can Eat World Buffet Restaurant

Try the flavours from all around the world at a COSMO restaurant to experience the best halal buffet in Belfast.


Since its debut, COSMO has spread throughout the UK as more and more customers enjoy international cuisines and flavours. 

Everything is prepared freshly right in front of your eyes, and you can eat anything for one set price only– The time limit is 1 hour 30 minutes. 

This restaurant is partially halal but has various halal items to satisfy your palate. 

Depending on the time of the day, if it’s busy, the restaurant advises you to make reservations before walking in, but you won’t be stopped from entering if you show up.

Halal Restaurants In Belfast FAQs

Is KFC halal in Belfast?

There are more than 25 KFC restaurants in Belfast and not all of them serve halal. It’s best to always call and confirm the staff before ordering.

Is it hard to find halal food in Belfast?

Not really. Due to its diverse and multicultural nature, you can easily find halal-friendly spots in Belfast. 

Are there a lot of Muslims in Belfast?

According to the 2021 census record, there are about 12000 Muslims in Belfast– the numbers are likely to be much higher now.


So, you have read about the best Halal restaurants in Belfast for 2023! If you like Indian food, fast food, or even dishes from around the world, there’s a place for you.

We have told you about sit-down places like The Jharna and busy spots like Chicken Lickn. And if you want lots of choices, you can go to a buffet like COSMO.

Do not forget to check when these places are open and book a table ahead of time to make things easy. With so many good places to eat Halal food in Belfast, you are sure to find something you like.

So why wait? Pick a restaurant and enjoy some great Halal food today!

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