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Halal Restaurants in Windsor

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Windsor is famous for its delicious and crave-inducing dishes from its best halal restaurants.

Just go to these halal food restaurants in Windsor to enjoy their dine-in facilities with a serene environment.

So let’s explore in detail the scrumptious halal food in Windsor. Scroll it to the end to get maximum knowledge about the best spots.

Best Halal Restaurants Near Me in Windsor

1. Antalya Restaurant Windsor- Turkish Restaurant

Offering unique and traditional Turkish cuisine, Antalya Restaurant has gained a well-known name from the Mediterranean. If you want to try stylish Turkish dishes then grab their bites of food.


 The mixed grill, Calamari and Mezze platter offered by them are finger-licking. 

Want to have some? Then, give the enticing dishes plated by them a try, as they are halal and authentic. So enjoy the flavours!

They accept reservations. So you can enjoy their outdoor and indoor seating while having lunch, dinner or dessert. 

2. Best Meze Grill- Turkish Restaurant

Are you excited to taste Turkish meze and grills? Best Meze Grill is located on Leonard Road Windsor and provides a full menu of authentic Turkish flavours.


Kickstart your weekend and Pop in for lunch, dinner, and desserts! They provide halal food to the Muslims. So anyone can have their mouthwatering flavours.

Its offerings are vegetarian-friendly and vegan. And yes, they do provide gluten-free options. So it feels easy!

Where to park your car? You may not get any street parking downside but don’t worry, there are public parking spots at a reasonable distance, which can cost only a penny. However, bike parking is available right on the street! Happy bike riders.

3. Meimo- Mediterranean Restaurant

It is a small family-run restaurant famous for its classic Moroccan and Mediterranean cuisine. It’s one of the finest restaurants in Windsor. 


Popular dishes such as the lamb and chicken tagine with unusual fruits, hot spices, and traditional couscous dishes are offered in a welcoming environment. 

They provide halal options for those who are interested. In addition, their meat is all halal. 

Are you worried about parking? Just park in the main car park behind the theatre and walk 5-10 minutes to Meimo. So get paid safety parking!

4. Giggling Squid Windsor- Thai Restaurant

Reach easily to your destination of Thai staples, with highlighting seafood. There are enough dishes to enjoy with an explosion of flavours in the beautifully located restaurant facing the Queen’s residence in Windsor.


They are slaving for the menu! Try their steamed dumplings, prawn crackers, massaman curry, chicken satay, and chicken wings. Remember to try their royal Thai tea for two. 

So enjoy their meat, Chicken and lamb made from all halal ingredients except the sticky chicken dish that uses wine.

They do not have parking, but public parking spots and transport cover them.

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5. Intoku Japanese and Sushi Restaurant Windsor- Best sushi

Are you excited about fresh and yummy Japanese food? Intoku offers you the best Japanese food, and its famous sushi is served in outdoor seating with a new atmosphere.


Just dine with their excellent dining facilities and enjoy their chicken wings, chicken katsu curry, salmon dragon rolls and great-tasting sushi. So dig in!

Want to park nearby? So the nearest parking is Park Street, which Windsor and Eton Riverside Station car parks follow. This is the most convenient parking area near this restaurant.

6. Al Fassia Restaurant- Moroccan Restaurant

A cultured gem for Moroccan heritage.

Al Fassia Restaurant is located in the heart of Windsor, specializing in the best Moroccan foods. They offer dine-in, takeaways and deliveries so that everyone can have the essence of such a great restaurant.


Try their lip-smacking chicken dour, Al Fassia salad and the grilled lamb.

Are you craving for halal? It is a must-go to this restaurant as it provides halal and authentic food.

They offer an extensive selection of vegetarian and vegan options. And yes, they do provide gluten-free options as well.

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7. Lebanese Nights- Lebanese Restaurant

It’s been a decade since the Lebanese Nights restaurant establishment. It’s open for lunch, dinner, catering and desserts every day. It’s famous for its late-night openings with a casual and romantic environment.


It provides halal and authentic food options so Muslims can enjoy its menu and well-decorated inner and outer atmosphere.

They provide parking for bikes, but you can park in the nearby streets with parking lots.

Remember to grab the bites of their mezzo starters.

Halal Steak Near Me in Windsor

1. Steakout Slough- Steakhouse

Grab the finest cuts of steak with delicious and innovative flavours that elevate your taste buds. Located in Windsor, it is famous for its mouthwatering dishes.


It’s an excellent steak house with halal meat and authentic quality burgers, Chicken, drinks, juices and much more. In addition, they have delicious chicken wings and Philly cheese steak. Savour the flavours!

Yes, they do provide gluten-free food.

To avoid the last-minute rush and hassle, book your table now online at checkout slough. So you can reserve a table, find a table or get food delivered whenever you want to satisfy your appetite.

They don’t have their car parking! But do not worry, public and street car parking makes it easy for you to park your vehicle without any worries.

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Halal Buffet Near Me in Windsor

1. Viva Chinese Buffet- Chinese Restaurant

By offering Chinese and Asian cuisine, the Viva Chinese buffet is renowned as a good spot for appetizing Chinese foods. 


I walked in there with my friends but wanted more as this spot was very crowded. And the food was not hot. Instead, it was warm and salty. The window sign showed a $9 per person fee, but they took $10 per person when we got seated. Little disappointment!

It sets all their dishes on a long-running table, where you can select and have it yourself. In addition, the waiter can serve you as well.

I reserved my table by calling them. You can do the same or can book online. As it is a busy spot, it would be better to make your reservations beforehand.

Halal Breakfast Near Me in Windsor

1. Monty Cafe- Traditional Restaurant

In search of delectable food at excellent prices? Then make a visit to this European cafe fare featuring a spot. Their breakfast options and tastes are high above the delicious level.


Finger-licking fish finger sandwiches, chicken panini, chicken burgers chicken and mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs and pancakes are highly recommended.

It does provide some halal options to relish.

Are there any tea lovers reading? Make a rush to this halal spot in Windsor and enjoy the wide selection of great and refreshing tea. Cheers!

To make it easy for you to settle your bills, they accept payments through credit cards, debit cards and NFC mobile payments. 


So Windsor has got you covered with its best halal restaurants where you can satisfy your tastebuds. If you want to have stylish dishes, Antalya Restaurant has got you.

Moreover, Meimo, Al Fassia, Giggling Squid and other best halal restaurants in Windsor create a lovely atmosphere to spend quality time with your friends and family.

Remember to try the above-mentioned halal food in Windsor because these culinary delights will make you want more. Enjoy your meal!

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